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Chapter 2.2

"What's a thunderstone?"
"Life, love and power!" proclaimed Dub.
"It evolves him!" added Wolfie.

Jolt sighed.
"It's imbued with electrical power. It can make Dub reach a stronger and larger form, called Raichu."

"Don't suppose he'll be sane?" asked Leon.
"Or quiet." sniffed Jack.
"I doubt it." said Jolt. "Go on, you little madman. Grab it."

Dub grinned, his mouth opening disturbingly wide as he grabbed the stone.

There was a brief silence.
"Um. Did your Pikachu just eat the thunderstone?" asked Ashley.
"…I don't want to have to answer that…" said Leon in shock as Dub began to glow.

His form became encased in white light, glowing brightly, and then changing. His silhouette was enlarged, ears growing longer and sharper, tail becoming a long, whiplike extension with a lightning bolt on the end, and when the light faded he appeared to have changed to an orange colour.

"This is so cool." said Dub, his voice an octave lower. "Look, look what I can do!"

With a terrifying flash of lightning, he managed to electrify the -solid stone- wall next to him to the point where it shattered into dust.

Leon winced, hands over his shoulders, until he was convinced that the temple was not going to collapse on them.

"Mori res vivir."

Leon turned around like lightning, muttering something along the lines of 'Oh shit.'

Behind him, inside the now visible temple, were two robed Ganados, zealots, as he referred to them in his own thoughts.

Jolt and Dub fired a blast of lightning at each of them.
When the bright energy faded, they were slightly charred.

An explosive round buried itself in one's chest, detonating with a cloud of gore.
And it still stood.

"Mori res vivir." they repeated, hefting oversized scythes and walking towards them.
The entire group attacked them viciously, and after an incredible amount of fire, they finally fell.

"What?" growled Jack. "The hell. Was that?"
"Ask me again in a few days or so. We'll be seeing them a lot." groaned Leon.

"Do you think my pokemon can help?" interjected Ashley. "She's quite strong."
"Won't hurt." replied Leon. "Probably. Introduce us."

Ashley opened her pokeball with a tap, and a brown skinned, almost lizardlike pokemon appeared. It appeared to have a large skull as a helmet, and a long, thick, oddly gleaming club in one hand. Slightly disconcerting was a headset built into the bone skull.

"Yo, Ashley, are you ok?" asked the Cubone immediately.
"Cubone." chirped Leon's erratic pokedex. "Female. Appears to be close to evolution."

"Damn right I am." said the pokemon. "Who are these people? Ashley, should I take care of them?"
"Nono, they're here to rescue me." replied the girl quickly.

"What the hell?" said Leon slowly.
"She's my bodyguard." explained Ashley. "That way I'm protected wherever I go."
"And that worked." said the pokemon sarcastically. "What'd ya do, Ash, leave my pokeball in your coat or something?"
"Um… yeah…"

"So, what's your name?" asked Leon, trying to regain a little control.
"I'm Ari, and if you're here to rescue Little Miss Lovable Idiot here, it's good to meet you." said the pokemon with a slight smile.

"Let's go." said Leon, motioning to the door. "Do you need a gun?"
"Unless it explodes I'm not interested." she replied. "My club will do."
He nodded, and headed to the door, calling back a warning that there were going to be a huge amount of them.

They fell into walking behind him for the giant doors. Ari ended up next to the boy-wolf called, fittingly, Wolfie.
"So, where'd you get the club, miss?" he asked awkwardly.
"I tore off the arm of the last person to flirt with me." she replied, walking ahead of him as he stopped dead with pale skin.

Leon, listening, was sure he heard someone giggle. He didn't recognise who.

* * *

"If another portal opens at the end of this, I swear…" muttered Leon, cleaning off his knife, and tending to a large number of wounds.

The graveyard had been literally full of the Ganados and their pokemon. He'd considered trying to capture them, but had decided that pokeballs were rare enough that he save them for those belonging to his main enemies-bound to be stronger, though it left a slightly sour taste in his mouth. He felt callous.

He met the merchant again on the return journey.
"Welcome, Mr. Kennedy."

Ashley yelped slightly, standing in a darker corner.
"Got anything new?" asked Leon, not really shaken. After all, he knew the merchant would be here.
"Hehehe… got something that might interest you."

"That's a Red9." said Dub. Iwantitiwantit. Way better than the stupid thing I have. Buyitbuyitbuyit."
"Not like I'm short on money." muttered Leon. "Fine, we'll take it. And on."
"Hehehe… pleasure doing business with you… Mr Kennedy."

Leon made an involuntary shudder as he led them away.
And then another one.

"I hate this village." he muttered, remembering how difficult it was navigating through this place in the dark.

Out the door, turn right and shoot. Lots…

* * *

"I . Hate. That place." moaned Leon, rubbing a pulped herb into the large gash on his arm.
"Are you ok, Leon?" asked Ashley, concerned. "We just fought through a village and a small farm without stopping…"
"No, We did." said Jack shortly. "You did nothing."
"Shutit about my lady." said Ari.
"Hn. As you wish." replied the Flygon, looking away and being silent.

Leon had a thought, and quickly shook it off. Not a chance.

"Ok." he said. "The merchant's along here, I think, but there isn't anything interesting he has… that I remember."

He walked along a little, seeing the cloaked man and the blue flame.
"Welcome, Mr Kennedy. Got something that might interest ya. Something new."

He held out a pokeball.
"Rescued just today, Mr Kennedy."

Leon looked interested. "Sold. Another gun hand… or paw… or whatever is always useful."
He handed over a large amount of pesetas and took the pokeball, opening it.

