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Resident Evil 4.1-The Hoenn Chronicles

Leon caught the rocket launcher Ada threw and swung it around to point at the thing he knew as Saddler.

The rocket flew from the barrel, flying towards the spider-creature. Who proceeded to open a hole in the air and walk through it the missile slashing harmlessly past the gateway, and spiralling oddly into the distance.

Leon stood open mouthed for a second.

No. This ends here.

Leon sprinted towards the portal, noting with horror how it was growing smaller as he approached.

He leapt for it, yelling for Ada to take Ashley to the mainland.

As he passed through the portal, blinding lights assailing his vision, time seemed to slow down, and he felt, not heard, something detonate behind him.

Trying to track its intended target, the rocket had curved around and exploded in the entrance to the portal.

The Shockwaves changed everything.

Before, the blinding light was a cool blue and it felt like he was floating on a calm river.

Now the lights were an angry purple, the calm river an angry torrent that carried him along at a ferocious pace, as the lights popped in his vision, changing from purple to red to blue and back to purple again.

And then it spat him out.

It felt like grass he was sprawled on, flat out, his mind still moving sluggishly. He stood up, looking around for any sight of Saddler.

There was none.

He was on a grassy hill, a small forest in front of him. Strange creatures ran into the forest as he moved.

A bird flew overhead, brown and white feathers and a red and yellow crest, and red tail feathers.

Through the trees, Leon saw a small building.

What the hell. He thought. Nowhere else to go.

He started to walk towards it.

* * *

"Hello?" called Leon, stepping into the house. "Anyone home? I need to ask for directions."

He walked around a corner, and saw a man, wearing earthy colours and looking at a fire.

He turned and saw, giving a look of surprise and picking up an axe, as he cried something in a strange language, that sounded a little like Spanish.

"Oh, great." said Leon, groaning. He reached for a gun.

The only thing he could find hat quickly was his handgun, and he pulled it out, firing a short burst into the strange person's face. The man collapsed to the floor, unmoving.

"I've been here before…" muttered Leon.

He walked up the stairs, hearing a truck start up, and then battering against the door.

He found a small ammo pack, and a pair of strange mechanical devices. One was a red and white sphere, with a circle on the front. The other was a red, calculator-like object.

He went to pick them up, putting the computer device in his case, which was irritatingly empty again.

He almost recognised the two objects, but couldn't quite place where from.

He went to pick up the sphere, but when he touched the circle on the front it opened, a red light issuing from it. The light formed into a strange shape, before changing colour.

It formed a small, yellow creature, with black tipped ears, and red spots on its cheek. It had a tail in the shape of a thunderbolt.

Leon stared at it. He knew what it was, of course. Who didn't?

His niece loved those games.

But obviously, he couldn't really call it a game now.

"Pika-CHU." said the Pokemon, poking Leon with a paw.

Leon realised that the red computer device was obviously a pokedex.

"Ok then… this is really weird." said Leon.

The Pikachu smiled, and jumped onto Leon's shoulder.

He shrugged slightly, the electric mouse sitting on his shoulder, and walked down towards the door.

Which promptly crashed onto the floor, as a bull like creature knocked it to the floor.
"Taur." growled the Tauros.

A blast of electricity struck it, as the Pikachu blasted it! Maddened, the pokemon charged.
Leon put a bullet through its skull.

Three people ran in after it, each one slightly odd, like the first. They were holding normal things you'd expect in this environment, axes and rakes, but they didn't look friendly.

They attacked, and Leon took them out in seconds. He sighed, putting away his handgun, and looking at the Pikachu.

"So. What's your name?" he asked.
"Oh. Yeah." he muttered.

He walked out of the house, towards the place he had seen a truck. It had gone, and the path was revealed. There was a small hut, containing a group of useful items, some inside wooden crates.

Leon remembered all of this. To be honest, he didn't know why he was doing it again.

Of course, the fact that it was happening again made him wonder what the hell was going on.

He didn't go back. Something told him history would repeat itself.

He continued onwards, seeing some birds. A strange yelping noise was coming from the path ahead…

A thought struck him. These birds seemed to be everywhere, and hitting one had somehow dropped money once.

He shot them, finding money once again, and continued onwards. Sure enough, the noise was coming from a mostly black, wolf-like creature.
"Might. Ena." it growled.
"Easy…" said Leon, easing the trap that held its leg open.

It yelped, and ran off, limping a little.

Leon sighed.
"That little guy's gonna save my life later." he muttered. "Guess a good deed really is it's own reward."
"Pika." said Pikachu.

"Y'know, I could really do with knowing what you're saying." sighed Leon. "Onwards, I guess."


* * *

A few dead zombies later, Leon, and the Pikachu, had arrived at the gates to the town.

"Oh, I wonder what's on the other side of them…" said Leon.

He opened them.

In the distance was a town, what looked like normal people walking around. Of course, Leon knew otherwise.

He picked a small - read, large – briefcase from his back, and rummaged through it.

"Perfect." he muttered, picking a Semi-Automatic Rifle from it.
He took aim, using the laser sight upon it to its best, and fired.
The round took the head of one of the Ganados, killing it, and the Plagas inside, instantly.

