Oh the beauty of hypnosis. Some use it for sleep, for fun, or just for the sake of it.

Ironically, hypnosis came from the Greek God 'Hypnos' who represented sleep. But Hypnosis can have nasty after effects. Does one want to lose control of one's body, just for a minute of inhibition that was loss?

If you were on a hectic schedule, the answer would be a definite 'no'.

But if you had all the time in the world, then it should be easy.

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Mirror Mirror

by Green Phantom Queen

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Chapter 10-You Look So Fine

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"I'm not like all the other girls. I can take it like the other girls. I won't share it like the other girls, but you used to know...You look so fine."-Garbage, You Look So Fine

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Around the same time that both Adam had beeen preparing for the Cutting Edge and Jeff was having his 'intrusion' from the Legend Killer, Matt was in his locker room, waiting for the interview to start He had heard rumors about some sort of 'figure' that was causing all of Jeff's ruin. He didn't know what to believe, but he was scared. The fire, the car crash...it was getting closer and closer to a case that Jeff will eventually be killed by some jealous person. But who could be responsible for it?

Was it Triple H? No, Triple H respected Jeff. Vlad Koslov? Maybe, but he was going after Triple H last time he checked. Adam might've done it...but he couldn't have been at Cameron if he had been busy with Vickie during those times.

It was so confusing. Combined with Vickie's shock about Randy's attack, it was getting kind of scary. Would the same attacker that got the Viper to become silent grab his brother? Would his brother act the same way the Legend Killer was acting when he was found in the alleyway? He shuddered. Even though it had been around three weeks since the incident, Matt still had this funny feeling that the 'stalker' was still looking for them.

He sat down and saw as Adam announced Jeff as his guest. In an instant, Jeff's entrance theme was blaring and the audience was screaming. But after a few seconds, there was no Jeff. Instead, the scream had changed to a wide screen version of Jeff's entrance.

What the... Matt thought to himself. What's going on here? Where's Jeff?

There was no Jeff, but the random lights, pulsing beats and dancing figure of his brother staring back at him. Matt thought that the editing crew might'e screwed up...but he couldn't stop staring at the screen. He couldn't stop at the flashing of the purple, white and black lights that made the entrance video, the pulsing beats and guitar riffs that made the entrance theme, and the scenes of his brother with his hips rocking to the side, he couldn't help but concentrate. He stared at the scene, his mind slowly falling asleep, but he had to focus on the screen...where his brother was.

As he continued to stare, Matt did not pay attention to the person entering his locker room. He closed the door slowly, and approached the elder Hardy until he was standing behind him. Matt didn't pay attention, but let himself continue to watch the screen.

The person spoke. "Matt, can you hear me? If you can nod once."

There was silence, but then Matt bobbed his head up and and then down. The person smiled.

"Good. Now focus more on the video, on the lights, on the colors and on the beats." The person continued. "You are drawn deeper and deeper into them. And as you go deeper, you feel so drowsy. So, so, so drowsy. But you can't look away, and your eyes grow heavy. They're so heavy that you can barely keep them open, so they start to close. Do you feel them close, Matthew?"

"Yes..." Matt replied, black eyes focused on the screen, his mind focus on the person's words.

"Close your eyes, and listen to my voice." Matt closed his eyes. "Even though your eyes are closed, you can still see the image of that entrance video in your head, as well as hear the beats pulse in your brain. And that image alone makes you feel relax. Yes, feel yourself relaxing to that image and my voice."

Matt sighed deeply, his tense shoulders dropping, his head lolled to the side. A smile was on his face as the person picked up the remote control and turned the television off. Now, there was nothing but silence.

"Your whole face is relaxed, your neck is relaxed. Your chest is relaxed, as well as your arms and legs. Your feet are dangling to the sides and with that you have become a ragdoll. A ragdoll in such a state of relaxation, who only lives to hear and obey its master's voice."

"My...master..." Matt whispered. Matt's silent observer grinned, seeing his work starting to affect the elder Hardy.

"Now Matthew, I shall count backwards from five to zero." said the strange person. "With each number, you lose more and more control of yourself, until I reach zero. When I reach zero, you will be totally helpless, and submissive to my commands. Do you understand?"

"Yess..." Matt replied.

"Five, you are in a state of relaxation, and any stray thought in your mind is ignored. Four, your mind is focused on the memories of you and your brother. Three, your feelings for him are magnified: love has become lust, protection has become possession, and want has become need. With each memory of your brother soaring through your head, you start to become hard."

"Jeff..." Matt moaned, his mind replaying images of him and Jeff together, a tent forming in his pants. The need was building, he had to please himself. He pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, hand ready to stroke his cock...

