Summary: A crossover with Stargate, Harry Potter, and a few characters from several mythologies from different parts of the world. Sg-1 encounters Harry Potter and his friends. Together they need to destroy Ra who has just about gone on the edge of Jack's nerves. And every once in a while, a god will pop in to help. And maybe, just maybe, Q might too...

Note: The summary might seem very scanty, but I just didn't want to give away anything. Needless to say, I think that this crossover will put you on the dge of your seat, so please just try this story out! Here's a hint, it get exciting at the second chapter!


The Last of Ra


"All right SG-1, you've got another mission" said General Hammond as he strode into the bunk room that hosted SG-1. "What?!" Jack exclaimed. "General, with all due respect, this is our vacation!" Jack was almost shouting. Sam elbowed him, while Teal'c sat Jack down to calm down. "Colonel!" growled Hammond, grinding his teeth together. Then, he cleared his throat and began.

"We have reason to believe that the Gould are preparing a full scale attack against us" his sentence stood in the cold air of the room, and it was silent for a few seconds. "Sir, would you like to tell us those reasons?" asked Sam confused. "Ah, of course!" said Hammond. He began to pace around in front of the team. "Over the past several weeks, we've been recieving transmissions from the area around the ex-Gould Empire. They've been requesting aid from us, and whenever we give them personnel support, they've never returned. We've lost twenty people from the medical support branch." said Hammond, finally stopping.

"But Sir, that doesn't mean the Gould aren't planning an attack on us. It could mean a number of things" said Daniel. Hammond cleared his throat, "We've also had some er..unfortunate breaches at SGC"

"WHAT?!" asked Sam, this time it was her who had lost control. "Sir, with all due respect, we are supposed to be notified when there is a breach here!" she said this with fury. Hammond was not disturbed at all. "Major, it is not your place.." he said when Jack cut in. "Sir, this is our place and we do not know why you are insisting this upon us" he stared intently at the General.

"Pack up your things Sg-1, then come to the gateroom" Hammond left.