I will start on this story right away. I've been coming up with so many ideas for this story it's not even funny. A long time ago, I was watching this video from Youtube and it was a preview of X-Men (don't know if it's the first, second, or third) and I came up with this idea. Mix in some mutant powers. Danny doesn't have ghost powers, but they're sort of similar to them. Some different. You'll see what I mean. Review please!!

There are things that are not meant to be told. Others are on the don't-need-to-know category or something like that.

Everything I am, everything I was, every single molecule of me was and is dangerous for the whole world to know. It wasn't that I was some sort of monster from the depths of the underworld or something, but that's how everyone would take me for if they knew what I was capable of. It wasn't that my powers were too much to handle. Especially since I've had them since I was five. It was the fact that if I was taken from the world, the mutants would cease to exist as far I we all know.

The world knows of my existence. They fear it too. The existence of mutants would put in the new meaning to danger or dangerous. Hunters would keep searching, keep fearing, keep checking for any suspicious activity. They would never find me, never.

I was in fear of the world, what it's capable of. The fear was a sword, ready to cut me open into little tiny pieces. I would stay my ground, not give up on what I am. The world would need my existence to keep the mutants alive.

I walked downstairs from my room ready to start the morning. It was around 8:00 AM and I could feel every mutant molecule from Amity Park to… well pretty much all over the globe. There were 3,573, 271 mutants on Earth. I know that doesn't seem possible to count all the mutants, especially since the estimate was 3,570,000 mutants, but I knew the exact number. It was my power that flowed through my veins and arteries.

I felt the cries and pains of those mutants. Those people that were running for cover, wanting freedom, wanting to live. At times, it would get so bad, it just made me upset and angry at the same time. I knew my family would never understand my situation. Even my parents, they were mutant hunters and would never understand.

I drove to the kitchen table and gripped on the chair to control my insanity. The cries and pains were worse then yesterday. What were the Hunters doing this time? Could they just leave us mutants alone? Is that too much to ask?

There was no telling how long I was going to keep this insanity up. For all I knew, it could be years. That would really suck. I still felt my fingers trembling as I tightened my grip on the chair. My breathing was pacing and I was going to blow if the cries and pains didn't go away!

"Danny, what are you doing?" My sister Jazz asked with a surprise and concerned look.

Looking at her, I took a deep breath and answered, "nothing."

Jazz cocked her eyebrows and looked at me suspiciously. I couldn't say I blamed her, I was going completely out of my mind since the mutant hunt began. The insanity was just getting worse.

"Good morning honey, you need anything?" My mother asked. She noticed how tight I was gripping the chair in front of me. "I'm worried about you. Are you sure you're not having anger issues?"

Anger issues? The only issues I had were the me-going-completely-out-of-my-mind-if-someone-didn't-stop-the-hunters-from-liquidating-mutants issues! I might as well have been having anger issues.

"Mom, I'm ok. I don't have any anger issues. I was just on my way to eat breakfast."

Mom and Jazz just looked at me in disbelief. Gee, couldn't they just at least stop staring at me. What am I a portrait of Abraham Lincoln?

I got myself some cereal to stop the hunger from my stomach that was killing me. I could tell my family was getting worried about me as my senses got worse. My mutation powers were getting more noticeable despite the fact that my blood didn't match any Mutant Check. I might as well go on national television and shout "I'M A MUTANT!" while everyone just gasped and questioned.

My family got back to their business. My mom was drinking coffee with her jumpsuit, my sister was reading a book called What to do When Your Teenage Child Has Anger Issues, just when her idea of me having anger issues wasn't bad enough, and Dad was rambling about mutants. Very entertaining.

"I'm going to school now," I announced to my family before I strolled right out the door.

It was a relief to get out of the house and be able to think clearly. I still could feel the pains and cries from other mutants, but nobody had to question me about my strange actions.

I felt the presents of a mutant nearby and knew exactly who it was. It was Sam Manson, my best friend anyone could ask. She was the only friend I had that was a mutant. Although, she wasn't a true mutant, no.

