Chapter Fifty-Three


.Several years later….

"Mommy! Mommy!" The girl whined impatiently. "C'mon, c'mon, let's goooo!" She tugged on her mother's apron.

"Relax, honey," her mother replied. "Daddy's still getting the pie."

The Greenford's were leaving to meet their new next door neighbors. They had just moved in: a man and his wife, and his young son.

"Tell dad to hurry up," the girl grumped, crossing her arms. "I want to meet hiiiiimmmm!" Her blonde hair hung in loose strands down her back.

"Yes. He's supposed to be your age. What was his name again, dear?" The woman called to her husband.

"AH!" There was a shout and a clattering as the sounds of falling silverware echoed through the house.

"Oh dear," the woman sighed and moved towards the kitchen. "Stay there, Christine."

Christine huffed crossly.

At long last the three of them got out of the house to greet the new neighbors. Mrs. Greenford, always the picture of perfect hospitality, carried with her a fresh, homemade cherry pie. Mr. Greenford followed behind, sighing wearily. A particularly large fork had managed to land square on his foot. And little Miss Christine followed behind him.

They knocked on the front door of the newly occupied house cheerfully. A small, thin woman, followed by her husband, opened the door.

"Hello!" She said cheerfully. "I'm Mrs. Murray. But you can call me Greta." She shook hands with the adults, as Christine slipped impatiently inside.

She looked around, in the rooms, wandering the hallways.

Adult introductions were so boring!

"What are you doing?" A small, green-eyed and solemn looking boy asked. He had messy black hair.

"Oh!" Christine turned around. "Hi! I'm Christine. We're your new neighbors." She smiled.

"I'm John," the boy replied. His large eyes warmed up a bit.

"You're awfully short!" Christine said gleefully in reply. That was just like her too. Skipping around from subject to subject. "I'm much taller than you!" She gloated.

"Na na," the boy replied. "Are you always random like that?"

Christine snorted. "Yes. And we're going to be best friends."

And so the boy and the girl became best friends. They chased each other around the yard, over the fence, through the trees. They played hide and seek and tag. When they got older, after high school, the boy asked the girl to marry him.

He could have sworn her brown eyes flashed violet when she said yes.