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Once I'd made it back to the reservation, I headed straight for Embry's house, hoping that he and Anji had, had the sense to take Jenna there. I burst through the door and ran into the living room, grateful to see that they were all there, alive and well.

"Jenna, we have to get out of here … now." I grabbed her hand and helped her up, out of her chair.

"Why? What's going on?" She asked, clearly confused.

"Yeah, Jake. Why did you take off like that? What happened?" Embry chimed in, I scrunched my eyes shut. I didn't want to waste time explaining when all I wanted to do was get my wife somewhere safe.

"I don't have time to explain, we need to go." I said trying to get Jenna to follow me to the door. She snatched her hand away from me and folded her arms across her chest.

"Not until you give me a good reason. We've been travelling for days to get here, and I'm exhausted, Jake. You either explain or we're not going anywhere." She was deadly serious, I cursed under my breath.

"Fine. Sit down." I knew I was acting like a child but I was to emotional to keep myself in check. Jenna sat and so did I. "Remember when I told you about my friend, Bella? And those…" I had to stop myself from saying 'bloodsuckers' "vampires she hung around with? Remember the story about how they left her and she was inconsolable?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Well, while Embry and I were talking on the beach he told me about a rumour. He said that the Cullen's were back and that Bella was with them. I left to go and confirm it for myself, because I couldn't believe it, but it's true. Their here, all of them. Bella and two other new ones as well."

"That's great, Jake!" She said beaming, I was gob smacked.

"H-how is that a good thing?" I asked.

"Because it means that she's alive, at least in some way, and you can find out what happened all those years ago. I know that's been bugging you Jake, and now you can finally get closure on it." My mind was reeling. It was true that Bella's fate had plagued my thoughts for years, but that didn't change anything. There were vampires here, and vampires were dangerous. I shook my head.

"No, it doesn't work like that. Those creatures are dangerous and I can't rest having you here when I know how close they are." I said shaking my head again. Embry spoke up.

"Can I offer up a suggestion?" I nodded. "Why don't you both just stay, just for tonight. We'll even put you up in the guest room here. The pack still runs patrol, you're totally safe here. And you have to think about it rationally, man. Your wife is heavily pregnant, she needs rest preferably in a warm, comfortable bed instead of in the front seat of your truck." He had me there. Now that I'd had some time to calm down, I knew I couldn't subject Jenna to more travel. She was uncomfortable as it was, she didn't need me adding to it. They'd beaten me.

"Ok, but just for tonight. Tomorrow we're out of here."


It had been a long night for me, my brain was practically rattling around in my skull, constantly recounting the events of yesterday. From eating that damn food, to Jake, to finding all of those things hidden under my floorboards. Despite the rest of it, Jake was at the fore front of my mind.

I had to tell him about what happened. I loathed the thought of him thinking that I'd had any choice in the matter. I had always wanted to become a vampire so that Edward and I could be together forever, but after he left I had no reason to want to be a vampire anymore. Maddy changed me and gave me a new chance at life instead of leaving me for dead. She'd done the right thing by me and I needed to make Jake see that. Plus, I wanted to know about him. I wanted to know why he'd chosen to live this long, had he not found someone he wanted to live a life with and die with? Had he married at some point? Did he have kids? I could tell from looking at him yesterday that he must have given up his transformation rights, he looked older than what I remembered. Not by much, but my new sharp eyesight picked up on it.

At the time I'd been so shocked to see him that I didn't think to look for any indicators, like a wedding band. I had mentally kicked myself for not paying more attention.

It was 6 am when I finally gave up on trying to order my thoughts and went through to Maddys room. She was sitting in the middle of her bed, cross legged, reading a book. I looked around the room before asking, "Where's Kerr?" She looked up at me before answering.

"He went out to hunt, said he could still feel the seaweed in his mouth and needed someway to get rid of it." She said with a giggle. "He should be back soon if you need him, what's up?"

"It's not him I wanted to see, it's you. I just figured he'd be here." I said with a shrug. "As for what's up … I need you to do me a favour."

"Sure, anything." God I loved her! She was always so willing to help me.

"I want to go to La Push." I chose to just say it without any preamble. Maddy's jaw dropped.

"Why? You know we can't go there. What if the wolves just tear us apart?" She asked. I shook my head.

"They won't. I need to go Maddy, I have to explain to Jacob what happened. And you changed me. I want you to be there so you can … back me up or something. Please? He was my best friend, I owe him an explanation. Even if he doesn't want to hear it." I silently begged her with my eyes. After a moments consideration, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

"When're we going?" She asked. I jumped onto the bed and hugged her, she laughed at my over-exuberance.

"As soon as possible, I just need to get changed first. Unless you need to do something?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm good. I've got to change too but that's it."

"Great." I said, jumping up off the bed. "I'll meet you downstairs when you're ready. I ran back to my room and changed quickly. I was scared about what other cutting remarks Jacob would no doubt throw at me but nonetheless I was excited to see my old friend. I was excited about being able to explain myself.

Maddy and I met up at the bottom of the stairs and headed out. It was early so there was nobody around, but we took the precaution of walking into the woods before we started to run. We were at the La Push boundary line in minutes. We stood on our side for a moment before looking at each other.

"Well here goes nothing." I said gently and with that we stepped over the invisible line. Instead of moving forward, we stood still, waiting for them to come to us. Sure enough only a couple of seconds passed before we could hear the thundering footfalls of the wolves approaching. Five of them appeared in front of us, ready to attack, when all of a sudden they stopped advancing towards us.

The wolf nearest to us, who I assumed was the new alpha turned his head away from us towards the brown wolf on his right. They seemed to silently communicate for several moments, until the suspected alpha and the wolf on his right transformed, right before our very eyes into human men. Naked human men. I found myself being eternally thankful for my lack of blushing abilities.

