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Started: July 14, 2009

Ended: February 14, 2011

AN: Are y'all ready for this? Originally the epilogue was suppose to nicely wrap it all up and make content, happy readers out of us all. But that kind of changed... a lot, after I realized how unique I've made this Cameron. There wasn't suppose to be any possibility of a sequel, but now there is and the epilogue foreshadows the possibilities. After I soap boxed last time about an AU, now will be tossed out the window because the epilogue begins a merge of AU and cannon or the merge of two timelines, if you will. But, I pray y'all have some happiness at the end and not chase me down for being wicked. lol.

TY: Wow. So here it is... the last piece to a story that's been going on for a year & half. I seriously can't believe I started this in July of 2009. I can't thank each reader enough for going through this story from Prologue to Epilogue with me. Just as much writing & research as it is, it's also a lot of reading and feedback. Everybody's input has been wonderful and in some cases provided needed adjustments to the story. I absolutely loved writing this story, and I fell in love with Stagira Magni. I truly hope each reader enjoyed having a terminator & Sarah's ancestor in an Ancient Greek setting. I'm sure some of y'all have learned something new about Ancient Greece. :) But again, thank you many times over to all my dedicated readers.

Personal TY: I want to give Lina a personal thank you for her beta reading on the Epilogue. It was a huge help because I was unsettled about it. I appreciate it big time, Lina! :)

Lost in the Past

by Red Hope


"Fuck," he hissed in frustration and tossed a glare up at his companion, who was several feet higher up on the rope. "If you knock anymore damn stones on my head I'm gonna shoot your ass, Jack."

Jack, who was further up the climbing rope, glanced over his shoulder at his partner. "Shut up and keep moving. We're almost there, alright?" He focused back on his task to get up the side of the dangerous cliff. He wiped his sweaty brow again with the sleeve of his rolled up shirt.

Daryl grumbled at Jack's response but also continued climbing up. "Your damn friend better have this right. If we get up there and there's nothing then I'm pushing you off."

"His information is good," Jack argued. "I paid him… well enough." He sucked in the dry, warm air that did nothing for his strained body.

Daryl rolled his eyes and instead focused on his task. He had a heavy pack on while his partner had an empty one. He debated whether to make Jack carry his pack down, but he prayed that by the time they were done, that Jack's empty pack would be heavier than his. He slightly grinned then was fueled with more determination. He swore if Jack's paid friend wasn't right then he'd definitely put a bullet in him.

Jack made it up the last few inches of the rope and grabbed the ledge's rough stone. He then hauled himself over and fell onto his back. He gasped for air a few times but recalled his partner, who hollered at him.

"Help me out," Daryl snapped. He received Jack's larger hand and was pulled over the ledge. He flopped down on the dusty ground and took off his pack. He retrieved his canteen, unscrewed the top, and drank plenty of water until his throat was no longer parched. He then handed it to Jack.

Daryl wiped his mouth dry then nodded at the dark entrance of the cave next to them. "You sure that map will by any good?" He sniffed the dry air then looked over his right shoulder instead. He gazed upon the very empty, brown valley that was painted in the full moonlight. "If we get lost in there…"

Jack was screwing the cap back on and tossed it back at his partner. "We'll be fine." He looked over at the valley and hoped neither of them was injured during this little heist. He wasn't sure if they could get back down to the camels if one of them were badly hurt.

Daryl didn't reply back and instead dug out his handheld GPS, which indicated they were at the exact latitude and longitude according to Jack's informant. If they found what they were looking for then he and Jack would be very happy for the rest of their lives. It would be the last robbery they'd have to pull off.

Jack reached into his shorts' pockets and retrieved the cloth map. "Come on… we don't have all night." He stood up and briefly studied the starry sky before he freed his large flashlight from his belt.

Daryl silently agreed and took back the canteen. After he stowed it, he grabbed up his pack and climbed to his feet. He tried ignoring how high up they were because he wasn't fond of heights. He edged away from the cliff side and instead retrieved his flashlight from his pack before he put it on again. He then fingered the handgun holstered at his side, but he didn't expect trouble.

Jack had finished putting on an LED headlamp on yet kept it off. He knew he'd need it later. He then started their journey into the cave.

Daryl stuck close to his partner on the trip through the cave. He had to duck several times or wiggle through a narrow spot. He was surprised by how deep the cave went into the valley. "You would never think a tomb was back in here."