A purple cat appeared, with bunchy whiskers, long ears, a red gem in the forehead, and a split tail.
"Espeon. Male." chirped the pokedex.
"I'm Felix, and you are… beautiful." he said, turning to Ashley, Ari, and, rather disconcertingly, Leon.

"I'm Leon. This is Dub the insane, Jack the apathetic, Ari the protective, and Wolfie the hyperactive." said Leon to the perverted Espeon. "You can't hold a weapon, can you?"

"I most certainly can-and that one looks nice!" replied the catlike being, snatching a weapon from his case with psychic energy.

"My TMP." he said blankly. "That's my only rapid fire."
"My precious…" muttered Felix, stroking it with his tail.

* * *

"So, how did you know I was here?" asked Luis.
"If ever you believe me, believe me when I say you would not believe me." said Leon darkly.
"That made no sense." pointed out a pokemon in the corner, belonging to Luis. It was a Machamp, and each of its four arms was clasping a magnum.

"Anyway." said Leon, moving on to avoid embarrassment. "There are going to be fething hundreds of them here."
"What does fething mean?" murmured Ari.
"My guess?" said Felix, transmitting a mental image of him and Ashley engaged in certain acts to everyone but Leon and Luis, who then looked very oddly at the pokemon. They had good reason, as Felix was now practically unconscious after being hit over the head with a metal tipped bone.

"Apart from discussions based on Leon's geekdom, what are we going to do?" asked Luis. "Do we have a plan?"
"Yeah. We use guns." said Leon.

"Move the bookcases in front of the doors. If they overrun us, we can defend from upstairs. Priority is defending Ashley, and then getting us all out alive." said Jolt calmly. "Everyone take an entrance to themselves, and any leftovers be spares. Guns take priority." he finished.

"Sounds good." nodded Leon. "I'll have the door. Jack, you have that window. Luis, that one over there. Dub, the last window. Everyone else wait by the stairs."

Everyone nodded, the organised nature of Leon and the Manectric spurring them on.

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Three loud, shattering noises were heard around the building, as battering began on the blocked windows and door.

"This is bad…" muttered Leon.

In three places, the wall shattered. Glossy silver rhino-creatures approached, eyes bright red, stone armour all but rippling with the muscles underneath.

"Fire. Fire! Fire!" yelped Leon.

A cascade of bullets attacked them, and bounced off their natural armour, not even damaging them. Even the explosive rounds used by Jack only scorched their outer shells as they approached.

"Idiot. Type advantage!" said Luis.

Ari, Jack and Ro nodded. Almost simultaneously, they attacked. Ari threw her bone at one Rhyhorn, shattering its armour between the eyes-where Luis put a bullet a second later. Jack jumped, coming down with a shattering force that shook the walls and managed to flip the Rhyhorn he directed it at, allowing ahail of rounds from Felix the Espeon to pierce its weaker underside. Ro simply coated a fist in golden energy, punching the third in the face with a grunt. Its horn shattered, along with all the armour of its head, just before Dub shot its brain out.

There was a moment where they felt proud, before zombies began to pour through the newly formed entrances.
"Fuck." said at least two voices.

Then the air was filled with bullets and lightning, shadows and flame. Explosions rang out from Jack's ammunition, and blood was covering the floors around the entrances-and the now open windows and door. Waves of lightning sent the Ganados to the floor, shivering as the nerves of their taken bodies failed them. Pulses of dark energy boiled and froze the blood all at once, shattering the bodies and forcing their brains to explode.

And hails of bullets tore through them.

Yet still they were being pushed back towards the stairs. There were so many, a seemingly endless horde, and however many were shot they just didn't stop coming.

Shattering glass.
"Upstairs." said Leon instantly.
"Shit." said Luis simultaneously.

Jolt, Jack and Ari peeled off, going up the stairs to deal with the problem. It seemed to be a large number of flying pokemon, Pidgeot and Scyther and Swellow. Bolts of electricity, dragonfire and bullets, collisions with a certain metallic bone, all occurred frequently for the next few minutes. But her too they were driven back. Many times one of the three had to shout to another about an enemy behind them.

Downstairs was as bad, maybe worse. Six entrances, and only five defenders. They were driven to the stairs in minutes, causing a horrific toll that woluld drive back any sane attacker.

Of course, the Ganados attacked, if anything, with renewed vigour.
"Upstairs!" said Luis, ducking under a slash from one of the parasites. Dub gave a Flash, slaying it, and followed him upstairs, as did the rest. He was flashing so much it looked like e was getting totally sick of it, but needs must.

They met up with the other three who were trapped in one corner, fighting almost back to back. Between the two groups, they managed to clear the room in a storm of fire.

Of course, they couldn't take a moment to enjoy it.

"The stairs! A horde of them!" said Jolt suddenly. Sure enough, there were enough coming up to make the staircase groan with weight. Enough to soak up the entire groups firepower.

And then ladders began coming up, Ganados climbing them as-

A grenade went off on the staircase.
"I didn't have any grenades… I checked at the start of the fight…" muttered Leon, firing out at those coming through the window.

"You did offer me a weapon. And I said something explosive." said Ari, throwing a second grenade through the window.

That second explosion seemed to finish it. A trickle more of Ganados came in through the ladders, and then none.

"We did it." said Leon.
"Hallelujah." said Luis.
"Yay for us." muttered Jack.
"Cynic." said Ari.
"We're the most awesomest things ever! We even beat sliced bread!" shouted Dub.
"W00t!" yelled Wolfie.
"Fear us." said Ro.
"I can kill you with my mind." said Felix, looking at Ro oddly.

"Even your pokemon is making geeky quotes." said Luis.
"I hate this reality."

* * *

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