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Chapter 6 – Lovers once again.....

"Ichigo" Grimmjow said pulling Ichigo close to him. They were currently in his old bedroom on his bed, it was decided that they would let the Espada's and other Arrancar that wanted to live in the world of the living would stay there since it was safe and a little spacious since Ichigo's family made it a base so it was updated with extra rooms and a underground training room.

"Grimm" Ichigo said looking at Grimmjow and smiling seductively. Grimmjow captured his lips and immediately it got heated. Ichigo moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow nibbled the bottom of Ichigo's lips, asking for entrance, which Ichigo gladly granted. They battled for dominance, Grimmjow winning, but Ichigo not giving up easily. Grimmjow ran his hand moved to Ichigo's half hard erection. Ichigo trembled and moaned again from the wonderful feeling that was missing for a long time. From the distraction Grimmjow was able to take over the kiss and push Ichigo onto his back and take off his clothes, well rip them off his figure, and leaving his flushed body under his, getting hit by the cold air in the room. Ichigo gasped at the sudden burst of air to his heated skin. Grimmjow pulled off his clothes and threw them to a random place in the room and bring Ichigo's heated body to his. He loved the feeling of Ichigo underneath him once again. He couldn't get enough of it, it was driving him crazy. He broke the kiss and attacked Ichigo's neck and found is sweat spot almost instantly. Nibbling and sucking he left a mark on his skin then let his mouth clamp over the hollow of Ichigo's throat. Ichigo gasped at the feeling and arched his back when he felt Grimmjow grope his ass.

"Fuckin'......B-astard" Ichigo gasped out. Grimmjow chuckled and then let his tongue trace the scared skin that Ichigo had from fighting with the other Arrancars, a few belonging to himself. Feeling Ichigo starting to get antsy he put three fingers to Ichigo's mouth, Ichigo taking them right away, and let him lick them to fulfillment. Grimmjow groaned feeling Ichigo's devil tongue curl around his fingers in a way that shouldn't even exist, yet Ichigo was making him painfully hard that he thought he might cum from just the finger licking. Taking them out he twisted Ichigo over onto his stomach, putting a pillow under his hips for leverage, and pushed a finger into Ichigo's virgin entrance.

"Damn he is so fucking tight! Damn him for changing back into a child when he died......oh well more fun for me. The fucking shinigami can do what ever they want with Aizen, just leave my Ichi out of it. Heh"

"My little Strawberry" Grimmjow finished he thought out loud earning a grumble from Ichigo as a response from the "Strawberry" comment. Grimmjow snickered and pushed the second finger in and Ichigo gasped at the discomfort of the second finger. Grimmjow scissored his fingers and thrusted them in n' out then attacked him with a third soon after. Ichigo gasped and felt a tear escape his eye, but tried to keep himself steady. Grimmjow saw his eyes close in pain and rubbed his other hand on Ichigo's back comfortingly then suddenly Ichigo gasped and let out a mulling noise, that made Grimmjow leak pre-cum, when he hit Ichigo's prostate. He took out his fingers and quickly used his pre-cum as lube before he slowly slid into the tight heated entrance of Ichigo.

"Ah ah ah!" Ichigo cried from the feeling of Grimmjow feeling him. Grimmjow was up to his hilt with the wonderful, delicious, warm heat that was entirely Ichigo, his little strawberry. He wanted to thrust and fuck Ichigo into the bed, but knew better then to do so. After waiting Ichigo started moving wanting Grimmjow to do something and was complied with a fast, hard, some what painful, but pleasurable thrust. Ichigo cried out in pleasure when Grimmjow hit his prostate abusively.

"F-f-fuuuccckkk" Ichigo said sort of horsed like, but full of lust. Grimmjow kept thrusting in him, flipping him over and thrusted deeper, harder and faster in this position. Grimmjow bent down and captured one of Ichigo's nipples between his teeth and started to torture it then went over to the other one and did the same. Ichigo was going crazy from the motions' of Grimmjow's thrusts and him attacking his nipples. When Grimmjow hit him a few more times in the prostate he came screaming Grimmjow's name, covering their stomachs'.