"I think that was the idea," Jack reminded. "The pharaohs and priests realized tomb robbers were becoming a real issue."

Daryl snorted and followed behind Jack. "I guess they didn't account for future technology to help us in robbing."

Jack smirked and murmured, "Guess not." He glanced down at his map then mentioned, "Around this corner it should open up into the tomb."

Daryl was excited until he came up short next to his partner. "The tomb huh?" He glowered at his friend and snapped, "It looks like a dead end to me, idiot." He shined his flashlight on the cavern wall. "I'm going to kill that guy," he growled. "What a fuckin' waste of time. I could be getting laid right now instead of scaling up a goddamn cliff for nothing."

Jack ignored his friend's rant and instead approached the wall. He ran his hand across the wall and then tapped it with his knuckles. He could hear it was solid, but he wasn't totally convinced that it was the end of the line. "Give me your explosives," he ordered.

"Hell no," Daryl sharply answered. "I'm not wasting them on your gut feeling."

Jack approached his friend and hotly commanded, "I want them… now." He narrowed his eyes and politely added, "I'll buy you a new set."

"Fine." Daryl jerked his pack off and ripped open the top. He pulled out the explosives but decided to set the timer himself. He didn't want Jack doing it incorrectly like last time. He slapped the small explosive on the wall. "We got twenty seconds so let's move." He and Jack quickly left the small room and went back in the entrance's direction.

Jack ducked behind a corner and squatted down until the explosion echoed through the cave's tunnel. He coughed a few times from the minor dust that'd drift through the cave. He glanced at Daryl, who was fine too. He then started back to the dead end with high hopes that his intuition would pay off.

Daryl was on his friend's heels and came up short when they were staring at a large, black gaping hole in the wall. A huge smile came over him, and he suddenly punched Jack in the shoulder. "Damn you were right for once."

Jack rolled his eyes and instead clicked his headlamp on then started towards the opening in the wall. "Come on… idiot."

Daryl smirked at his partner's comeback to earlier. He was alright with it, but only if there was something beyond the dark hole. He carefully followed his partner into the small, dark room, but he hissed when he banged his leg into a large junk of rock.

"Watch your step," Jack taunted. He was off to the right and unscrewing his flashlight's top so it could be set up as a torch. He put the top into the base then set it down on the ground.

Daryl darkly glared at Jack until the new light revealed something big from the corner of his eye. He focused on it and brought his flashlight's beam onto the simple stone sarcophagus in the center.

Jack was captivated by it too. It drew him forward to it. Once close enough, his brow furrowed very deeply.

"What pharaoh is it?" Daryl urged. He came to the foot of the tomb and focused his flashlight's beam on the sarcophagus's lid. He too became confused and muttered, "That's not Egyptian." He knew hieroglyphics anywhere.

"No," Jack whispered. He placed his hands on the old lid, carefully. "It's… Greek."

Daryl went wide eye and sucked in his breath. "Do you think it could be…" He shook his head and argued, "It was just a myth that Alexander the Great was buried in Egypt."

Jack looked at his partner. "Where there is smoke, there is fire." He noted Daryl's big grin. But he quickly scanned his immediate surroundings. "There are no artifacts or gold in here." He became bewildered once it dawned upon him. "If it were Alexander the Great or another Greek general… their wealth would be here too."

"Maybe it's all inside." Daryl slung off his pack and started unhooking the two crowbars from the front. "Only one way to find out."

Jack sympathized and received the bar from his friend. He then waited until Daryl had his flashlight setup as a torch on the other side of the sarcophagus. He finally wiggled his crowbar's edge under the lid's lip.

Daryl positioned his at the foot of the lid and nodded at Jack to start pushing it up and off. Daryl put all his strength into it and finally heard stone scraping across stone. He could smell the familiar scent of a mummified human from inside the coffin. Although after a few seconds, he began to pick out a very different smell that wasn't familiar to him.

Jack huffed once the lid slid off and fell to the other side. He lowered his crowbar and waited for the dust to settle down. He had his head turned away for a moment then looked back once it settled down.

Daryl gazed into the sarcophagus after Jack's headlamp shined into it. "Holy shit." He reached in and quickly grabbed up the sword. He held it up and admired its beauty as well as its obvious weight. "How much you think this'll get on the market?"

