Darkest Night

Chapter 1

The final battle was exactly that, the finale battle. The screaming of humans, of wizards filled the air and echoed throughout the forbidden forest and the grounds of Hogwarts. The castle laid in ruins as flashes of colored lights filled the air and death reeked in the stale winds. Many things have happened to lead up to this point of time for the Wizarding World, heart break, pain, loneliness, lost on both sides, and pure hatred being spread amongst the wizarding world. Pointing towards two individuals, the source of all 'darkness', Tom Marvolo Riddle and towards the 'light's' side ray of hope, Harry James Potter.

Why did you become evil? What is the purpose of being strong? Why did you kill my loved ones? Why couldn't you finish him off sooner? Why did you let them die? Why aren't you strong enough? Those questions could only be left unanswered for the two individuals made no choice to answer them. One too deeply insane with his power and the other to empty to feel the need to even live now.

Now, here they stood, wands pointing at each other. One face with crimson eyes glowing in the darkness with malevolence a sneer placed on thin lips whilst his opponent wore no expression at all his face empty and eyes glass like with a void of darkness within it. The red eyed one began to speak; Voldemort began his unbeknownst last words.

"Here we stand, Potter. Be ready for your demise… This is something I should have done whilst you were nothing more than an infant…" He sneered darkly before growling out at the empty smile on the face of Harry.

"Yet you didn't… Tell me Tom, are you used to being a failure?" Harry questioned lightly his smile turning into a bitter smirk as Voldemort growled with hatred for the young teenage male.

"Enough!" He screeched out his grip on his wand tightened, "This ends here! ADVADA KERDAVRA!" A flash of green flowed from the tip of the dark, wood stick before bounding its' way towards the black haired teen. The green light grew closer as witnesses to the exchange gasped in horror as a blinding white light pierced swallowed Voldemort up along with their teen savior and the light soon exploded sending harsh winds to run through the entire vicinity. What remained of Hogwarts laid in ruin as the light faded revealing the survivors fallen upon the ground. Soon groans of pains echoed and a wizard stood up before looking upon what has happened. Other soon awoken and stood up also silent, their mind numb with what exactly was going on.

"HE DID IT! POTTER HAS DEFEATED VOLDEMORT!!" Scream of triumph filled the air, the bodies of death eater laid upon the ground, fallen along with their lord of darkness. Cheers, crying, laughter, sobs was all that could be heard. Many rejoiced the death of Lord Voldemort and the fall of a potential dark lord whilst others cried for their fallen loved ones that couldn't make it to the final battle and for the boy who had died saving them all. His life would not be in vain… Was the silent vow that filled all their minds, a vow that would forever remain silent.


Hallow emerald eyes stared at the wall between platform nine and ten before smiling bitterly at the memories behind the bricks memories that were both bitter and yet sweet at the same time. Black lashes closed over them before he shook his head, his shoulder length black hair shook with the movement. A light touch of his hand made his eyes flutter open before smiling softly at the young girl before him.

She was, to his eyes, beautiful. Straightened out blonde hair framed a petite face and stopped short like a boy cut in the back, wide gray eyes, and a fragile looking figure. Sadness filled emerald eyes as he stared at the scar that will forever burned on her throat. Shaking his head at her questioning look he ran his fingers through her hair softly.

"I am fine, Luna… Just reminiscing. Let's go…" He muttered softly the blond female looking at him with uncertainty before nodding as they walked away, from their past, from their home, and from their lives. To the wizarding world they were dead, and it was to remain that way.


Five people survived the last war, only five of the original members of the order of the phoenix. Five people thought to be dead, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, and even Sirius Black along with his mate, Remus Lupin. The two mated adults were already living in the new home they had attained through a realtor down in the back water town of Forks, Washington. The three teenage soldiers found themselves currently on a plane towards Seattle a city five hours away from that small town. Luna was idly playing with a strand of Harry's hair as the young male rested his head against her thin shoulder, asleep. Practically dead to the world as Draco sat rather comfortable in his first class seat reading through his sixth book.

"Attention all passengers, we will be arriving in Seattle, Washington in approximately fifteen minutes. Please remain seated at all time with seat belts fastened, I hope you enjoyed your flight and hope to see you all soon. Thank you…"

With a roll of silver eyes, Draco stretched out with a loud yawn his lips pursed together irritably, "Thank Merlin this flight is almost over being around these bloody Muggles are dreadful." He whispered to Luna with disdain causing the petite blonde to giggle softly at his arrogance.

"Oh Draco dear, you must get use to it! We are after all attending a school filled with Muggles~" She giggled softly her shoulder shaking causing Harry to stir from his sleep slowly.

"Uhn, how much longer…?" He muttered out with a groan slowly lifting his head from Luna's shoulder and tilting it side to side to release the tense muscles.

"Be patient dear Hadrian. We only have fifteen minutes left then it will be all over…" Luna cooed softly to Harry using the new name that had been given to him. She ran her fingers through his silk black hair before planting a calming kiss to his cheek. A sigh left him as he nodded obediently.

This place, this 'Forks' was going to be their new home now… There will be no turning back, never.


"Bella…?" Edward called out lightly from outside of the Swan residence door. He had been knocking several times now, but no one answered. He and Bella were supposed to go over to his house today but… It had been exactly two months after Edwards' return and Bella's rescue attempt to save his life which amazingly, it succeeded. He promised her to never leave her side again which a marriage proposal followed behind after that. He frowned at the silence before taking in a breath after unconsciously holding it.