"I'm Kiowa Uley, Alpha of this pack. From what Embry has just told me, you know of my grandfather, Sam Uley and an ex pack member of ours Jacob Black." He said while observing both of us with wary eyes.

"Yes, I knew of Sam. Jacob is … was my best friend many years ago. My name is Bella Swan, this is Maddy Pierce. We've come not to endanger your community, I can promise you that. We drink animals blood, and only animals blood. We're here because I would like to talk to Jacob, to clear up a misunderstanding." I crossed my fingers discreetly by my side. Kiowa considered me for a moment before speaking.

"Embry, go to Jacob and tell him of the situation. If he says yes bring him here. Be quick." Embry nodded, before becoming a wolf once more and running off down the road. I'd never seen the transformation first hand before, and it was truly something to behold.

The three wolves that had kept their form during the conversation relaxed their stances slightly. The six of us stood, without speaking or moving, just casting glances at one another every now and then. It was an extremely awkward moment. After what felt like a lifetime a truck appeared in the distance, I glanced at Kiowa worriedly, and then to the three wolves but he shook his head.

"That's Jake's truck." A thrill of excitement and nervous energy blasted through me. He had agreed to come, maybe we could work through this. The truck pulled to a stop and I noticed there were three people in side. A now dressed Embry, Jake and a woman, who I guessed was about twenty-four years old. She looked excited and was the first one to exit the truck. A quick glance at Jake told me he wasn't happy about this, his eyes were nearly bugging out of his head. He jumped out too, followed by Embry.

"Jenna! I told you to stay in the truck, what are you doing?"

"Jacob!" The woman half yelled, half laughed, "we've been through this already. I'm not afraid and I highly doubt they're going to hurt me. Do you think they're going to hurt me?" She asked, Jakes eyes flickered to mine for a moment and I tried to silently convey the fact that I wouldn't hurt her. He snapped his eyes back to Jenna.

"I don't know," Jacob whined, "That's what worries me the most!" Jenna sighed and shook her head before turning her back on him and walking straight towards Maddy and I. She was very pretty, she was what the quileutes would have a called a pale face, but her skin was sun kissed. She had beautiful green eyes and long, silky brown hair. She came to a stop in front of us. "Hi," She said with a bright smile. "I'm Jenna Black, you must be Bella, I've heard so much about you." She held out her hand for me to shake, I looked at Jacob. He looked so anxious, Maddy and I had to prove that we weren't going to cause, who I now knew to be, his wife any harm. I reached out my hand to her but before I let our hands clasp together, I warned her.

"I'm pretty cold by the way." And then I grasped her hand in mine. She gasped slightly, but didn't move to pull her hand away from me, she simply stared at our joined hands with wide eyes before she grinned up at me, I returned her smile. "It's lovely to meet you, Jenna."

Maddy introduced herself also, she and Jenna struck up a conversation but I wasn't paying any attention. Jacob and I were staring at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move and start the discussion we knew we needed to have. Jacob eventually bowed his head, and rubbed the back of his neck, before signalling for me to follow him. We walked over to the truck, he lent against it, I stood a few feet from him, waiting for my cue.

"Ok, Bella. Tell me." I took a deep breath before I began my story.


Jenna and I watched in silence as Bella and Jacob walked over to his truck. Part of me wanted to follow, but I knew this had to be between just them. I was only here in case he needed me to solidify her story, but I doubted I'd be needed. I turned my attention back to Jenna.

"I'm a little surprised he came, yesterday he seemed so angry. I though he'd never hear her out." Jenna smiled at me.

"He wasn't going to. Last night he came back to Embry's house in a blind panic, demanding that we leave straight away. We managed to talk him into staying the night though. This morning when Embry came to deliver the message, he was adamant that we weren't going … but I talked him round." I observed her quietly for a few moments before speaking.

"On behalf of Bella more than anyone else, I have to say thank you. If she hadn't been able to set things right with Jacob …" I left off shaking my head. Jenna patted me gently on the arm.

"You're welcome but in all honestly I did it for Jacob, I've been with him for three years, married for two. When we were first together and I found out what he was, he explained to me about other mythical creatures, which lead him to the story of Bella and the Cullen's. I know it's been torturing him for years, not knowing what became of her. And I knew that if I let him run away then someday, he would regret it. I couldn't bear the thought of seeing that sadness in his eyes again. He needed to know. I'm glad it's beneficial for Bella too though. She seems lovely." She said with another smile, which I returned.

We turned our attention back to Jacob and Bella, watching them converse. They each displayed a range of different emotions and eventually they both stopped talking. Bella was looking down at her feet whilst Jacob started rubbing the back of his neck. He looked up at her and said something to get her attention, before stepping forward and hugging her to him. I wanted to squeal and jump up and down but I restrained myself, I looked to Jenna again and saw that she was grinning hugely. It looked like there was hope after all.


I finished recounting my tale and looked down at my feet. I'd finally gotten it all out in the open, but I couldn't tell whether I felt better or worse. It was good to know that I had told him everything, but on the other hand, talking about it had brought all my suppressed emotions back to the surface and I was only barely able to keep them in check.

"Hey, Bells," I looked up at the sound of my old nickname coming from him with a small smile. Then he opened his arms and enveloped me in a hug. I relished in the feel of it, it felt so good to be close to my old friend again. "God, Bella … you stink!" He said whilst laughing. I broke free from his hug and punched his arm.

"Yeah because the scent of wet dog is so appealing to me! Speak for yourself , Jake." And then we were laughing like the last one hundred years never happened.

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