Waking Up To A Dream Come True

First update is inspired by the following song


Flack had just gotten off a long shift. The holidays were fast approaching. They were to officially meet each other's families around this time. Perhaps they would have been engaged. He would never know now. She was gone. Sometimes he dreamed of her walking into his apartment with her bright smile, but at the end she would always walk away after a long lingering glance in his direction. It had been six months since she was taken from him. They had caught the guys behind everything. He just wished he could get more time with her.

He changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt and climbed into the bed. It felt cold for some reason ever since she had been gone. In sometime he fell asleep. It was a nice deep sleep he hadn't slept like this since forever.

Tonight she came from the bathroom, her hair was dripping wet and she had changed into one of his shirts.

" Sorry babe to get this all wet. I was exhausted, I just need a nice warm shower," she whispered before laying down beside him.

He smiled slightly and wrapped his arms around her.

" Jess please don't leave this time," he pleaded.

She smiled as she stroked his cheek.

" I am not going anywhere Don, I will be right here when you wake up," she promised.

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