That was when it hit him, the smell of sex. His eyes went wide before her tore open the door, flinging the defenseless piece of wood into the forest with a crash startling the two teenagers inside. That was when he saw it, saw something that could, if his heart was still beating, stop the beats of the cardiac muscle. There laid on the floor of the living room, the love of his life, his singer, in the arms of the werewolf, Jacob Black his worst enemy.

The young brunet girl had awoken from the sound of the door being torn off its hinges and gathered the blanket tightly around her body, the engagement ring Edward had given her glittered dully on her ring finger, as if sick with disgust at being worn by some like Isabella. The night before Charlie had left to go check on Henry's wife and wrote he wouldn't be returning for the next few days. Jake was over and one thing led to another…

"Oh God, Edward!" She gasped softly tears filling her chocolate brown eyes. No these weren't tears of regret they were tears of anger at herself for being caught. Jacob stirred awake by the sickening sweet smell of Edward glanced up at the frozen vampire a smirk playing on his lips before whispering low enough for only the vampire to hear, "I win…"

Edward swallowed the lump in his throat before stalking slowly towards the naked couple.

"E-Edward, I can explain…!" She began only to be caught off by the bronze haired vampire.

"Save it, Swan…" He growled out inhumanly before reaching forward and ripping the ring from her finger painfully causing the fragile human to screech in pain from the roughness.

"HEY! How dare you hurt her like that…!" Jacob began only to have Isabella push her lover back shaking her head before glaring heatedly at Edwards retreating form. There was nothing they could say, she could say to win back her prized lover back. And that was all he truly was to her, a prize.

Edward ran through the forest quickly a roar of pain echoing loudly causing the leaves to quiver. How could she do this to him?! How?! Did he not love her enough?! He left for her, he came back for her, he thought of only her, he loved only her, so why? If the vampire could cry he would have had tears flowing heavily down his cheeks by now from his first love's betrayal. But he couldn't so all he could so was scream out his pain.


Edward slowly made his way into the house of the Cullen family, eyes a dull black. They were all sitting there, waiting for his return. They had heard his cries of pain echoing throughout the forest but chose to leave the vampire alone so he may release his anger and heartbreak.

Alice sat there; head bent low and hands to her face. She wanted to cry so badly right now but since her kind couldn't she opted to sit there as if she truly were crying.

"Edward… I…" She began only to be caught off by the heartbroken man.

"No, it's not your fault Alice… You wouldn't have been able to see… It's not your fault" He offered her a wry smile causing the pixie vampire to feel even more horrible now. There was nothing they could do now, what's done was done… Nothing could change the past after all. But the betrayal still burned deep inside of his heart causing the man to fall unto the couch next to Alice also burying his face into his hands.

"I…." She paused in mid sentence her eyes glazing over as she stared out. Another vision… Soon she broke out of the trance smiling widely before grabbing Edward and pulled him close to her, both hands on his cheeks, "Don't think about leaving, Edward darling! I saw him! Oh, he's absolutely wonderful! Esme you will adore him, you too Rosalie!!"

Esme tilted her head in confusion as Rosalie scoffed at the thought of actually liking someone outside of her family.

"And pray tell, who is he?" She asked causing Alice to smile more.

"Edward's true mate!" Replied the pixie with a large smile causing all shocked eyes to be on her.


"Oh Edward, just look, look at him!" Alice exclaimed causing the bronze man to become hesitant before peering into the pictures of her mind.

"I'm sorry about them… They can be rather over whelming…" Esme muttered softly to a laughing dark haired teen causing the male to shake his head gently the female vampire's eyes could only dance with warmth and amusement.

"No, it's fine! Eclipse and Drake are exactly like this at time~" He replied with a laugh watching the antics between Emmet and Jasper as they wrestled each other to the ground. His back was facing him so he couldn't see the male clearly, but what Edward could see he liked.

Soon the same exact replica of him entered the living room that overlooked the back yard where his two brothers played before smiling down at the teen. His strong arms wrapped around the tiny waist of the stranger causing him to gasp in surprise before chuckling in delight.

"You shouldn't scare me like that, Edward!" He laughed out softly before turning in his arms. That was when Edward saw them, the most beautiful emerald eyes he had ever seen in his whole life. Just describing them as emerald green didn't seem enough, they were beautiful. They sparkled with life and glowed with a vibrancy that would make anything green wither away with shame. Messy should length black hair frame his face of pale skin making the hues seem to pop out and the pinkish red of his lips stand out.

"I'm sorry, Hadrian…" Edward muttered softly before capturing the pink lips in a fierce, passionate kiss.

That was when Edward was thrown back into reality as the vision finished, he was speechless. That was his mate? That beautiful, godly angel was going to be his… Invisible tears of joy filled his topaz eyes before smiling widely, "Esme!" He roared with happiness as he lifted up the surprise mother vampire and twirled her around, "Oh! You are going to love him Esme! He is everything you could have ever asked for in a son! He is absolutely, drop dead gorgeous!" He pulled her from the air into a tight hug filled with happiness.

Screw Isabella Marie Swan, Edward Mason Cullen has just found his everything and that brunet bitch could be eaten by the Volturi for all he cared. Hadrian… The name of his mate, he couldn't help but break out into a huge, sparkling smile.

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