My most powerful mutant was taking and giving mutant powers from other people. Only two years ago, I was fighting a crazy plant-growing mutant who wanted to destroy every human alive. I took her powers before she could take the last of my life. That woman was pretty surprised when she couldn't make vines grow from the ground to hook me up to the grassy ground.

I went to Sam's 12th birthday party and just touched her. She then realized she had plant-growing powers. Sam was afraid to tell me, because she thought I would stop being friends with her and never speak to her again. I never told her that I was a mutant, including Tucker. It was too risky to put both of them in danger.

I wasn't just any normal mutant, I was the chosen Halfa, the legendary mutant who protected the mutants. If anyone tried to destroy the mutants, the chosen Halfa would bring justice. The hunt was already getting out of hand and I was only fourteen! Some savior of the mutant race. What was I supposed to do? Go against my parents? Smart idea.

Giving Sam those vine powers was already putting her in enough danger already, I couldn't let my secret out just so she could get herself in more trouble.

"Hey Sam!" I waved with a greeting smile.

"Danny!" Sam called with her cheery, warm smile. I loved it when she smiled.

"You want to hang out at the park before school starts?" I asked anxiously. I needed some company to ignore the cries and pains of the mutants in my veins easier.

"Sure," Sam smiled as we both ran quickly to the park.

Sam and I would play basketball. It was the only sport we both liked besides swimming. Tucker would join with his cocky smile and that silly expression that would make people think he was out of his mind. Sometimes I wonder if he was out of his mind. Tucker would do the strangest things.

Sam dribbled the ball with quick reflexes. She was a little fox with tricks up her sleeves, if she even had any. Her clothing was the usual Goth style: black tank top mid-drift with a purple dot in the middle, a black mini skirt with green lines crossing like a grid, purple stockings, combat boots, and a green scrunchy to give her a side ponytail.

I was trying to steal the ball from her quick hands. Sam slithered under my arms and threw the ball into the basket with a perfect score.

"That's one for me and zero for you," Sam showed off with her evil smirk that fit her white teeth.

"For now," I said rolling my eyes.

I took the ball and dribbled it a little ways from the basket and tossed it to Sam, then she tossed it back to me.

Sam spread her legs and arms wide to try to steal the ball from me. I was slick myself. I slid under Sam's right arm before she had time to grab the ball with one leg stuck far in front of me while the other one was bent under me. I made a quick jump and threw the ball into the basket.

"You cheated!" Sam glared with tension, "you're not supposed to move without dribbling the ball."

"Sam, no one likes a sore loser," I teased with my playful smile.

Sam showed that evil smirk when she wanted to get revenge. She kicked left leg and I slipped onto the ground. Sam grabbed the bouncing ball, stepped on my side to start her jump, and threw the ball into the basket.

"Ok, that wasn't fair!" I smirked.

"You weren't fair either," Sam smiled with her playful voice. The ball was spinning on her index finger.

"At least I checked in first before I cheated," I played along.

"So what? I'm not a sore loser after all," Sam continued teasing with two hands on the ball.

"Hey guys!" Called Tucker from afar, "is Danny bugging you again? I'll kick him for you if you'd like."

"I'm fine," Sam sighed as she tossed the ball to Tucker.

I loved hanging out with my friends. It gives me room to be myself without any comments about destroying mutants. I especially never let Sam visit me at my house that often since she was a mutant herself and mutant hunters meeting a mutant is like a three-year-old meeting a terrorist and asking to have dinner at his house.

Even without making comments about destroying or saying mutants were monsters, they still thought I hated them. How retarded was that? I mean because I'm related to mutant haters means I hate mutants. It's wrong and ironic, considering that I was also a mutant, a special mutant.

"Oh man, it's gonna be time for class in fifteen minutes. We better get going before we all get detention. You know how Mr. Lancer is about being late for class," I warned my friends while looking at my watch.