Jack glanced at the sword and noticed its one sided blade. "It's a bronze kopis." He reached over for it and looked at it once it was in his hands. He was impressed by the workmanship, especially to the hilt that depicted a horse's head. "I'm sure it'll fetch thirty thousand." He'd never seen something like it, and it was in perfect condition as if it'd been forged yesterday.

Daryl took back the sword but placed it on the ground near the lid. "Let's open up this dead guy and see if there are any jewels." He unhooked his pocket knife from his side and opened the large blade. "You start up there."

Jack already had out his bowie knife and reached for the face. He gently started cutting through the old wraps that had the distinct odor of embalming fluids. "I hate this," he complained.

"Just hurry up." Daryl wanted to find more gold or something. He hoped with such a large sword that the mummy was also buried with other belongings. He focused on cutting from the stomach down to the feet.

Daryl and Jack then started forcing the cut wraps to open up. They were soon greeted by a bright bronze reflection from the LEDs that nearly blinded Jack. He blinked a few times and was stunned that the bronze was still so shiny. He would have thought it'd tarnished if not broken down a bit after thousands of years.

"Jesus," Daryl breathed. "Look at that breastplate." He came over to Jack's side and quickly reached for the breastplate. He suddenly jerked his hands back with a low gasp.

"What?" Jack was confused and looked at his friend, who wasn't injured or anything. He had a confused look but reached for the bronze breastplate until he discovered what'd caught his partner off guard. He lifted his hand back up from the mummy and watched the sticky substance drop from his fingertips.

"What the Hell is that shit?" Daryl questioned. He'd never seen anything like it in all his time robbing tombs.

"I… don't know." Jack brought his coated fingertips to his nose but Daryl smacked his hand away.

"It could kill you," Daryl warned. He turned his curious features back to the mummy. "Let's just see if we can yank it off. The leather has probably deteriorated so it'll come off easily." Daryl tried ignoring the icky goop that coated the breastplate when he touched it.

Jack agreed so he moved up a little closer to the head and reached for the top of the breastplate. His partner got the lower half, and they started pulling at it despite they were at a slight disadvantage thanks to the height of the coffin.

Jack kept pulling every which way, but it seemed rather stuck. He looked over the breastplate more carefully and slowly stopped jerking once he realized the breastplate had been hammered in such a way that a woman's breasts would fit it. He sharply looked up at the mummy's face, which slowly revealed under the LED's light.

"Daryl," Jack whispered. He grabbed his friend's shoulder despite the sticky slime on his hand.

"Fuck, Jack get your hand off me." But Daryl couldn't shrug off his friend's coated hand.

"Shut up… look." Jack relinquished his hold and indicated the mummy's feminine features. "It was a woman."

Daryl scooted up the side and took in the female warrior's face, which was badly aged, wrinkled, and the eyes were gone. He then drew back some and took in the whole picture of the mummy. "It's some female hoplite," he concluded.

"Yeah," Jack muttered. He then spotted something resting at the base of the mummy's neck that was rather colorful. He reached into the slime and fingered the artistic, tiny mosaic of an unusual star.

Daryl was over the revelation and decided to get back to his robbing. "Help me with the breastplate." He pulled on it more. "It's not like she's going to need it anytime soon."

Jack removed the charm from its home. He brought it closer under the light and carefully studied the nice workmanship. He doubted it'd fetch much of a price in the market, but it was still beautiful. He was about to put it away in pocket until his eye caught a dark spot on the hoplite's forehead.

Daryl was huffing a little with each yank. He sighed at his partner's interest in the slimy mummy. He hated when Jack got historical on him. "We need to hurry up."

Jack leaned over the coffin more and focused his headlamp's light on the spot over the mummy's forehead. He grew further curious once it was apparent the black spot was under the skin. Typically it was white bone under the skin, not black. "Daryl, I think…" He wasn't sure what he was seeing now.

Daryl stopped and focused his frustrations on his partner. "What? Seriously? It's a fuckin' corpse, okay?"

"Look at this." Jack signaled the shiny black spot that started glimmering under the headlamp's light. "Something isn't… right."

"What the…" Daryl now was a little creeped out but far more curious. "Cut her skin off or somethin'. See what it is." He too couldn't understand why it was black when bone should be under it.

