Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam 00. If I did, season two would have turned out differently.

A/N: These drabbles will all be 100 words in length, will go in a timeline from season one to season two, will be about Feldt's feelings for Neil Dylandy, and will be written in present tense. I'm working towards 50 of these, but there might be more. If you have any suggestions, you're welcome to suggest. Enjoy!


Title: Passerby
Summary: Feldt doesn't understand why she gets a weird feeling when she looks at him.

Feldt can never decide whether she wants to look at him or not when she passes him in the halls.

She usually chooses to, and when she does, she's greeted with his pleasant smile and a small wave as he says, "Hey, Feldt." This causes a weird feeling she doesn't understand to come to her stomach.

At this point, she usually looks down and blushes, right when their bodies are at the closest distance, and then they both go on their way.

But, not before she turns around to get a glimpse of his brown hair from behind, of course.