A cry rang out, the same Spanish-like words.
Leon sighed, and put the rifle away in favour of his trusty Red 9 Handgun.
He ran down a side path, stopping briefly to slash open a couple of boxes, and headed for a specific building.

He opened the door with a kick, hearing a quiet buzzing noise in the distance, one he recognised.
He ran up the stairs, grabbing the shotgun in a case, taking a grenade from inside a cabinet, and jumped out of the window.

"Pika?" asked a confused Pikachu, jumping after him.
"Chainsaw." replied Leon tersely, swapping his weapon quickly for a Magnum, heavily modified and incredibly powerful.

He cocked it at the window.
Sure enough, one of the villagers, bearing a chainsaw and a bag over his head, ran towards Leon.

The first shot missed it.

Panicking, Leon fired repeatedly, knocking it to the ground and mercilessly bombarding it.

The magnum clicked, empty.

The zombie began to stand.
A gunshot.
Another. Another.

And the zombie collapsed.

Leon turned to see the Pikachu, struggling slightly to hold the handgun from Leon's open case.

Leon nodded in relief.
"You keep hold of that." he said.
The Pikachu grinned, and gave a noticeable thumbs up.

Leon heard mutterings, and swapped the empty magnum for a TMP. Rapid firing, decently powerful. Sure, it had cost a lot to get it here.

But nothing beat it for taking out large groups.

As Leon proved, taking out the zombies with only occasional shots from the Pikachu.
Then he sighed. Picking the town clean of items could take a while…

* * *

Leon headed out through the northeast gate, and headed into the farm. He figured it was best to get rid of the Ganados before looking around for items.

Straight off, one came from the barn ahead of him, and he killed it with a short burst to the head.
He then decided that it was pointless using the TMP against single enemies, switching back to the Red 9.

A few shots killed each of the others, in the other barns, and through one of the others.

A noise came from behind him.

Leon turned, but not fast enough.

A jolt of lightning caught him, throwing him to the floor.

"Flaaffy." intoned the creature, a pink skinned pokemon, with white wool that had fallen out in places.
It stepped towards him slowly, inexorably.

A bullet struck it through the head.

"Pika." said Pikachu, unloading the rest of the handgun's rounds into the zombie pokemon.

Another noise, from behind them.

Leon groaned.

A pig, black and purple in colour.
"Grum." it said.

A bullet streaked towards it, changing course and striking the ground without warning. Psychic.

A jolt of lightning struck it, followed by another bust of bullets.

Pikachu sighed.

"Chu." he said.

Leon shook his head in disbelief.
"That's twice you've saved my butt." he said.

* * *

Five minutes later, he had a rather improved collection of treasure. Hopefully, he could sell it to that weird merchant he remembered from the last time.
Foreknowledge was useful. It found him all seven blue medallions quickly, not to mention the treasure. Of course, it didn't help with that Grumpig, nor the Flaaffy. Nor did it find him the Potion stored in one of the sheds, nor the packet of black and yellow pokeballs elsewhere in the farm.

He sighed.
Clearly this was not going to be as easy as he thought.

He left via the southeast gate, and immediately stopped.
He turned, and threw a grenade onto the cliff behind him, and ran back towards the door.

A boulder fell in front of him, crashing down the path and shattering at the bottom.
Leon smiled.
Pikachu was staring at him, impressed.

Leon tapped his nose.
"Secret." he said, heading down the hill.

At the bottom was a tunnel, two shining objects on the ceiling.
Leon shot next to them, allowing them - actually shining stones, called Spinels - to fall to the ground. He pocketed them, that weird merchant bought them for a decent price.

He started to move forwards, and at the end of the tunnel, stopped to aim his rifle.
One shot killed a zombie waiting with explosives. Another exploded a tripwire attached to explosives.

Leon smiled, changing back to his Red 9 and walking forwards.
One shot struck a birds nest, leading to a quizzical look from Pikachu, at least until Leon picked a shining red gemstone from where it fell.

Something exploded behind him, knocking him to the floor.
Pikachu threw a lightning bolt in its direction, but missed.

Another explosive.
It was a Voltorb, charging its power before exploding, the energy release knocking it out.
And then it began to roll towards him.

Leon put a bullet in it, and threw a grenade into the building.
The explosion seemed to do a lot, as no more explosives, pokemon based or otherwise, came over.

Leon went round the side of the building, putting a burst into each of the three zombies within, and then another into a black and red, gaunt dog like creature. He explored, picking up a few items, and then went over to the bigger building. He shot the lock off, and entered.

Inside he picked a couple of items up, and went onwards.
One round destroyed a tripwire, a jolt of lightning from the Pikachu a second, and they continued.

Inside the next room there were a couple of items. Leon picked them up, and went for the cabinet. He destroyed it with a couple of well placed rounds, and entered another room.

There was a closet at the end.

Leon knew what was in there, and who was hot on his tail.
He opened the cabinet.

A figure dropped out.

Leon knew he was called Luis Sera, and was a scientist on the run from those behind all of this. He also knew that Chief Mendez was about to appear anc knock both of them out.

But he wasn't. Telling Luis to shush with a finger to his lips, Leon pointed a magnum at the door.

And was completely surprised when the building collapsed from an earthquake, and Mendez took him out from there.

* * *

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