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Chapter 16: Breaking the Surface


Was it all a dream?

Were the past two years just a figment?


I am hard pressed to say no, but they can't be, really. They were there. I was there. I was...alive.

Are you awake?

I remember that day. That day I met him. How I had been so alone when I was with everyone.

I was such a fool then.

Come little one. It's time to wake up.

The water makes a tight seal over my head. I am neither here nor there, but all around.

Ah, you're dreaming, aren't you? About me, I hope.

Being born is something I don't remember...

Well, dream as much as you like. But you'll have to wake up eventually.

But being reborn...

I dreamed about you, too, aibou.

Being reborn is something I can remember very well.

I dreamed about you when I was gone. I missed you. I missed loving you.

He was there. He helped me.

I never want to miss out on anything again.

He was there and when I was drowning he pulled me from the waves.

I never want to leave you.

There was a time when we were lost together. When we thought we had to kill each other to save ourselves.

I will never hurt you again.

But it is as little Yugi learned as a child.

I promise.

All limes are green.

I love you.

Not not all green things are limes.

I open my eyes.

"There you are," Yami whispers, kissing me on the temple.


"Where were you?"

"No where, really."

No where. Just breaking the surface.

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