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Title: Getting To Know The Real Chad

Reason: Because I love Sonny and Chad. :D And I love Channy! :D :D

Summary: Sonny Monroe leaves for NYC to promote So Random. Unfortunitally, Portlyn is going aswell. What happens when someone else takes her spot? Channy.

Disclaimer: If I owned SWAC, this would become an episode. Do I own SWAC? Take that as a no.

Sonny Monroe grinned as she added a folded shirt to the half-full luggage on her bed. For the second time this year, she had to lug out her dark blue suitcase to fill with her favorite outfits, but this time, she wasn't off to audition for a T.V. show. For almost three weeks , she would be staying in the Grand Suite of a famous New York City hotel. She also would be on countless T.V. shows, and photo shoots within the city for publicity.

Despite the fact that she would be missing two screenings of So Random, Sonny was ecstatic for her trip. According to Marshall, the number of Americans watching So Random was growing, and Mr. Condor wanted to increase publicity to attract even more viewers.

After agreeing to go on the trip, Sonny learned that Portlyn would be going with her for boosting Mackenzie Fall's publicity as well, and somehow, they were going to share the suite together.

Tawni and Nico were insanely jealous because they love shopping in NYC. Grady and Zora, on the other hand, were jealous because they've wanted to visit the wax house museum for years.

But all four had gone on publicity runs before, and since Sonny was the 'new girl,' Marshall thought it would make a better story.

Sonny put the last of her clothes into the suitcase and ran to her bathroom to grab her toiletries bag. After placing it in the suitcase as well, she zipped it up and wheeled it into the kitchen.

"Did you pack your toothbrush Sonny?" Her mother called from where she was standing in front of the stove. Mr. Monroe was at work already, and Mrs. Monroe didn't have work until later.

To pass the time, and the worry over having Sonny leaving, Mrs. Monroe was baking her third batch of brownies.

"Yes Mom." Sonny smiled and grabbed her car keys. She reached over and grabbed a brownie from the cooling rack, and stuffed it in her mouth.

Mrs. Monroe turned around and frowned, "What about your-"

The brunette rolled her eyes and walked over to her mother, "Mom. I'm fine, stop worrying." She gave her mother a quick hug.

Mrs. Monroe nodded, "I know. Have fun Al." She gave Sonny a smile before turning back around to stir the brownie batter.

Sonny smiled and excitedly walked out to her car with her luggage in tow.

After arriving at the airport at 9 am, She grabbed the ticket that was in her purse and walked up to the main desk.

"Hi." Sonny grinned at the lady standing at the desk.

The young woman smiled, "Good Morning. Could I see your ticket and a form of I.D.?"

"Of course." Sonny passed over the ticket and her drivers licence as she scanned the large building. There were many groups of people that were sitting in the plastic chairs lined up in even rows.

The screen above Sonny read that her flight was on time, and would be arriving soon.

"Do you have any luggage that needs to be checked?"

Sonny nodded and placed her suitcase on the metal table next to the desk, after getting it checked, the bag was given stickers before it was pushed through a small door.

"Alright, you're in Gate number 15." The young woman gave Sonny back her papers and pointed to the escalator to the right, "Head up to the second floor to pass through security and then follow the signs to reach gate 15. Enjoy your flight."

Sonny grinned, "Thanks!" Her stomach was filled with both excitement and nervousness as she stood on the escalator.

Security was almost empty as she reached the line.

After going through security, she scanned the signs for directions to gate 15. As she walked down one of the wide hallways, her eyes grew wide as she tried to find to the gate she was scheduled to leave from.

"Monroe?" A familiar, almost husky voice exclaimed from behind her.

She turned around quickly, and her mouth dropped. The blond actor in front of her smirked at her shock, "What the… Where did… Why are you-"

He shrugged nonchalantly, "Mix up with schedules. Apparently I'm not needed on the set for a few weeks, and our show is just on reruns for a while."

"Chad, that still doesn't explain why you're coming to New York with me." Sonny rolled her eyes as they started walking together towards their gate.

He sighed, "Well, Portlyn left two days ago because her mother is in the hospital - hence the reason why we're not filming new episodes for a while. And Mr. Condor thought I'd be the perfect rep. for Mackenzie falls, seeing as I am Mackenzie."

Sonny smirked, "Well. We're in for a great trip aren't we?"

"Sarcasm, Monroe. Very mature."

"Coming from someone who thinks the whole world revolves around himself." She grinned and looked inside her purse for gum.

Chad let out a groan, "Psh. Sonny, you know I'm not like that."

She offered him a stick of gum and gave him a smile, "Well, looks like you've got a while to change my mind."

Sonny bit her lip as she looked out the window next to her seat. She was surprised that Chad hadn't complained when they were seated in coach, not first class, and had to sit next to each other.

His eyebrows raised as he looked over at her nervous expression, "Scared of takeoff?"

She let out a small laugh, "Actually… yes… and the landing… and while we're in the air."

"There's nothing to be afraid of." Chad smirked as she shook her head.

The engine of the plane started as they neared the runway. Sonny gripped both arm rests, and ended up grabbing Chad's hand instead, who was resting his arm on the inside armrest.

She shrunk in her seat, and Chad couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked when she was afraid.

As the plane sped up more, Sonny's grip on Chad's hand tightened, and her eyes squeezed shut.

"Shh…Sonny, it's ok." Chad leaned down to whisper in her ear. Sonny relaxed a little at his words and looked up into his eyes, "I promise."

She giggled, but stopped as the plane tilted upwards and launched off of the ground. Her face instinctively turned into Chad's arm, and she buried her face in his long sleeved T-shirt.

The shaking of his chest as he chuckled felt conforting to her, in a strange way, and she pulled away hesitantly to see his reaction.

"You completely amaze me Sonny." He explained, as she moved back over to her own seat, "I can never tell what you're going to do next. You do things I don't expect."

"You thought I wasn't afraid of airplanes?" She questioned, confused.

He shook his head and turned his attention to the magazine in his lap, "You're just different than any of the other girls I've known."

The brunette frowned slightly, "Different?"

He rolled his eyes, "In a good way."

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