Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any associated characters, places, etc. I just enjoy playing with the plot...

Andromeda Black makes a Wish

"Andy! Andy! Come watch me!" my little cousin cries out. I smile and join him, ruffling his black hair.

"Okay, kid. Go at it." I encourage. He grins and starts to run, then pauses and looks back at me, faltering and nervous.

"Andy...are you sure I can? They always say he's better." he mumbles worriedly. I hide a frown of anger at my aunt and uncle behind a grin for the boy.

"Course I'm sure. You're a better flier than Sirius any day!" I say, whispering. Reg looks relieved and runs again, this time without stopping. He jumps onto his little broomstick and begins zooming around.

"Andromeda! Get in here!" comes a tired and irritated voice from the door.

"Yes, Mother." I mutter. "Sorry, Reg. I've gotta go, kid." I'm not sure if he hears me, looking blissful as he soars around. "Maybe someday I'll fly like you..."