Jack put the mosaic charm in his pocket then retrieved his knife. He carefully started cutting away the skin, which was still moist thanks to the slime. He peeled back the skin and nearly dropped his knife into the coffin. "Oh my god."

"Fuck," Daryl whispered. He took a hesitant step back.

Jack pulled away, but he suddenly went stiff when he saw a blue light start in the empty eye sockets.

"Shit!" Daryl scrambled away and grabbed for his handgun. "Jack, move!"

Jack was stuck in place by pure shock. He was further enchanted by the blue light until suddenly the mummy's right arm shot out from the wraps and long fingers wrapped around his throat.

Daryl aimed his gun, but his friend was in the way. "Jack!" He backed away again when the mummy sat up in the sarcophagus.

Jack was lifted into the air and started thrashing against his dead attacker. He instinctively grabbed her wrist, which caused her skin to peel back and revealed what seemed to be black metal. He gave a terrified scream.

Daryl trembled and shook as the mummy climbed out of the sarcophagus. His panicked heart wanted to jump from his chest. He was paralyzed and couldn't even pull the trigger.

The mummy easily tossed Jack into the nearby wall. She briefly watched Jack slump against the wall then she turned her bright blue eyes onto the other tomb robber.

Daryl dropped his arms slowly as the mummy approached him. He suddenly felt tiny compared to the mummy's towering, large former. He softly pleaded, "Don't kill me." He squealed when the mummy grabbed him by the collar and hauled him off the ground. He was suddenly airborne and knocked out when he hit the wall.

The tomb robbers were unconscious for at least twenty minutes. They both started moaning at the same time and recalled what'd last happened to them. Jack was the first scrambling until he realized his legs and hands were bound by rope. Daryl felt his hands tied behind his back too, but he focused on the tall figure behind the flashlights' range. They held their breaths as fear surged in them again.

The hoplite stepped into the light, but she was still nearly invisible other than the soft reflection off her black metal. Her blue eyes brightly stood out against her midnight features. She slowly approached her captives and knelt down in front of them.

Jack wanted to back away, but he was stuck in a corner. "What do you want from us?" He shook his head. "What are you?" He didn't want to know where all her skin had gone, but he preferred it on her now.

The hoplite scanned over the tomb robbers then she reached for Jack.

"Oh god, please," Jack begged. He moved only a few inches, but he couldn't get away.

The hoplite quickly pressed her right hand into Jack's shoulder to hold him still. She then reached into his pocket with her long, metal fingers and extracted the mosaic necklace. Once she had it, she stood up from the trembling humans.

Jack dug his nails into the dirt under him. He thought perhaps he'd faint, yet his curiosity kept him aware, very aware. He nervously peered down at the hand that held him in place. He could barely make out the long fingers, which were smooth and had joints similar to a human's hand. There wasn't much else he could make out because it was so dark then suddenly the hand was gone.

Daryl was petrified, but he watched the hoplite's every move. He started considering if they'd waken up an alien from another planet. It just didn't make sense, and his frantic thoughts were becoming more scrambled.

The hoplite held the charm in her right hand, but she picked up her breastplate that leaned against the sarcophagus. Next to it was Jack's bowie knife, which had a thin coat of slime. The hoplite also collected the beautiful kopis then started to the blown entrance in the wall.

"Wait," Jack called. He was surprised he got the mummy's attention. He stiffened at the blue eyes now centered on him. "You… you can't… leave us here." He noticed the metal hoplite's momentary consideration then she left the tomb.

Daryl stared at the spot where the hoplite had been a second ago. He still didn't believe what'd just happened to them and swore he'd wake up any minute.

The hoplite easily wound through the cave's tunnel with her few items in hand. She saw the cave's mouth thanks to the moonlight. She monitored all her systems that were waking up from a long hibernation in the tomb. She came outside into the dry air and paused on the ledge that looked the same since centuries ago. The welcoming moon basked the metal hoplite in glowing silver.

Very slowly, Cameron Phillips tilted her head back until her blue eyes focused on the stars. She waited as her systems started calculating the stars' positions in the sky. She waited with tension until finally her systems alerted her that the date was estimated to be January 5, 2009. Cameron felt a flood of relief fill her chassis at her success. Now many of her dormant sub-systems started to come to life again like her GPS chip and cellular chip.