"Two, you are completely still and cannot move." said the stranger, interrupting Matt's attempt to please himself. "Your body is stiff, you cannot even lift a finger because it is so relaxed. One, the last resistance to break out of this state of relaxation is gone, and instead you want to be this helpless, because it makes you feel relaxed."

Matt let out a whine, his cock becoming hard but he could not relieve himself of the pleasure. His whole body became rigid, as if he was wearing clothes that had been overstarched. The resonating beats of the entrance theme slowly fading away, and so was his conscious mind. Soon enough, there was nothing left of Matthew Moore Hardy...instead there was nothing but a husk.

"Zero. Now you are suggestible to any and all commands, any and all questions, and any thought of resistance is resulted in penalties in which I shall deliver. Anything you feel, taste, smell...all of those now belong to me and me alone."

Matt let another sigh, but otherwise kept still.

"Now repeat after me, 'I am nothing more than a puppet to be used for your desires."

"I am nothing more than a puppet to be used for your desires." Matt droned.

"You obey no one except your Master. Your Master is the only one who loves you, who accepts you, who understands you. I understand that you were hurt by someone you loved a long time ago, right? You can trust me, Matthew...so tell me."

"I loved someone before." Matt whispered, tears starting to form in his eyes. "But then she was taken away by my best friend..."

"That girl means nothing to you now, I love you more so. I love you so much, that I will never let you go. You belong to me, you are my lover and my slave. You obey to serve, please, and bless me. Praise me, my beloved and let it be known that I and your brother are the only ones who can make you feel this way."

"Yes my Master." Matt exclaimed, his eyes glistening with tears at the thought of truly being loved and cared for. "I praise you, and I belong to you. Use me as you must, as long as I can have you..."

The shadowy figure circled around Matt, waving a hand in front of the elder Hardy's face. Matt didn't even open his eyes, but continued to praise his unknown Master. That made the figure smile wickedly.

"Open your eyes, and when I say the words 'Scarred Angel', you shall be free from your trance and will be able to move around to do as you please. Any trace of you being hypnotised will be thrown out the window, but any and all subconscious commands I gave you will still be in effect." he said to Matt. Matt blinked, his black eyes resembling glass as he stared into the face of his Master: a person with grey eyes, blonde hair and a wicked grin...it was Edge. Matt could only smile, finally able to see the look of his Master's face.

"My Master..." said Matt, trying to embrace him. Unfortunately, he forgot that his whole body could not move. He tried his hardest to stand up, but it was no use. He could only cry out in pain, so close to embrace his Master.

"I can't move..." He whimpered. "My master...please...release me..."

Edge began to stroke Matt's hair, Matt relaxing a bit to the touch.

"Be free my Scarred Angel." The demon whispered. "Be free to express your love."

As if he was given the key to his shackles, Matt immediately wrapped his arms around Edge, whispering words of praise, thanks and love for his Master. Edge continued to grin, his grin growing wider that his plan was getting closer. In Matt's mind, the black haired wrestler only had Jeff and his Master...and that would be all he needed.

"When I count to three, you will fall asleep." Edge continued. "But while you are asleep, you will still be listening to all of my post-hypnotic suggestions. Each one of them must be obeyed, and if you try to bend your way around them, you will be assaulted by needles in your belly button until you obey the command perfectly. If you understand, kiss my chest once."

Matt kissed Edge gently.

"Good." said Edge, wrapping his arms around Matt's olive skinned back. "One..."

Matt's eyes started to become heavy, but he was still staring at the gaze of his beloved Master.


Matt could barely keep his eyes open, and let out a yawn. Edge had to admit, Matt looked so adorable like that.


Matt closed his eyes, forehead resting against Edge's chest, ready for any and all commands given to him.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"Wake up to a new reality, my onyx seraphim."

Matt's eyes instantly opened at the command. His gaze was staring down at Edge, his beloved master. He tried to reach out his arms toward him, but his arms felt so heavy, he could hardly move them.

"W...what's going on?" asked Matt with some fear in his voice. "I can't move, Master..."

"That is strange." said Edge, running a finger down Matt's left shoulder, all the way down to his wrist. As he did, Matt's mind became flushed with a mixture of pleasure and ectasy. The touch was so gentle and dominating...

"But...ohhh...I ahh...want to wrap you in my embrace." Matt cried as Edge repeated his same motions on his right shoulder.

"You will." Edge chuckled, a pout crossing Matt's face. Matt was adorable, his lips sticking up to express his displeasure. "But focus...focus, Matthew...focus and hear me out."

Matt soon regained his glassy eyeed apperance, his lips parted open, his breathing slowing down. Edge let his hands rub against Matt shoulders, relaxing the elder Hardy.

