I decided to write this because i LOVE this play and i was bored and had the songs stuck in my head. Soooo. . .yeah. Enjoy! OH WAIT YEAH I NEED A DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!! WOOPS!

Disclaimer: I (unfortunately -_-) don't own Seussical or any of the songs in it. I also don't own any of Dr. Seuss's characters or stories or whatever. No copyright infringement intended. . . =D

Jojo was walking along, minding his own business, when he suddenly tripped.

Tripping for Jojo is not as easy as it is for you and me. You see, he didn't really know who or where he was, how he came to be, or how long he had been. He had never encountered anything substantial enough to trip over, and therefore the act of actually falling over a solid object was a very big event indeed. Nothing interesting had happened to him until the very moment he felt himself falling through the air, so that two-second rush of air and the hard impact of the ground against his face was quite the fascinating occurrence.

Jojo looked around to see what he could have possibly tripped over and saw, of all things, a Hat.

It wasn't any old hat. This hat was THE Hat. The kind of Hat Jojo imagined that if he wrote the word "hat" onto a slip of paper while referring to this specific piece of headgear, he would write it with a capital "H". The Hat was an abnormally tall top hat, and was a bit scrunched at the top, as if it was worn by a very tall person and was frequently being bumped into the ceiling or the tops of doorways. It was colored white, but had three thick, bright red stripes decorating its "pipe". Jojo got up and tentatively picked up the Hat. It was both stiff and supple at the same time, and was slightly warm, as if it had only recently been removed from its owner's head.

"Now THAT is a very unusual Hat . . ." muttered Jojo to himself. He couldn't think of one single person who would wear a Hat like that one. He turned it over in his hands a few times and then, hesitantly, placed it on his head.

Then suddenly, a white-gloved hand shot out of nowhere and pulled him into the craziest story he could have possibly been a part of.


Like it? I didn't really try while writing it. . .so yeah. I'll eventually write more (probably) and am keeping the rating high because my perverted mind will probably get ideas to put in that wouldn't be appropriate for some age groups. . .XD welllllllllll anyways review if you like it or i will jab you with a spork!! HAHA FEAR THE SPORK!!!!!!!!!!! :-D