Just as Cameron gazed down at the empty valley below, she was suddenly flooded by a load of data that were released by her scan of the stars. The wealth of data challenged Cameron's main chips to process it extremely fast, which the chips hadn't done in centuries. She welcomed the challenge and realized how it refreshed her, somehow. Once the data started formulating into a structure, Cameron ran an internal scan to determine where the data had come from in her systems.

But that result was set aside because Cameron was curious by what the astrometric scan had released into her chips. It was a mission that'd silently hid in her systems since she was brought online in 2136. The mission contained valuable information about a living doctor, who could help Cameron resheathe her endoskeleton. It also gave Cameron a specific longitude and latitude that would take her back to Los Angeles. After the location, the mission gave Cameron an exact time she had to be at the coordinates.

Cameron absorbed what this meant for her. She couldn't determine where the data about the mission had been hidden in her system. However, she was able to read the encrypted signature of the individual that'd hidden the subroutines in her system. She couldn't believe it either – it was her own signature.

Date: April 10, 2009

"You lying terminator bitch," Sarah Connor shot off at the T-1001. "You're building Skynet."

Catherine Weaver slotted her eyes at the infamous human. "No." Her tone was clipped. "I was building something to fight it." She canted her head, like any terminator. "And I'd watch who's calling who a bitch." Her piercing eyes flickered to James Ellison, a former FBI agent and now her right-hand man. "Coming, James?"

James Ellison came over his initial shock and tore his eyes away from the lifeless doll seated at the table. He looked at his boss, who was revealed to be a terminator too. "Coming?"

"After John Henry," Weaver clarified, "Our boy."

James stared oddly at the terminator. "He's not my boy. And you, you-" He couldn't compose his thoughts much less his words.

"Do you mind picking up Savannah then?" Weaver cut off. "Gymnastics ends at 5:30." The T-1001 tilted her head and decided it was for the best anyway. She went over to the TDE's control panel and quickly made a last adjustment.

Sarah scanned about her surroundings as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She quickly realized what was happening, and tiny blue lightning bolts flickered overhead. She looked at her son again.

John knew what was happening, and he met his mother's gaze. But he wouldn't leave the offline terminator's side.

Sarah shook her head, again and again. "John, we can't."

John Connor stared at his mother with a mixture of upset and determination and argued, "He's got her chip." He watched in fear as his mom moved away from him. "He's got her."

Sarah kept backing away slowly and continued shaking her head. She felt the pain flare up in her chest at John's look, but it wasn't enough to stop her legs.

"Mom…" John's features showed his hurt at his mother's choice.

Sarah held her ground outside of the bubble. She became cool despite her son's pain. She promised, "I'll stop it." She tried not looking away despite the blue brightness grew in intensity. She watched John start to ripple so she called, "I love you too." But she wasn't sure if he'd heard her, and she suddenly shielded her eyes when it became too bright.

James Ellison crumbled to the ground when the sphere's energy burst vibrated through the small room. He saw Sarah Connor go down, but he could tell she was okay.

Sarah was hunched down like James. Then when it went still, she flipped her head up and took in the emptiness. She clenched her jaw when all that was in front of her was the terminator's unmoving body and the damn Turk. She carefully stood up and glanced over at Ellison.

"Are you alright?" James checked. He came over to her, but he knew not to touch her.

"Fine," Sarah clipped. She saw how Ellison inwardly recoiled at their poor exchange, but she didn't care. She didn't want to face what this meant for her. She focused back on the offline terminator then at the computer screen that kept repeating the apology to John.

Sarah suddenly gave a fierce cry and kicked the table near the terminator. She watched the chair roll back thanks to the force behind the table. "You fucking machine!" She tossed the table across the room and lunged for the barely upright terminator. "You took my son from me!"

James was stunned by the mother's rage. He then suddenly came after Sarah, who was repeatedly punching the terminator's solid face. "Sarah!" He desperately struggled with her. "Sarah, stop!" He pulled her away a few feet from the terminator. "Sarah, stop." He got his arms around her, which slowed her down. "Just stop," he ordered but in a calmer tone.

Sarah inhaled deeply and felt some anger go quiet, but she sneered at the offline terminator. "Was that your mission the entire time?" she hotly demanded from the machine. "To steal my son from me?" She knew she wouldn't get any response. An offline machine eye and dead human eye stared back at her in mocking silence.

