Sorry I just needed to write this.


We see Rock Lee on one side of a podium with a green DX and (the character who will be playing Triple H HA HA HA HA) on the other.

Lee taps the cards he has in his hand, "Good Evening Konoha. As a result of our actions last week namely taking over the village which apparently," Lee glances at his partner, "we don't have the authority to do. Tusnade-sama has demanded the DX issue formal apologies to the following individuals."

"This is stupid Lee why do we have to do this?" his partner asks.

"Because THEY said we had to," Lee replies. "Hm hm. First, to the entire competition of the Chunin exams, for single handedly decimating you we at DX…"

"You know what Lee they really wasn't any competition before we decimated it."

Lee shrugs and throws that card away, "To Examiners of the Chunin exam, for making you look like complete and utter morons…"

Lee's partner glances at him, Lee stops glances back and throws the card away.

"To the two finalists from Iwa, for costing you your chance at …"

Lee stopped held up one hand at his partner and threw the card away.

"To the entire ANBU division of Konoha for throwing toilet paper all over your headquarters and making you dress up like gay cheerleaders…"


Lee stopped yet again and threw that particular card away before looking at his partner, "This is the only one left and we really haven't apologized to anyone."

"Heh, yeah, that's my point."

Lee sighed, "To our opponents tonight in the Jounin exams, for beating you within an inch of your life we at DX would like to take this opportunity to…"

"You know what Lee that hasn't even happened yet…" Lee throws the card away and looks exasperatedly at his partner, "We don't beat our competition to within an inch of their life until later on tonight."

Lee threw up his hands and said, "Well then what are we doing here…I mean…"

"Well we were supposed to be cutting a promo on live ninja television."

Lee eyes went wide, "Were…live…now?"

"Yes, now."


"Right now."

Both suddenly look slowly towards the camera, "Ummmmmmmm. What should we uh…what should we do?"


Both suddenly dive under the podium and bring out DX T-shirts.

"Now remember kids get all your DX merchandise at any ninja store near you."

Both exits,

Then are back, "…and if you're not down with that…" "We got two wards for ya."

"Suck It"

"Thank you."

Omake end

This was just something I needed to write.