From The Imperative:

Number Nine was the show-stopper, though. It was after a long night's sleep and we woke leisurely, lovingly in each other's arms after having spent two nights and a day in constant company... Number Nine was the one, if Embry had to have a vivid memory for the pack, I hoped that's the one they get. Let 'em all learn something.

Embry POV

My fantasies of Bella are often influenced by the memories of my brothers, which makes it really confusing sometimes. When I can't always keep my thoughts to myself, they slip out and are seen, heard and experienced by everyone, just as they are by me when they let their memories slip.

We know the girls really don't like it, We know but we can't do more than we're doing to block our thoughts. And hell, we're guys! It's uncomfortable seeing Emily and Kim and Rachel (I don't even want to think about how Jake handles seeing Rachel in Paul's head – that'd make me want to puke, if I had a sister who was an imprint) with the guys. But at the same time, we learn a lot, you know?

Great minds think alike. Horny minds think alike too, and what we see from one another, we remember. We comment too, and make suggestions. Sometimes they're stupid. Sometimes they're pretty good and we all get a laugh out of them.

The girls would blush like Bella, every single one of 'em, if they knew.

: : : : :

The dream started differently each time, but it always quickly got me to a hot, naked Bella... So when I drowsily rolled over in the cabin, after having spent most of two days making love with her, I hardly knew that I was awake.

"Mmm... Embry..." Her liquid murmur drifted into my ear from my chest, where she lay half-covered in her own hair. The rain made a pleasant whisper on the roof, as if even the sky would hide us from my nosy brother, who patrolled distant enough not to catch everything but near enough to make sure I didn't do anything stupid and hurt my Isabella. "Love you," she said, her breath touching me.

"You, too," I rumbled, tightening my arms a little around her. How did she do this? She more than satisfied me – in every possible way a woman could satisfy a man. Yet I still craved her. My fingers tangled in her hair, I nudged her up with a few movements of my body. Her legs straddled my hips and I hardened instantly beneath her. "Not a dream," I reminded myself, her slick skin parting over me so that I could be left in no doubt whatsoever that this craving was not just mine.

Her smile was slow and sensual as she propped herself up on my chest and looked me in the eye. "Another dream, Em? Hmmm? So far, I think you've got the best dreams of anyone I've ever heard of." Her ass wiggled under one of my hands and I groaned as my body bucked up against her. "Oh, yes," she said, a laugh rippling in her voice.

"I always have dreams of you, Bella," I reminded her.

Her brow angled teasingly. "Fantasies? Want to show me another one? We'll call it Number Nine?"

"You're sure?" I frowned a little, remembering everything she had done with me, to me, for me over the past days and nights. "You've gotta be, um, sore, sweetheart."

Her entire face smiled except for her lips. Those, she moistened with the tip of her tongue in a way that sent my mind back to all the places on my body that tiny tongue had tasted. Oh, damn... I was going to come just remembering. "Not any more sore than I would guess any recent non-virgin would be on, say, day two of her honeymoon or something. me?"

Her heart was pacing with the speed I had come to learn was pleasurable exertion. Her scent – hell. Her usual warm floral aroma was mixed with the secret, musky scent of her arousal and I was helpless to do anything but show her what she wanted.

I tugged her up a little further, sad when her heat left mine, but also throbbing in anticipation as to where I would feel it next. Feel it, taste it. Taste her. My tongue traced patterns down her skin as she got my direction and slid up over my body. I moved us on the air mattress and wished like hell for a headboard for her. An anchor. Be careful, Call, and watch your strength.

I braced my feet on the floor and held Isabella's hips exactly where I wanted them.

"Here?" she gasped, laughing as I traced a heart – yeah, I'm kind of weird, maybe – on her inner thigh. With my tongue. "I'm, um, practically sitting on your face, honey."

"Perfect," I murmured. "Just hold onto my arms..." After she agreed, I didn't even hesitate to lower her the short inches necessary, letting the amazing taste of her drip onto my tongue, over my lips and into my mouth. Her body tightened over me, her fingertips digging into my forearms as I licked and nuzzled her center.

"Oh!" she squeaked. "Embry! Oh!"

