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Note: Drabble-and-a-half (meaning yes, it's exactly 150 words, I am nothing if not fastidious), continuing to map out characters and character points for my own selfish enjoyment and because I really have neglected the fandom that basically formed me, and if I'm going to attempt that gigantic project of mine I need to flex those HP writing muscles. Lupin's transformation into a wolf.


The Shadowless Song


It begins with hearing his heart beat.

The moon phases out from behind mist and condensation, pale and sickly, and his bones start to snap. Outside him is the sound of the world on fire, existence imploding in on itself, and screams tear themselves from his throat. He fights them back. He loses.

All he can hear is his heartbeat.

He can feel muscles erupt under his skin, bristles bursting past every barrier he's fought and fought and fought to pull up, he can feel a churning hunger, and the dark, metallic bloodlust rearing its head, triumphant -

His heartbeat is still there, filling his senses as his face twists into a snarl, and the last human thought he can ever hang onto, as pain and fury and abject terror rush through him, is, This time it has to break me for good.

- And then the wolf takes control.