Those of you who have read The Other Side of the Story will have heard of Mimi's Remedies, a fictional book by a fictional author called Lily Wright. For those of you who haven't, the story is about the adventures a white witch who sets about solving everyone's problems with a "sprinkle of compassion" and a "tablespoon of love" by "stirring with love". It's "sweet enough to rot the reader's teeth". I did intend to make each chapter a drabble, but seemed to have overrun. Hopefully, I'll have better luck next timeā€¦

It was a beautiful day when Mimi came to town. Armed with her trusty spell book and faithful pet hamster Pumpkin, she was a far cry from the other residents of Klinnimote, both in appearance and nature. For one thing, she was a witch, newly graduated from the Three Wishes School of Magic. But she was not your average witch. No, not at all. Aside from her vibrant blue hair and her purple eyes, she looked like a perfectly normal human. She did not wear a pointed hat or a long black cloak. Nor did she ride a broomstick (she preferred her campervan - her flying teacher despaired of her). But nonetheless there was no denying Mimi was a remarkable woman with an extraordinary gift and a big heart.