The Donation

"Logan please don' tell Remy."

"Stripes I think he is gonna find out that your gone if you're not even here!"

"Ah know Logan but this will give me a chance to help someone. Look ah got no idea how Bella got mah numbah but ah know that ah can fahnilly help someone. Also ah'm the only possible donor."

"Does the Cajun still love her?" "Yeah shugah.

"Ah can tell by the way he looks at their picture. Also when they talk on the phone he sounds lahke he is in love. Ah gotta do this for them. Ah may always love 'im but ah ain' the one. Let meh help who is."

"Stripes after this you may not be able to be an X-man again. Are you ready for that?"

"Logan ah am readeh. Plus ah know that ah can' come back. Ah just can' be 'round Remy all the tahme. It is to hard."

"Stripes why do you even care for that cajun?"

"Logan he is the only one ah can touch but he doesn' feel that way 'bout meh. So let me make my own choices."

"Kid I am your friend. So I won't stop you. Just, if you need ANY help please call me to help you. You are like a daughter to me."

"Logan ah wouldn't have it any other way."

With that said Rogue left the mansion thinking she made the right choice. She would never know the truth of how Remy felt about her.