Author's note- Okay, so this is my first Romy, and I'm not sure it is the best, but I thought it was cute enough!

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The lights were flashing and the music transitioning to another song gracefully. Nobody on the floor realized as they were too wrapped up in their dancing and whoever it was they were dancing with.

The last song wrapped up as the DJ's voice boomed over the mic. "Alright. Everyone off the stage, except my Barbie Girls!"

A giggle could be heard, the giggle belonging to Kitty, a mutant, but also a teenager having some fun with her two friends.

"You didn't, Kitty!" Jubilee squealed to her friend. They had dared Rogue to go and ask for Barbie Girl to be played, but Rogue said that would be silly. So apparently, Kitty was going to do it instead. Amongst their chit chat, they didn't realize the girl in question sneaking off the stage.

Her face was framed by white hair. It illuminated under the lights, and made her face stand out. She grinned to herself as her foot found its way off the stage. The grin disappeared as her two so-called friends yanked her back and made her stay the duration of the song.

She looked up from them, the pout still on her lips. What made it disappear was a certain someone sitting on a barstool, staring at the group. Her face mixed with amusement and then mock anger as it always did when her eyes rested on the sneaky Cajun.

"Is that Remy?" she heard Kitty ask through a giggle.

"Well, Ah don't know anyone else who wear sunglasses ta a club," she said.

All three knew it was Remy. He wasn't hard to pick out. He had his duster on as usual, and his glasses were covered by long auburn hair in one eye. She felt someone nudge her side. She tore her gaze away from the Cajun, who always seemed to be following her around.

"Hello, what is he doing here?" Jubilee asked through a grin.

These girls teased her every chance they got. She shook her head at Jubilee.

"Maybe he just likes this club," she suggested, turning around to look at him again. She found him still sitting, everything the same except for a grin sneaking up on his lips. She scowled at him, then turned back around to face Jubilee and Kitty.

"Stupid swamprat," she thought to herself stubbornly as the song started to repeat. She looked at Kitty's face and she already knew what was coming.

So when they hauled her off the dance floor and towards the bar holding one smart-mouthed Cajun, she didn't resist because she knew it was useless to resist these two when they were in this mode.

"Remy?" Kitty said as if she didn't already know he was there.

The Cajun's head turned towards them lazily, that stupid grin still on his face. "Oui," he said, his accent very evident even over the noise of the music.

"What are you doing here?" Jubilee asked with a grin as she forced Rogue down into a seat next to him and Kitty and herself not far from them.

"Just watchin' de Barbie Girls," he said, the straight face he was keeping up cracking slightly at his joke.

Rogue was suddenly very glad she was under the cover of the dark lights because she could feel her cheeks tingle with a blush.

She looked over as Jubilee grabbed Kitty, declaring that she loved this song. Her friends did not just bail out on her, she thought furiously. What part of that didn't surprise Rogue? Probably the whole thing. She saw Jubilee wink at her, and Rogue was sure she thought she was doing her a favor.

"Sure, leave meh with the Cajun," she thought nastily, hearing a voice in her head speak up. Stupid, overprotective Logan.

Remy turned to her with a grin. "Well, chère. It looks like we be de only ones here."

She frowned at him and he smiled. He always knew when he got under her skin.

I'm a Barbie girl.

In the Barbie world,

Life in plastic,

It's fantastic.

She looked at Remy, hearing his entity speaking up. Of course, it wasn't anything appropriate. She grinned and leaned towards him. She probably wouldn't do this if she didn't have the excessive protective nonsense from Logan and Remy's all too readiness to cause trouble in her mind.

"Do ya think Ah'm a Barbie girl?" she whispered in his ear.

She sat back, watching him from the corner of her eye. From this position, she could see behind his glasses and his red eyes illuminating them. He looked to be deciding something and then turned to her. He looked her up and down and then put on a face that clearly showed disgust in the question.


Rogue raised a questioning eyebrow at the Cajun. Her hand slid to her hip and her head tilted. "No?" she asked, a little suspicious. Usually he would jump at the chance to flirt with her.

"Non. Barbie an' her sleep ova friends don' have ya ass, chère," he said simply, looking back towards the dance floor where Kitty and Jubilee were trying to make it seem like they weren't watching them.

Rogue felt her mouth open a little. Again she got that feeling, the one where she wasn't sure if she should be insulted or flattered.

She knew insulted was usually better, seeing as she wasn't interested in being in a relationship with him. She thought about it for a minute, and part of her told her she was lying and the other part was telling her it didn't work. He just wanted to get her and then go look for the next girl.

She got up off the stool and walked away from him while trying to keep her face insulted. She felt something grab her gloved wrist, and she turned around to see Remy's still smiling face.

"Ya can't blame Remy fo' watchin' ya ass. It is parfait, chère," he said with that cocky grin.

She was sure he could see her blush this time. He half smiled this time, gently letting go of her wrist, and leaned back against the bar. She was trying to think of a retort, but it had sort of faltered with the rest of her brain. So she just walked back to where Kitty and Jubilee were.

"So, what happened?" Kitty demanded the second she was within ear range.

"Nothin'. He just wanted ta know somethin'," she lied easily, suddenly finding the song fascinating.

Kitty and Jubilee gave her that this-isn't-over look, and she was sure it wasn't. She looked back over to Remy. He was still looking her way. She turned around, trying to make her stomach stop fluttering.


They had gotten home FINALLY. Kitty and Jubilee made her the target for the rest of the night with question after question. She sometimes wondered about the two of them.

Well, at least that was over. She was on the way to her room when as she turned the corner, Remy seemed to materialize out of nowhere. What else was new?

"T'anks fo' de show, chère," he said with a sly smile on his smug face.

She narrowed her eyes at him and continued walking to her room.

When she got there, she couldn't help but be tired. She slipped between her sheets and let out a little small sigh.

"Barbie Girl," she thought, shaking her head as she drifted off to sleep.

She wasn't aware that as she fell asleep, a certain Cajun was looking at her with a smile on his lips and laughter in his red on black eyes.

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