NOTICE: I've started to go through and rewrite chapters since these earlier chapters were written when I was like 16 (lol)

Same content, just written better :)

Lily screamed as the contractions got closer, and all James could do was hold her hand. This was their first child, and maybe their last. But how did this day come to be? Well most of us know how the baby came to be, but what's the story behind their sorrow filled faces.

"What's the matter daddy?" The nurse asked James as she noticed the look on his face. "Your baby is coming!"

This was supposed to be a happy day, a baby, their first born. But yet, why was this couple shooting sad looks at each other, and why were they dreading having this child? It all happened 9 months ago.


James and Lily Potter were sitting in their house, cuddled up together on their new sofa Sirius had just given them from his old house. These newlyweds could not have been happier with life.

"James, have you ever thought of having children?" Lily asked him. This thought circled his mind for a long time.

"Yeah, I say we start with six and end with 17." James answered. Lily sat up quickly out of his arms, and looked at him as though he were crazy.

"17, are you joking? You can have 17 if you're willing to push the other 16 out yourself" she snapped, James laughed she was always quick with the tongue.

"Yeah, I am." He laughed, she looked relieved and resumed her place in his arms.

"What would we name them?"

"A boy would be James, and a girl would be...let's see... James."

"Be serious James!"

"Okay... Jamesera" Lily could not help but laugh, he was so childish sometimes.

"I was thinking for a girl Almora... And a boy...What about... Harry?" Lily thought, it was such a beautiful name, the name her grandfather had been given. He was a strong man, and maybe the name would make a strong baby. James, on the other hand, pondered this name.

"It's a very nice name, but I like a different one like...Oh I don't know... James?" James offered as a name. Lily sat up again and punched him playfully.

"Okay, if we have a boy his middle name would be James, if his first name is Harry."

"Agreed" James said, he thought his name was special, a name for a joker, and a rival, plus a name for the very good looking. He hoped his child could have that name, and live up to it's full potential. "Now how about we get to work on that then?" James whispered seductively into her ear. Lily giggled as James began to kiss her neck, she wouldn't mind starting a family right that minute.

James lifted her up so she could straddle him, they kissed passionately. He lifted off her shift as her hands began to wander beneath his. Things were just started to get heavy when a bright light of silver lit up their livingroom. James grabbed Lily closer to him, she turned over her shoulder and gasped. A hooded figure was now lingering in their house.

"James and Lily Potter, getting started already I see." A hollow, dark voice said from under the cloak, humor in its dreadful voice. Lily jumped from James' lap and grabbed her shirt to shield herself. "W-Who are you?" she asked.

"What do you want," James asked, sounding much more confident than he really was, he'd sat up to cover Lily with his arm.

"You know exactly why I'm here" The voice answered. James made a quick move that was met with the hooded figure tossing him across the room. He hit the wall and fell limply to the floor, unconscious. "JAMES!" Lily screeched. She curled herself further on the couch, looking for her wand. protecting her torso.

"What does that have to do with us?" Lily asked, her voice shaking violently. The figure strode over to her, leaned over her, and grasped her chin.

"Lily Potter, don't be so naive. You must know everything by now… you will produce my Heir" He breathed to her, Lily flicked her head to get out of his grasp. She stared into the darkness of the figure with hard eyes

"Can't you make one yourself?" She growled, through gritted teeth.

"I wish not to have those filthy pleasures of humans, if I can make someone else do it, why shouldn't I?" He laughed soullessly, it sent shivers up the couples spines.

"And- and if I refuse?" Lily asked, knowing she did not want the answer, but she continued on anyway, "What if I never have a child?"

The figure laughed as it walked away from her, "Oh you will have a child, and when it arrives, it will be mine. Otherwise, I could just kill your husband, there are plenty other young lovers I could take children from. But, sadly, I want yours. Don't you run or hide from me Lily Potter. I will always know where to find you… and my Heir." With that the figure disappeared. Lily dropped her shirt and ran over to James, who was regaining consciousness. He looked up and saw Lily's teary face above him, he quickly scattered to his knees.

"Lily! Are you alright? Did it hurt you?" He asked quickly, looking around to see if it was still there. Lily shook her head, barely able to stop crying. James grabbed her up into a protective hug. "It wants our baby James! It's going to take any of our babies!" she cried into his shoulder.

