Darkest Night

Chapter 29

Ten Years gone by

Many things had happened over the course of the years, the Cullen family had remained in Forks. Able to trick everyone with a concealment charm (to make it look like they were aging). Narcissa had loved Angela, and welcomed her into the family gleefully. Draco had looked shocked, happy, relieved and completely exhausted when she said it. Angela of course had been told about the magical world; much to Draco's smugness she had accepted it. Accepted him. They were married five months later, her pregnant belly showing under her wedding dress. She gave birth to the first female Malfoy in history. After all it was well known that Malfoy's only ever had male heirs. A year later giving birth to a little boy. Angel Narcissa Malfoy and Rhys Draconis Malfoy. Both had the tell tale pale blonde hair that was tradition of the Malfoy family. The eyes though they had both skipped, they had brown eyes not the ice blue eyes of their father and forefathers.

Sirius and Remus were still together, both of them raising Teddy together. Unfortunately his mother Nymphadora had died, before Harry had taken Order of the Wizarding world. He had gone back for three weeks, changing things that needed changed. Severus had decided against being Minister after all, he didn't like being in the limelight. So Harry hadn't forced the issue just gone to the Wizarding world himself to sort it out. Bill Weasley had been hailed the new Minister of Magic, having Harry Potter's approval made it so. Werewolf's had a lot of rights now, and the world was flourishing. Back to Teddy, Teddy wanted for nothing, he had plenty of cousins to play with as he grew up. Teddy had his mother's gift, and could change his appearance. Which was a cross of Sirius and Remus now, it was his preferred appearance.

Luna had 'accidentally' bumped into Seth Clearwater one day, taking a stroll through the Reservation or 'Rez' for short. That 'accidental' bump had turned into an imprinting. Luna and Seth had a little boy they named Nick Clearwater. The first Wizard/shape shifter hybrid. If Harry thought his twins were bad, or if Remus and Sirius thought Teddy was bad it was nothing on Nick Clearwater. The baby turned itself into a wolf whenever he felt like it. If his father wasn't there, Luna was left to cope herself. In the end she had created a spell to make him stay in his human form, at least in front of Muggles. One minute she could be holding her son, and then holding onto a wolf by the scruff of the neck. She had been completely stunned the first time it happened. Of course Seth had it hard too, getting the approval of Severus, Harry and Draco Malfoy. It wasn't the easiest feat in the world. In the end he had gained their approval and he and Luna had married.

Harry and Edward had settled down into married life too. Draco had bought a nice big house and he and Angela moved into it. Luna had done pretty much the same, but made sure it was very near the reservation - not wanting to cut Seth off from his world.

Sirius and Remus had moved out too, so the house had been Harry's. Edward had moved into Harry's house, and together they raised the twins. Severus of course continued to live with them. He was their live in babysitter, and a grandfather to the twins. The twins called him 'Grandpa' he adored them completely, they had Severus firmly wrapped around their fingers.

A year after the twins had been brought home, Harry and Severus helped Rosalie, Alice and Esme look for a magical child. Which proved rather hard to do, but in the end they got there. With the help of a newly created spell by Severus, ever the inventor. Esme had taken home the brown haired little girl she named Carly Esme Cullen. Rosalie brought home a blonde haired little boy she named Edmond Harrison Hale-McCarty Cullen. Alice brought home a black haired girl (that looked remarkably like her!) she named her Jasmine Alice Whitlock Cullen. The newly created family's all moved out from home and got houses of their own. The bond they shared with their families was still strong. They still hunted together, every week.

Edward had when the twins were three, asked Harry to become one of them. Knowing he was asking a remarkably very hard thing for Harry to do. To Edward's relief Harry had agreed, knowing he had all the help he could get and that he wouldn't harm his children. So Harry had been eternally frozen at the age of twenty - to never age another day.

Severus had brewed a de-aging potion and taken it wanting to be a proper grandfather figure to the twins. Without all the aches and pains that accompanied him because of all his bones had been through under Voldemort's wand. The fear of being unable to brew when it got worse propelled him into making it and taking it. Now Severus didn't look a day over twenty two, of course he claimed 'plastic surgery' and the Muggles of course believed him. It wasn't as if something could magically make him younger now was it? Or so they thought. When the twin had reached seven years or age, Harry had asked Severus to be turned too. He wanted someone from his own world to be there for him always. Harry would never ask that of Draco or Luna. They had their own families and he couldn't, wouldn't ask them of it. So Severus Snape was turned forever looking twenty five years old, unable to deny Harry anything.

"Dad?" asked a red haired eleven year old boy named Severus after his grandfather.

"What's wrong son?" asked Edward, crouching down towards his son.

"I don't want to go to Hogwarts," Severus said confiding in his dad.

"Why not?" asked Edward concerned.

