SG-1 tumbled in the darkness until they came to a screeching stop. Jack and the others all were piled on the ground. They moaned and pushed at each other until they were up again.

"Jack O'Neil. What has just occured?" asked Teal'c. "I don't know" said Jack dangerously. He whirled around, "Might you know Doctor Jackson?" Jack bristled. "I told you! All I said was--" "Please Daniel. I don't think you should try that again" Sam held down his arm. "Oh, sorry" said Daniel. "Now, the first thing we are going to do is find out where we are" said Jack as he surveyed the area around them. Sam walked forward and found a wall. "We're in an alley, that's as close as I can get Jack" she said and felt around the wall. "Somehow, something just tells me that we have to get through this wall"

Jack snorted. "And how do you suppose we get through that?" he asked, clearly annoyed at this all. "Jack, have some faith. We'll get through this somehow" Daniel waved his stick around. "Ahem" said Sam. He blushed, "Oh...right" he said. Then Sam paused a second before turning back to the alley wall. "Jack" she said. "Ye-ah?" asked Jack. "Give me the sticks"

Jack slapped his forehead. "Not you too!" he shouted. "Give me the sticks" said Sam. Jack dejectedly handed her the remaining four sticks. She took one and ran it over the bricks on the wall. Nothing happened so Sam took the second stick and started to tap the bricks on the wall. When she struck one, she felt a zap in her arm.

"Jack!" she shouted. He turned around. The alley wall started to shudder and the bricks magically rearranged themselves in front of their eyes. SG-1 was blown over in amazement. They all walked in, through the newly made archway. Sam read the sign above them in wonder,

"Diagon Alley"