James had to swallow his sadness for a moment to decide, "Then we just won't have kids then…"

"No!" Lily wailed, James held her in front of him, "Lily, why would you want that! It said it would take our kids? Why risk it then?"

"Because!" Lily had to take several deep breathes to calm down. She looked her husband in the eyes and answered sadly, "Because I'm already pregnant."


"Don't let him take it James! Please don't let him have it!" Lily moaned louder. James held her hand and soothed her.

"I know Lily, I know. It's alright." He said. But it was not alright. He did not want this baby to be in the hands of that man. It was his baby, it was Lily's baby, he did had nothing to do with it. James did not want to give the baby up, but he had to shush Lily, the doctors were starting to get suspicious.

"Don't worry honey! The nurses will just have to take the baby back to get checked on, we'll bring it right back." The doctor said kindly, Lily screamed "NO!"

"Lily, it will all be alright, I-I'll try okay?" James whispered, she became vicious.

"James don't you let him take our child! I forbid it! You will not try, YOU WILL. He will not lay a finger on this child, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" She screamed, almost squeezing the life out of James's hand.

"Okay, Okay Lily, he will not get it." James managed to say through the pain of her hold. The doctor raised an eyebrow at James, "She's just nervous" James lied to her. Assured, Lily lightened her grip, and continued on to have the baby.

It was finally over, after two hours they now had a beautiful baby boy, Harry James Potter. Lily held the baby as James lay on the bed, his arms around Lily, and his eyes on Harry.

"He gorgeous James. Looks just like his father." Lily cooed, stroking little Harry's head.

"He has your eyes Lily." James admired. Little Harry looked very cute, looking curiously up at his parents. His jet black hair complimented his emerald green eyes to the extent where he gave off a handsome glow.

"Going to be a lady killer like your father Harry?" James asked the baby while lightly touching his face. Lily looked up at him and smiled, always the child. Harry's eyes began to close, he slept peacefully.

The moment to baby fell asleep a short plump figure climbed into the window.

"Wormtail!" James yelled angrily, he found out five months ago that one of his best friends, Peter Pettigrew, was now a Death Eater. From what James and Lily had gathered throughout her pregnancy, it was none other than Lord Voldemort that wanted their child, for reasons they did not understand.

The watery eyed man took one look at him and dove for Harry. James leapt from next to Lily with just enough time to tackle Wormtail. Lily to put Harry in his newborn carriage and took out her wand. James had Wormtail pinned and his wand was at his throat.

"Leave now!" James ordered him.

"I am here to get what is rightfully the Dark Lords!" Wormtail squeaked. James pressed his wand harder to his neck, drawing blood with its blunt tip.

"He's not getting him, he will not touch Harry!" Lily proclaimed as she too went up to Wormtail.

"Harry, eh? I hate that name, but it will have to do." Said a deep chilling voice from behind the couple. Voldemort stood grand and tall next to the empty carriage, with Harry in his arms. Lily screamed and threw a bright white light at Voldemort, hitting him, luckily he did not drop the baby, who was now crying. Voldemort lazily brushed aside the spell and with a flick of his wrist, sent pins and needles through Lily's body. The pain was unbearable for her, she clutched her stomach, barely able to whimper. James jumped off of Peter and ran to his wife.

"Stop it!" He shouted at Voldemort, unable to locate his own wand.

"Let me walk free with the child and I shall spare you." Voldemort threatened.

"James... save him!" Lily cried sheepishly, spitting up blood.

James looked sheepishly from his dying wife to his screaming child.

"Please… please, save her!" he shouted.

"You've made your choice." And with that, he lifted the spell from Lily, grabbed Wormtail and disappeared all within a span of 3 seconds.

"NO, NO JAMES, HE COULD'VE KILLED ME! HE COULD'VE TAKEN ME INSTEAD!" Lily sobbed wildly. James tried to hush her in his arms but she was screaming frantically and trying to escape him.

"Lily, Lily, shhh, we'll get him back, we'll get him back." he tried to assure her over her own screams of sorrow.


Voldemort was miles away by the time the nurses and doctors ran into the Potter's room. He had already settled the baby in by the time the police was called into the hospital for a missing baby. And little Harry was already fast asleep by the time the Ministry had rushed in, Obliviated every Muggle's memory, and sent James and Lily home to cared for by a Healer. Voldemort and Wormtail looked down at the baby, quiet in its crib.

"Hello Heir." He said triumphantly.