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Part One, b

It had been twenty-seven days since he took the first potion for his transformation. In those twenty-seven days, he trained day after day. Tonks, however, could only teach him so much. When Harry started beating Tonks in duels, Tonks knew to call in another trainer. She had finished her part for now.

Moody was less lenient with his training and Harry found himself dreading the days that had followed. Tonks has been a bit sadistic, since she found humour in the worst and painful situations, but she always praised him when he did well. Moody, however, was never happy nor satisfied with any progress. The retired auror was truly worse than Snape because in some way, Harry knew why Snape was such a bastard and why he hated him; even if it wasn't rational. With Moody, Harry felt helpless because he was never good enough. Only once had Harry beaten Moody in a duel. And even then, Harry's proud grin still shining on his face, Moody mocked him; wiping it off. 'You should have beaten me at every duel in half the time you just did. If I can't beat the scumbag, how in the world can you?"

Bittersweetly, Moody was not going to be around for the next week but Harry's last potion was going to be administered today and if the other potions were any indication, it was going to be the most painful yet. Tonks was called back arrived at the doorstep with a chipper mood, Moody had coincidentally left a few minutes ago.

"Hey Harry!" She hugged him as she came in, luggage floating behind her. "Dumbledore here yet?" She waved her wand and her luggage zoomed past them and down the hall and into a room , that, Harry presumed, was her room.

Harry shook his head, and Tonks patted his shoulder in sympathy. "I hear you have been having pains in a significant area… has it been bearable?"

The green-eyed boy shrugged. "'s not like the Cruciatus, but it comes a close second."

"Awww, well… it will all be over today." She reassured.

Harry had a bad feeling that the reason that Moody had left is because Harry was going to be recovering for a week. It was a huge transformation after all, body parts were going to change and he was going to get new ones.

Snape didn't glare at Harry when he came in for the fourth week in a row. He didn't give a biting remark, nor did he even look Harry's way. He looked tired and worn, but still as stoic as always. The Potions Master, took out a vial from inside his robes and handed it to Dumbledore. Dumbledore patted Snape's shoulder, with which he was rewarded with a glare, and then Dumbledore asked for Harry's hand.

Harry, though nervous, allowed it and the Headmaster took out his wand and pressed it to Harry's index finger.

There was a sharp pain followed with a drop of blood. Dumbledore grabbed the finger and squeezed it three times so three drops would drop into the vial. Dumbledore corked it and shook it. The potion turned a pink color (from its usual green) and Harry handed it to Harry.

"Drink it after you sit down."

Harry did so on one of the kitchen chairs and downed the potion and cringed as the spicy bitterness of the concoction touched his tongue. He squeezed his eyes shut when a piercing pain hit his chest and his whole world became black.

Harry's first conscious thought was that he was still in pain and that he couldn't open his eyes. He also felt someone holding his hand.

That same 'someone' noticed his stirring and his arms were full of 'someone'. "Harry! You scared us to death!"

Harry cringed away from Tonks's touch. His skin felt so sensitive, he felt like he was burning on the bed. A second later, he felt another presence next to him.

"Rub that cooling salve on his skin, otherwise, he'll be bed ridden for longer than you hoped." Fading footsteps indicated that Snape left.

Harry felt Tonks gently start to apply the ointment type thing all over his arms, then his face and then his stomach… and on his chest?