"Ichi" Grimmjow said and came deep inside his strawberry and kept thrusting to ride out his orgasm then collapsed on top of Ichigo. Ichigo panted heavily with the weight of Grimmjow on him he couldn't move at all. Rolling off Grimmjow grabbed some of the few remains of Ichigo's ruined uniform and cleaned themselves up. He pulled the cover up over their bodies then wrapped his arms around Ichigo's frame, pulling him close to his body, spooning him then both passed out from their long waited wonderful filled sex.

Ulquiorra sat next to Razi outside the house on the roof. The night was warm, suggesting it was early September, and the sky was full of stars making it wonderfully beautiful. A few of the other Arrancar were around them and talking, playing games or just watching the night pass by, and everything seemed peaceful. They could care less about what will happening in a few short months ahead, but for some reason they had a feeling that a few of them would be gone before winter came around. For now they didn't let that keep them from enjoying the peacefulness around them, knowing a few of the Espada and Arrancar were paring up for love or what ever humans' called it Ulquiorra didn't understand it much, but he got the general idea of it. Razi was happy that Grimmjow and Ichigo were back together and she was having her eyes on a cutie from the Gotei 13, Nanao was her name. A few of the Shinigami were not far away, having a little meeting about some plans for joining the Arrancars', and a few were among the Arrancar, Ikkaku and Yumichika were getting to know Nnoitra and Szayel while Kenpachi was not far off, with a slightly drunk Yachiru in his hands, though they have no fucking idea how that happened though no one cared that much at least she was quiet for now. Byakuya was making sure that Rukia was safe when she was talking to Halibel and her faccasion. Stark was with Shunsui Kyoraku (drink of course) and a few others around them. All seemed to be quiet and happy and that is what they wished for in the near future.

Ichigo and Grimmjow woke the next morning in a bath of warm sunshine swarming around them. Grimmjow nuzzling Ichigo's hair and kissing him deeply before getting up and heading to the bathroom for a shower with his strawberry. Ichigo didn't complain, his ass hurt too much for that, and let Grimmjow carry him. A few Espada and Shinigami that were up watched them with interests, a few of the females taking pictures, when they were going down the hall. The guys were laughing their asses off at the sight of two naked lovers, one being carried like a weak ass chick, the other just smiling like he was the luckiest bastard in the world.

The water was warm and comforting for Ichigo's muscles and Grimmjow's ego. How could a man like him be just a ego boaster? Ichigo didn't know and didn't care just happy to be with him. They sighed in the shower and kissed with the water running down their bodies and washing away the stress and grim away from them leaving them clean and refreshed. After leaving the bathroom they made their way downstairs, fully dressed and ready for anything. What Ichigo didn't expect was a full body hug of his sisters and father. Karin and Yuzu were taller then Ichigo remembered them and Karin looked like she would kill with just one look, while Yuzu just looked like herself only more mature.

"Goat-face you still look like shit" Ichigo said to his father who got the position of captain again of Squad 5 with Hinamori clinging to him as if he would turn out as Aizen, but after a while learned that he wouldn't do the same thing as he did. Isshin just laughed at his son's remark and was just happy that he was able to see him again, looking as if a day never passed. Urahara entered the room and wrapped his arms around Isshin's waist and pulled him into a kiss, which Ichigo just turned around so he wouldn't gag at it, the fact still disturbed him. Grimmjow laughed and pulled Ichigo into his lap when he got close enough and wrapped his arms around his waist. Yamamoto entered the room and started talking about their advancement would be sooner rather then later for attacking Aizen.

"It seems that Aizen was expecting this and he had a back up army ready for it seems we will be having a Winter war coming we need to be prepared for an attack" The old man stated. Ichigo and a few others cursed at the fact then they all headed to the soul society to train for the up coming war and hopefully final battle with Aizen....

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