The squeaks turned into a disbelieving groan as I plunged my tongue into her while my nose rubbed her in such a way as to tighten her thighs. Oh, I had tasted her during the weekend, but in this dream re-enactment, it was so much better. Her excitement was higher and that came through in her taste. I savored, devoured, drank.

My own heat built as she reached her climax and I was more than ready to slide her right back down my body. Before I could bring that about, though, she moved herself, bending to capture my lips with hers.

"You're amazing," she whispered.

Tasting her on my tongue and sharing that taste in our kiss was hot. Sexy. Still, I smiled a little. "That's always been my adjective for you."

"I'm only like that when you think I am. But thanks. Your turn, Em... Your dream can't be over yet...?"

As she said this, she slid down my chest to collapse on me, those muscles in her thighs finally relaxing. I nuzzled her hair. "Nope. But I don't want you to freak out on me, Bella."

Her laugh was soft. "Are you hiding some whips or chains somewhere? No? Then don't worry."

I grinned. "Turn around."


"Turn around and, um, ride me backward." It was a view I wanted to see...I had dreamed about seeing Isabella's beautiful, creamy ass... "Let me scoot up a little."

With an air mattress, the balance was tricky and we laughed a little – I don't think any of my brothers had so much fun during sex – but my erection never softened. Not for a second. How could it when I was watching the sexiest girl in the world move and turn and stretch and bend just for me? Her hair brushed my skin, her fingers pressed into my muscles. She ripped open the condom package with her teeth – just like I'd done – and rolled it over me. She turned as she lifted herself up at last and peered at me through a part in her hair.

"Love you."

I opened my mouth to say it back but the words came out on a groan as she lowered herself to me. I felt the heat of her – like my skin but so much better – surround me. Saw the contrast between the pale flesh and darker. Slowly, she slid down, her muscles tightening all around me. She leaned forward a little, balancing on my thighs as she rose up again. So slow...she went so slowly.

Her name fell out on a moan as she encased me again. I totally got into the view. It wasn't like we hadn't done it "doggy style" (yes, my brothers howled whenever that came up) over the weekend, but the view was different. And yeah, I really got off on looking at my Bella's ass.

"Like what you see?" She giggled and paused, poised just to come down on me again. "Was this your dream, hon?"

"Oh, yes. So good, sweetheart. You're perfect. Just... Just don't stop!" Not yet, anyway.

I ground my teeth together, not wanting to come. Not yet, not yet, I chanted in my head. One more part... But... I couldn't keep from watching her.

When I felt my whole body tighten up, I growled. "Stop."

"But, you didn't, I mean –"

"Hang on. My dream." That she was giving this to me was such an amazing gift. There was that word again, but hell, there wasn't a better one, though I really had put in some dictionary-time looking. I threw all the blankets, sheets and pillows to the floor. When we started our weekend, we had taken time making a comfortable sort of nest in front of the fire; I didn't take that kind of time, now. What, with Bella's sex-scent all around me, making me twitch and want and need, I didn't take time to make it pretty. I just didn't want to hurt her.

She watched from the middle of the air mattress, her skin flushed, her nipples dark and her eyes smoldering. It was all I could do to keep from ravishing her one more time without finishing my dream. The dream she was letting me act out, right here.

"Come here," I whispered, holding my hand to her.

She did, easing to her feet and all but falling into me. I set her gently on her back on the pile of blankets and knelt between her thighs. "You make me want to be a wolf, sometimes," she whispered. "Just so I could get into your mind and – and see what you see."

"You, just you, Isabella." I lifted her left leg up and kissed the instep of her foot before bracing it on my shoulder. She hooked her right leg around my torso and then, she was open before me. Pink and perfect and I wasted no time diving into her.

"Oh!" she gasped, her heartbeat surging. Angling our hips just a little, I made sure to hit that sweet spot we all tried to reach for our girls. Her pleasure was paramount even in my dreams and in no time at all she came, almost howling. I followed at her first cry and my howl was certain, a joyful rush of love and intensity.

I pulled out and discarded the condom quickly before hurrying back to take her into my arms while we cuddled in the blankets. "Every dream comes true with you," I murmured as our hearts slowed and we relaxed into each other. "Every single one."

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