Waking Up to A Dream Come True Epilogue

It was Valentines Day when they got married. It was a surprise for Jessica as both their families were arranging the details. The team gradually found out as well. It was not snowing but it was 50 degrees on the day. Don called Jess to let her know to be ready to take a ride when he called next.

Jessica Angell was puzzled. What was Don up to? She didn't know what to wear so she put on a knit top and jeans and put the blazer over that Don had gifted her months ago. He called again as she was finishing the touches on her light make up. He probably was going to take her out for Valentines Day she thought to herself as she made her way towards the door. She found her fiancée on a bike waiting for her. His smile was bright and he looked at her as if it were the first time he had met her.

" So Don what exactly is going on? You are here with a bike?," she exclaimed.

He shook his head as he chuckled.

"Look do you trust me?," he inquired.

She smiled.

" Yes with my life," she replied.

He gave her a raised eyebrows look.

" Ok then so hop on. You'll know soon enough," he quipped.

She rolled her eyes and sat behind him.

" Hold onto me, it feels good," he stated firmly.

She laughed.

"Ok, but you do recall I hate surprises," she retorted.

" Well I really hope you like this one," he said before the raced down the street.

They stopped at a church. She looked at it stunned as she got off the bike and took off her helmet.

" Don this church is beautiful. I always wanted to get married here," she quipped.

He grinned brightly.

" Well it's your chance to see how it would be like ," he stated.

She looked at him puzzled. Then realization hit her. Don had been staying late at work lately even at times when the case load seemed light he would make excuses about some training stuff.

She gazed at him in wonderment.

" We are getting married here, today?," she exclaimed.

He nodded. They held hands and rushed up the stairs. Jessica was surprised to find the girls from her family and friends waiting with her dress and all ready themselves. Within an hour it was time to walk down the aisle. Don watched Jessica come down the aisle with her father in awe.

It was like a dream come true to see her becoming his bride. He never thought this could be possible the previous spring when he thought he had lost her for good. Danny tapped his back to snap him out of his reverie. Don took a deep breath and let it out.

Mac noticed his expression.

" Everything changes for better now Don," he whispered.

Don nodded his thanks as Cliff and Jessica arrived at the alter. Soon they exchanged vows and they kissed until Danny was able to mutter boom really loud.

Wedded life was blissful for the couple. One night Don came home to find Jess trying to organize the cabinets while standing on top of the counter.

" Babe what are you doing?," he inquired as he placed the pizza box on the table.

She had worked a 18 hour shift. She had been told to go home two hours ago. Now he found her climbing up counters.

She turned to acknowledge his presence.

" Hmm nice you are my favorite pizza boy to make out with ," she quipped.

He shook his head as he laughed. He got her to come down and carried her to the table.

" I better be the only favorite pizza boy ," he insisted.

In May the team went to Cooney Island. Seeing Lindsay with the now over a year old Lucy made Jess want a child sooner rather than later. Her wish came true when she had a positive pregnancy test in July. Don was delighted with the news. However he made sure Jess was never alone in the field. By six months she was on desk duty. He felt safer and happier. Stella and Mac had decided to adopt a little boy, they would later have twins .

Angela Flack entered the world a few days before Lucy Messer's second birthday. Just like in her dream, Lindsay introduced Lucy to Angela.

The new parents settled down with their newborn daughter within a few days. Don and Jess continued to be detectives.

On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Don awakened first. For a brief moment the events of the past six years flashed in his mind. Finding Jess close to death, the doctors and nurses trying to save her life, when they told him she was gone. Then he smiled thinking of her sudden return and how they reunited. Then he looked at the sleeping woman beside him.

She was the only woman he had truly fallen in love with. She was his wife and his best friend, along with being the mother of their children. Angela, Diana and Kyle Flack.

Like Mac and Stella they had also been blessed with twins.

Sheldon Hawkes had gotten back together with his old girlfriend three years ago. They had a two year old son.

Danny and Lindsay had their second child a son, who they named Eiden.

Don looked back at his wife, her hand now on his shoulder. Her wedding band shimmered in the morning light. He lay there until she awakened and greeted him with a good morning kiss.

" Happy Anniversary Don."

" Happy Anniversary Jess."

Yes this was exactly like waking up to a dream come true.

Author's note: I had a great time writing this story. I hope you all enjoyed. If you haven't realized all ready, I am a sucker for happy endings. Hope this one was different and entertaining for all of you have reviewed. Thanks and have a great week!

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