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In front of the theme park castle, Morgan le Fey stood holding out her hand towards the superheroes. "A bargain's a bargain," she said, creating a ball of magical energy. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Etrigan stood in front of her, preparing to return to adulthood. They had just finished defeating Morgan's son, Mordred. He had banished all adults to another dimension- the only way they were able to return to Earth to save the day was by becoming children. Morgan had been all too willing to lend her services for that, in return for the defeat of her son. Their bargain was to be changed back to adults when the mission was over.

Batman felt a momentary chill go through him. She's not going to go through with it, he thought, a cold pang of fear settling in his stomach. She's going to go back on the deal.

His premonition was confirmed when the energy dissipated. Morgan retracted her hand. "Although, we didn't specify exactly when my side of the bargain would be completed… I still have my son to care for. Now that he has broken my spell of eternal youth, all he has left is eternal life." She turned to walk away, a portal opening behind her.

"What?!" The four-foot-three Superman shouted. "You can't just leave us like this!"

"Why ever not?" Morgan asked, looking back at him. "You are still yourselves- in fact, I'd say I've given you a gift. You now have, more likely than not, another twenty years added to your lives. I think I've done you a favor."

Wonder Woman handed baby Etrigan to Green Lantern, and then reached for her lasso. "We had an agreement, Morgan. You're supposed to turn us back to grown-ups."

"Yeah!" Green Lantern said, holding Etrigan out from him. "I can't be changin' monster diapers for… like… like… forever!"

"Change us back, Morgan," pint-sized Batman said. "The world needs the Justice League."

"Yeah! The world!" Lantern said. "You can't leave us like this."

"Oh, the world will still have the Justice League, fear not, children." Morgan's voice held a smile. "In fact, you are correct, Green Lantern. I can't leave you like this. The Justice League is made up of the seven original members- it only makes sense that the Flash, Hawkgirl, and the Martian Manhunter should join you." Waving her hand, Morgan sent a burst of green energy in three directions. Instantly, Flash, Shayera, and J'onn J'onzz were beside their friends.

"What-who-where?" Flash asked rapidly, looking in all directions seemingly at once. His eyes widened as he saw the kids. "Supes? Is that you? Dude- what happened?"

"Morgan le Fey…" J'onn answered for him, glaring at the woman. "What have you done?"

"Why you little-" Shayera said, staring at Morgan. She gripped her mace tightly in one hand, the end sparkling with electricity.

"Calm yourselves, Justice League. All will be fine momentarily." Morgan held up her hand again, facing the seven League members. A ball of magical energy engulfed the three newcomers before they could react.

Six children stared angrily at Morgan. The seventh looked around in wonder, his words mashing together as he spoke, rapid-fire. "Dude! Did you see that? I'm a kid! I'm a little kid! I'm like tiny! I haven't been four feet tall in years! I'm puny! Am I still fast? I'd better still be fast…" he ran in a large circle around the group. "Yep, I'm still fast. Good. I can't imagine not being fast. I'm Flash. I've gotta be fast. If I'm not fast, I'm not Flash. I'm just slow. That wouldn't work at all. Could you imagine me being slow? I couldn't. I mean, even as a kid, I've gotta be fast. I've just gotta-"

"Flash." Batman narrowed his eyes menacingly.

"What?" Flash paused momentarily.

"Put a sock in it."

Morgan looked down at the children. "I shall leave you now- rest assured, some day I will make good on our bargain. But for now, enjoy being children. I have given you the gift of youth- something rarely seen in this world. Have fun, children!" She backed into the portal, and it closed behind her.

"No!" Superman- Superboy- flew to where the portal had just been, a second earlier. It was too late.

Morgan le Fey was gone.


The Justice League looked at each other in shock. Batboy was short, skinny, and as broodingly angry as ever. He frowned as he looked at each of his friends. Wonder Girl was the tallest of the bunch- as thin as she was when an adult. In fact, she just looked like a miniature version of her adult self. Superboy stared dazedly around from his place, suspended in the air, where the portal had just been. His hair was short, his shoulders narrow. His cape would drag the ground, were he standing. Green Lantern sported a pair of sci-fi style, ring-created glasses; he wore them with pride, apparently. J'onn, standing an inch or so shorter than Wonder Girl, seemed to have simply shrunk- he didn't look any different than normal, except for a larger head and shorter cape. Flash was the shortest of the group, and the thinnest. His wing emblems on the sides of his mask stuck out to exaggerated lengths. Shayera's wings seemed to large for her 10-year-old body size.

Clunk. Shayera's mace hit the ground loudly; it now stood half her height. "Oh man… really? You've got to be kidding me," she said, her voice high-pitched. She struggled to lift it and managed a few inches. With a grunt, she hoisted it to her shoulder. "Whose brilliant idea was it to trust Morgan le Fay?"

Flash giggled. "You've got a high, squeaky voice, Shayera. That's funny. You know what's even funnier? You're actually a Hawk… Girl." His voice trailed off at the glare of doom she directed towards him.

"It was the only way we could save the world this time." Superboy ignored Flash and narrowed his eyes. "You three were lucky to be stuck on Tower duty."

"Nah…" Green Lantern interrupted. "They missed the party! I made this HUGE robot, and totally went crazy with it! It was so cool! I made cannons, and fired them, and it was totally awesome!"

Flash zipped in front of GL. "Aw, man! I bet it was cool. You think you can make it again?"

"Yeah, probably. You wanna hold the baby?" He held out Baby Etrigan to his friend. Flash made a face.

"Is that Etrigan?" J'onn asked. "How did he get mixed up in this?"

"I haven't figured that out yet," Batboy replied. "I think Mordred might have transformed him when he banished all the adults."

"He's just a baby," Wonder Girl said, taking him from Lantern. "We have to take care of him until we're turned back. Besides," she said, "he's so cute…"

"You can take care of him, then," Batboy said, frowning at her. "I know I'm not on diaper duty."

"That's too bad, Bruce. It could be like we're playing house." She smiled across the group at him. "I'd be the mom; you could be the dad… It would be fun!"


After an awkward pause, Flash looked around at his friends. "So… anybody have an idea what we're going to do about this?" He pulled at his shrunken costume, indicating his smaller size.

He was answered by silence from all around.


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