"Now listen carefully to me." Edge whispered. "When I wake you out of your trance, you will become so, so hot. Sweat will pour down your body, and you would want to touch all of those very sensitive and warm places." Matt shifted a little, but otherwise did not respond. "You are not satisfied until you have touched very single place, and that's where you find it...the warmest place of them all is inside you. You shall go inside and touch it, and keep your attention on that alone. You shall touch yourself until I you the command to wake up. Nothing else should be in your mind except that you are touching yourself. You cannot release until I say so, and only when I say so. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes..." Matt replied, a smile on his face as he heard his Master's words.

"Good," said Edge. "Now wake up to a new reality, my onyx seraphim."

At that Matt's eyes opened. He slowly sat up, feeling warm. Sweat was pouring down his body, he was so hot...Edge observed as Matt slowly removed his shirt, exposing his smooth abdomen. Drool fell down the demon's mouth as Matt began pinching at his hardened nipples, moaning at the touch and of the pleasure bolting against his skin.

But it wasn't enough; while one free hand was tweaking at the nubs, Matt's other hand ran through his muscled stomach, belly button and soon got to his thighs. There, it settled on his own weeping cock as pre-cum soon fell down onto the bedsheets. Matt's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body feeling so tight and hot and sticky from the touch. He continued to stroke himself, letting moans and small cries escape his throat every now and then. But he soon realized it wasn't enough. He soon let his right hand release his nipple and soon go past his penis and down to his balls, slightly smiling at the touch.

Edge resisted the urge to touch himself as Matt let his fingers circle his entrance. Matt's heavenly smile smiling back at him made a tent form in his pants, but he ignored it for the show. Matt slowly let one finger enter the prostate, whimpering at the touch. The raven haired Hardy winced a bit as he added two more fingers, plunging in and out, in and out...

Edge got out of bed as Matt began to touch and stroke himself. He would soon have him for his own...but there was another person he had to get his hands on.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"You're so cute." Brian giggled, stroking Jeff's new grey feathery wings. "Your wings aren't as pretty as ours, but it makes you look so adorable."

"Really?" said Jeff. "Maybe Mattie will like them too. Oh, and maybe Master will too!"

"Master loves all of us." said Paul, licking one of Jeff's nipples. "He loves me, loves Brian, and he loves you too. Soon enough, he'll sweep you off your feet."

"Indeed I shall." said a voice. The three wrestlers stared as Edge walked toward them, his lips forming a smirk sa Brian and Paul bowed toward their God. Edge stopped when he saw Jeff, a curious look on his face.

"Come with me, Jeffie." said Edge, beckoning the younger Hardy to come to him. Jeff stood up, unfurling his new wings. Edge grasped onto Jeff's hand as bolts of electricity coursed through it.

"Your brother is here, do you want to see him?" Jeff's eyes widened and he nodded is head with excitement. Edge soon took him to the other room, closing the door shut as Jeff saw his brother. Matt was still stroking and touching himself, ignoring everything around him—all thoughts, sounds, sights, smells—for the inhibition and touch of him hitting his prostrate over and over again. But even with that, his own cock was turning purple, because he was holding his needed release.

"Matt!" Jeff squealed, jumping on the bed, and tackling his brother, hugging him. "Matt, you made it! I knew you would!"

But something was wrong...Matt didn't recognise the touch, still fondling himself. Jeff poked his chest, but Matt didn't registered that. Jeff continued to poke and poke, but nothing.

"Master, what's going on?" asked Jeff, turning to the blonde demon. "Why won't my brother respond?"

"He's getting 'in touch' with himself, Jeff." Edge purred, staring at the site of innocent Jeff gazing at him with curious eyes. "But he should be allowed to free himself right now."

As if it was like a dam cracking from the force of the water, Matt let out his wanted release. His cries grew louder and louder as his cum sprayed all over both Hardy's stomachs—the elder unknowing of the younger on top of him. Jeff ran his fingers through the cum and tasted it...it was so delicious and yummy...He started to lick Matt's abdomen, slurping the yummy cream as it trickled down his throat. Jeff's tongue running against Matt's stomach made the elder Hardy wake up, eyes starting to glaze with lust for his one and only brother.

"Hi cutie..." Matt murmured, sitting up and stroking his brother's hair. "How are you?"

"Fine..." Jeff replied, kissing Matt's forehead. "You look so cute."

"So do you. I love you."

"Me too..." Jeff giggled.

Edge stared at the site...it was so beautiful. He stared in silence, seeing Matt and Jeff lightly kiss each other, hands in each other's hair and whispering words of sweet nothings into each other's ear. He desperately wanted to take them...but taking Matt when he was already so vulnerable and taken would spoil it. No, once they were ripe...then he would strike, like the viper swallowing his mouse whole.

Besides, he had someone else to ensnare.