James released Sarah once she was under control. But he looked up at the monitor when it flickered with something new. "Sarah…" He indicated the screen.

Sarah twisted around and stared at the screen that read: You must run, Sarah. "What?" She stepped closer to the screen, which continued feverishly repeating the same, short sentence.

It dawned on James Ellison just how true that command was from the screen. "The police…" He found Sarah facing him. "They'll be here any minute. You have to escape before they have you."

Sarah should have felt life drain from her, but she didn't care this time. What was there to fight for if John was gone? But James suddenly grabbed her arm and brought her back to the present.

"You have to run, Sarah." James saw Sarah refocus on everything around them. He was confused about everything that'd happened today, but his gut told him that Sarah Connor couldn't be locked up again by the police. It was completely against his training, and yet he found safety in doing it.

Sarah started for the door. "Everything here needs to be destroyed. Can you do that?"

James nodded but looked at the slumped terminator in the chair. "How do I destroy her?"

Sarah's dark green eyes flickered to the terminator then back to James Ellison. "Hide her body. I'll contact you later so I can destroy it." She refused to leave any technology behind, even her former protector's chassis. She stood near the open door. "You will bring her body to me?" Her mind skipped to Cromartie and Mexico.

James glanced once at the offline terminator then back at Sarah Connor. "Yes, I promise." He'd learned his lesson. "Now go."

Sarah back stepped again and was satisfied that James wouldn't betray her again. She reread the warning on the screen and quickly turned on her heels. She knew the way to the elevator and needed to go to the ground floor. She fished out her Glock from her waistband as she approached the elevators. She hit the up button and immediately a door slid open.

Sarah hurried into the elevator and hit the ground level button. She pressed her warm Glock against her brow when the elevator dinged at her. She remained hidden beside the button panel and cautiously peeked around the open door. Sarah hissed and jumped back when she saw police officers pouring into the lobby. She frantically hit the thirty-fifth floor that would take her to the top.

The elevator's door slowly shut and then it climbed up until it came to the highest level. Again the door opened up but this time the occupant stepped off. The door closed and started going back down to the ground floor upon request.

Sarah glanced back at the sealed elevator, but she ignored it and hurried over to the stairwell door. She was wired by adrenaline and jumped up the last two steps then rammed the roof door with her shoulder. But the door was locked, tight. Sarah couldn't accept her defeat here so she back stepped twice then slammed it again. She hissed in frustration when the door didn't give into her.

"Shit," Sarah cursed and feverishly kicked at the door. She had to get on the roof if she was going to find anyway escape from the police. "Come on, you mother…" Her curse quit tumbling out of her mouth after the door gave a low click. Sarah reached out, hesitantly at first then quickly pushed on the bar. To her amazement, it opened and flung wide once the wind caught it. She couldn't waste time considering why it'd opened for her.

Sarah hurried onto the huge roof. She flung her hair out of her face then raced over to the nearest ledge. She peered over and wasn't surprised to see all the cop cars surrounding the main entrance.

"Now what?" Sarah angrily muttered. She couldn't think of what to do so she ran past the roof door and headed for the opposite side of the building. Perhaps there was a fire escape on one side of the building. There had to be some way to flee from Ziera Corp.

As Sarah ran past a large roof fan, she slowed down until she took three last steps. She stared straight ahead as her mind attempted understanding what her eyes were seeing in front of her. All her frantic fears died and shock took her over.

"Cameron?" Sarah whispered in disbelief. Her eyes grew wider, and she shook her head a few times at the terminator only several steps away. It wasn't possible for Cameron to have her chip and be back online. But it was real because Cameron stepped off the ledge and moved in closer. Sarah's wired body grew weak, and her gun slipped from her fingers. She didn't notice though because an alluring draw towards the terminator came over Sarah.

Cameron took another step closer, but she continued staring at the beautiful human before her. Instantly an old spark was rekindled inside of Cameron's systems once she saw Sarah Connor's familiar features. "Stagira," she whispered in hope upon seeing her soulmate again.

All that Cameron had done suddenly made sense now. She clearly saw what her soulmate had foreseen two thousand years ago. She would join forces with Sarah Connor, and they would defeat Skynet together. The Fates had finally claimed Cameron Connor Phillips as their chosen.

The End.