Biting his lip he finally said "I don't want to be away from home so much," he whispered. He would miss Carly, Angel, Rhys, Nick, Edmond, Jasmine, Teddy, Auntie Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, Auntie Alice, Uncle Jasper, Granny Esme, Granddad Carlisle, Uncle Draco, Auntie Angela, Uncle Seth, Auntie Luna and most of all he would miss his daddies and Grandpa Sev.

Edward started into the green eyes of his little boy; he knew what the child was feeling. He too felt it; he didn't want his son going to Hogwarts, or his daughter either. "Okay Sev, I'll speak to your dad, see if we can come up with something else." promised Edward.

"Really?" said Sev perking up looking extremely relieved.

"Of course," said Edward, he might look old outwardly, but his children, and his 'Niece's and Nephew's wizarding family and those that knew he was a vampire, could see past it to the young man he looked.

"Thanks dad!" chirped Sev before he ran out.

Edward sighed as he entered his home once more, idly realizing this was the vision Alice had seen all those years ago. A bittersweet smile graced his lips, he'd never have dreamed this possible.

"He told you?" asked Severus wryly.

"Did you know?" asked Edward, he couldn't read his son's mind, and he couldn't read anyone in his families mind now. The pendants the girls wore or the wristband the boys wore stopped it.

"I suspected they are the first ones to be invited after all…in the next few years more will be coming." stated Severus honestly.

"They need trained…I know that - I don't want them going anymore than you." said Edward. His children were growing up so fast; it seemed only yesterday he had been bandaging up scraped knees with them learning to walk.

"They can be home-schooled, a lot of people decided that during the war." said Severus, sitting down despite the lack of need to do so.

"I'm not sure how much Harry would like that, he loved Hogwarts you can tell by the way he spoke about it." said Edward.

"Harry loved as much as he hated Hogwarts Edward; I don't blame him after all he went through. The fact they aren't going to be left alone, for being Harry Potter's children makes it worse. Adopted or not." stated Severus honestly.

Edward nodded thoughtfully, even all these years they had been together he still didn't know everything about Harry's life.

"I'm back!" yelled Harry loud enough for the twins to hear him.

He was suddenly bombarded with questions from his children, as they ran to the front door to greet him, er assault him.

"Did you get me some more football stickers?" asked Sev jumping up and down eagerly. He had just got a new football sticker book, and he wanted to fill it up. He had finished his Quidditch one a few months ago.

"Of course I did," laughed Harry, handing over five packets of football stickers to his eager son.

"YES!" crowed Sev, hugging his dad's hard form before bounding off up to his room to get his book.

"And for my little girl," said Harry slowly pulling out a book causing her to shriek in happiness. She truly was Lily's double, red hair with brown tints, and her green eyes. She was much like her grandmother, who adored reading.

"Thank you daddy," she said grinning smugly before going off to sit and read her newest book. True to Harry's prediction none of the children wanted for anything. Between their Aunties and Uncles and parents they were spoiled rotten.

"Hey guys," said Harry walking into the kitchen, smiling at them as he put the shopping away. Just because they three didn't eat - it didn't mean the children didn't.

"Sev doesn't want to attend Hogwarts," said Edward once Harry was finished putting away the food.

Harry sighed softly "That doesn't surprise me," admitted Harry.

"Why don't you just home-school them Harry?" asked Severus. "I'm sure the others would agree to allow it for the others too."

"I just wanted them to have a normal schooling, without adults they know surrounding them. Telling them what to do, having the freedom of independence." said Harry.

"They are independent," said Severus "They have normal school to attend that's gaining their independence."

"It's that a bit much? Normal school and magical training?" asked Harry worriedly.

"Not really, half the things they taught at Hogwarts were a waste of time." stated Severus calmly.

Harry laughed weakly nodded his head in agreement. "Well I don't want Sev or Lily mad at me…home-schooled it is." it's not as if he had a job anyway, for the past ten years he had raised his children, with Edward of course.

"We can take them to Ollivander's and let them experience Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley for the day." said Severus.

"Make a day of it, I'm sure everyone would like to take a trip." said Edward.

"A trip it is then." grinned Harry.

The darkest night had turned into the brightest day, the brightest future. Harry's childhood was able to be overcome with such a happiness filled future of love, life and things he hadn't imagined even in his darkest hour. Stuck in the cupboard under the stairs before Hogwarts. It was to be bluntly put - magical. He had been on a magical high since he was eleven years old. And it only got better.

During their trip, they found out that Petunia and Vernon were dead. They had died very ironically enough in a car crash. It seemed as though fate had a twisted sense of humour. It wasn't lost on Harry or any of the others. Dudley Dursley though, was still alive, and still living at number four Privet Drive. From the rumours though, the man was fifty stone and housebound. Being looked after by carer's day in and day out.

The twins were never told.

And they all lived Happily.

The End

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