"Thank you." Harry said as Lily's shaking hands handed him a cup of tea. Harry brought them down to their living room and untied them, knowing they wouldn't attack him. Instead, they sat like an awkward family picture on separate couches. Lily could do nothing but stare at her son, he became an adult just recently but he looked as though he'd been an adult all his life.

"I know what you're thinking." Harry sighed, putting his cup down "I'm gorgeous aren't I?" he said with a cheeky grin. "Kind of... cherubic in your eyes? You only remember me as the little baby in your arms? Or the lad that cursed the shit out of you, sorry about that James." Harry laughed. James felt his body burn, the way his son said his name felt like a ton of bricks had been dropped on his head.

"But alas, I'm not here to play catch up with my poor estranged parents who gave me up now am I?" Harry said rather bluntly.

"We never gave you up." Lily whispered, still peering into her own eyes on the other couch.

Harry raised his eyebrow, "Oh really?"

"Yes, we never gave you up. H-Harry I swear we fought for you that night!"

Harry chuckled darkly, then smiled at James, "Are you going to tell her? Or should I?"

James looked from his son to his wife, then rested on his own hands.

"Alright then. So per my incarcerated Godfather who was told by my now dead house servant, my dearest Daddy here knew the Dark Lord was coming to scare you guys that night before he did. You see, Severus Snape, the slimy git in love with you Lily? Yeah, he told my Father about the prophecy, well the part he'd heard anyway. This was overheard by Wormtail, who in turn let it slip to James, during the time they thought he was still on their side. Anyway, James knew Voldemort would be coming to take me. That's why the night at the hospital, he chose to save you instead of me I believe. " Harry finished.

Lily looked stunned at her husband, and moved away from him. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" she whispered.

"What did you expect me to do Lily?" James asked her in a begging tone.


"I planned to get him back! It was always the plan to get him back!" James pleaded with her.

"Ohh drama" Harry chimed in after taking another light sip of his tea. "Sadly, I'm not here to break up a marriage."

"You see," Harry continued, "After years of being thrown about by my Father and having him knock me to near death, I wondered why or even how he never killed me. And after paying a few visits to some sorrowfully unlucky muggles and a healer, I found that something happened that night I was born. When my Father took me, you shot a spell at him Lily. A spell a muggle security guard said had a white light, something he never could forget because it had to be a trick of the camera. Anyway, something about that spell did something between the union of me and my Father and I need to know what it is." Harry explained

Lily never forgot that light either, it had just shot out of her wand, "I-I'm not sure what spell that was. I didn't even say or think anything. Just as soon as I grabbed my wand… it happened."

Harry closed his eyes slowly, "Once again you two have disappointed me. It is very, very important that I know the spell."

"Why?" Lily questioned softly, leaning forward a bit.

Harry mockingly repeated her motion, eyes wide, "Because I'd like to survive" he whispered, then proceeded to lean back smugly. "No but honestly, I think something about that spell is saving me and I think… nevermind."

"But it was you? You are the one tearing down the houses?" James asked quickly, as Harry stood.

"That was my dear Father actually, he started it with the demolitions. I merely took some down too, seeing as he was already doing it. He must be looking for something." Harry answered.

"Looking for what?" James asked, sitting up despite the cold chill he got hearing his son refer to another man as Father.

Harry stretched, "Fuck if I know." He headed towards the front door, "No! Please stay." Lily begged, standing up too.

Harry turned to face her, looking at his own, sad eyes across the room. "I've got things to do, and don't seem so keen on keeping me here now, you had no problem with me leaving 17 years ago." he spat as an afterthought. But seeing the pain in her eyes, he groaned and approached her, putting a hand on her shoulders.

"I want you to know, no matter how much I hate you the both for being shit parents. When this goes down in a few months, I'm going to spare you." he promised. And before Lily could utter another word, he vanished.


Draco was having the absolute worst year of his life. He was failing any class he bothered to go to and everyone in the school treated him horribly. The rumor that Harry had been a Death Eater was all but confirmed, and because Draco was Harry's best friend, everyone blamed him for it all too. People would hex him randomly in the halls, and if he ever dared to fight back, Headmistress McGonagall would side with whoever started it and he'd land in a hard detention. Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise tried to cheer him up but they started to get picked on just for being near him, so Draco told them to stay away from him. He often stayed in the common room or his dormitory, he didn't know why he even stayed at Hogwarts, he should've run away a long time ago.

After Draco had dared to attend a meal and had his food turned into worms multiple times, he decided to forget eating and trudge back to the Slytherin dorms for the night. As he stormed into the room he nearly collapsed in shock. Sitting neatly on his bed was none other than his best friend.

"Oh honey, I'm home!" Harry smiled wide, Draco was still clutching his chest from the near heart attack he just had.

"Well don't just stand there, bring her in lad!" Harry told him, standing up. Draco hadn't felt this happy in ages, he ran to Harry and gave him a proper hug.

"H-How did you-" Draco started.

"Get in? Please, I know this place like the back of my hand. I got worried when you stopped writing me so I came to check up on you." Harry told me, "You look awful…" he added seeing how Draco looked sleepless and like he'd lost a ton of weight.

"Oh yeah, the prats around here… killed my owl." Draco told me sadly. Harry's jaw dropped, "Shame, I really liked Stormcrow."

"Thats not all they've done" Draco began to tell him about all the horrible things that've been happening to him. He watched Harry's face screw up in anger.

"But where've you been mate? What've you been up to?" Draco questioned him, feeling loads better now that Harry was back.

"In a moment Dre, I'll tell you everything. But first, I think we need pay some respects to the people in this school, shall we?" Draco loved that devious grin on Harry's face and returned it, feeling elated that some justice was going to be served.


The next morning Draco Malfoy was reported missing. Parents wrote the school in a fury, wanting to know how a child could be snatched from their beds and demanded information on how someone could have gotten into the school.

But gathered in the Headmistresses office was another problem presented in the form of Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Madam Pomfrey.

Ron was shaking, very red, and had sweat mixed with tears draining from his face.

"L-L-Last night Professor. He was here, H-H-Harry. He grabbed me in my sleep and petrified me. H-H-He-" Ron was quite clearly upset. Hermione grabbed his arm and started stroking it comfortingly.

"Mr. Weasley, I need to know exactly what happened." McGonagall said softly. Ron took a deep breath and continued.

"He said, 'You think y-you're a king Weasley? Lets make you a King.' and he carved it into my chest."

"Carved? Carved what?" Madam Pomfrey asked, finally discovering why she was there. Ron whimpered and he slowly began unbuttoning his night shirt.

"Oh heavens!" Madam Pomfrey screamed out, near fainting. McGonagall could only stare at the boy's chest.

Still bleeding, red and irritated was a giant crown that read "WEASLEY IS OUR KING" in it. Hermione ignored the tears running down her face and began to pet Ron's hair. Ron closed his shirt to hide and pain, and shame.

"Draco was with him too… They left together." Ron continued bravely.

"Did they say where they were going?" McGongall asked softly.

Ron shook his head. "All he said, t-to me, was 'See you in a few months.'"

Paybacks a bitch ;)

Remember that...