"Thanks for the warning, man," Tucker thanked me.

"Good thing I'm a good runner compared to you slow slugs," Sam teased as she got a head start.

"Hey!" Tucker and I shouted.

My friends and I ran until we saw the line in front of the school. There were students lined up in front of the double doors of Casper High with Guys in White agents. I was really annoyed by them and their mutant detectors.

Sam, Tucker, and I were in line as every student was checked for any signs of mutant powers. I had my hands behind Sam's shoulders with my two index fingers barely touching the skin of her neck. I let Sam's mutant energy flow out of her system into mine through my fingers touching her soft bare skin on her neck. Sam turned her head and saw the sweat on my forehead with her concerning violet eyes. I could tell Sam was sweating too, but not as bad as when she was first checked for mutant powers.

"Danny, we've been though this check line millions of times and you're still nervous?"

"Sam, you know I don't like their attitude and besides… they scare me."

Operative K had one kid against the wall with his cheek smacked against the rough brick while scanning with weird laser beams. I hated those things. I was lucky it didn't work on me, seeing that I was the chosen Halfa.

"You've never passed as a mutant, not even close. You'll be fine, man," Tucker said trying to calm me down. It was hard to be calm when you're trying to protect your best friend from the threats of mutant killers.

"Yeah, we're here for you Danny," Sam smiled warmly with her young, soft lips that was covered with purple lipstick.

Operative K and O scanned Sam as she looked at them with her threatening glare. She was not afraid of them at all, that was what I was mostly afraid of. She was always ready for a fight. Even if her opponent was four feet taller then her with weapons that could kill her in two seconds.

"Clear," said Operative O with no emotion on his face and voice.

It was my turn and I have them an even more threatening glare. The glare of pure hatred. I was surprised that Sam and Tucker couldn't read that I hated mutant hunters period.

"Let me guess, clear," I glared with a deep dark voice.

"Yes," answered Operative O calmly. I guess since I was the son of mutant hunters, he was nicer to me. Ha! I'd like to punch those guys and throw them into the furnace like Nebuchadnezzar did to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they didn't bow down to a golden statue or something. Just see them burn while I laughed through my teeth.

I left while Tucker was being checked. I don't think Sam noticed my deep hatred toward the Guys in White and their filthy checks for mutants. Looking back, I saw the scanner beep like crazy as my instincts told me to rush over to the poor guy.

Kwan was slammed against the wall as I rushed over to him and touched his head.

"What are you doing?" Asked Operative K with an angry tone in his voice.

"Making sure he stays still!" I lied with my voice filled with fury.

The beeping finally stopped, making the process seem like a false alarm. Little did the Operatives know, there was a mutant protecting Kwan.

"Hm, that's strange, it was beeping a second ago," Operative K looked at the scanner strangely.

"False alarm," I shrugged as they let go of Kwan and I grabbed him by the sleeve of his jock sweatshirt. Dragging him down the hall to a safe position, I shook his hand, giving his powers back. "You can't be here Kwan. It's not safe."

"But…" said Kwan with a shocking expression.

"But nothing. You're a mutant, it's not safe for you to be in school. They will hunt you down like an animal. Now go to the boy's room, jump out the window, run, and never come back."

Kwan nodded, still surprised by my warning, and ran to the bathroom. I knew every mutant that existed here at school had to hide from everyone. The mutant distruction was getting worse. The only mutants that suspected my powers were the ones I saved.

Several students were gone from the school, because of their gift like Paulina, Kwan, Mike, Shirley, David, Jessie, Michel, Ella, etc. The only mutant that existed in the school now was Sam. This was only because I protected her from suspicious signs of mutant powers. During school days, I would have Sam's powers and when it was over, she would have her gift back. Sam did notice that her powers would disappear during school. This was strange to Sam and still wondered about that, not suspecting another mutant being involved. As long as Sam didn't know that I was involved with the disappearance of her powers or the fact that I have mutant powers myself, Sam was safe.