Hi, welcome to my first story! Please excuse me if you don't like this first chapter. Baby steps poeple, baby steps.


I walked into Titans Tower with Gnarrk and 5 seconds later I was tackled by a certain red headed Tamaran.

"Friend Kole! It is fantastic to see you!"

"That's great Starfire." I choked out, literally," Um, can you let go, you're kinda choking me."

"Sorry Kole." At that moment Argent walked in and Star ran over to her yelling "Friend Argent! It is great to see you!"

I giggled as Gnarrk walked over to Cyborg and I walked over to talk to Robin. I only did that because there weren't many girl Titans there yet who weren't hugging, being hugged, or meditating.

"Hey Kole! I'm assuming you would like to know where your room is and who your roommates are."

"Sure, that'd be great!"

"Um, let's see." Robin shuffled through a pile of papers, "Ah! Here we go. You are bunking with Bee, Jinx, and Argent."

"Cool, thanks." I started following Robin to my room as we caught up. Robin was droning on and on about the criminal files he's been going through. I used to think it was impossible to walk and fall asleep. Today, Robin helped prove me wrong.

"And here's your room." Robin said while pointing to a door. I walked in and set my stuff down (Not that I have much. The downside to living beneath the earth's crust, no malls.) I walked over to a bed and collapsed from exestuation. Robin can be so boring sometimes. That and I had to travel all day and I woke up at 4 am.


I don't think a dodged a bullet. No, I dodged a freight train. Titans East and I walked in at the same time and when Starfire ran over to us, she could only suffocate a few of us. Plus a pushed Speedy in front of me, but he thinks Aqualad did it, so I'm in the clear.

I walked over to my friends Beast Boy and Herald and started talking to them, well more like signing to them, seeing as a can't talk.

"Jericho! How have you been?" Beast Boy yelled.

Good I guess. I signed

"I know this will make you feel better." Herald said. "Other than the fact that you're not bunking with Robin." Herald and Beast Boy started laughing.

"I heard that!" Robin yelled.

"Um, okay. It was kinda meant to be heard." Herald said.

Hey who am I bunking with?

"Kid Flash, Speedy, and I. Anyway here's what I was trying to tell you, Kole is here!"

Yes, O observant one. All of the Titans are here.

"Dude, we all know you like her." BB said.

I do not! Wait who's 'all'?

"Pretty much all of us except Kole." Herald said.

Fantastic. Just what I wanted, people knowing about that. I was positive no one knew I had a crush on Kole. Wow I wonder what else they know about me.

"Dude! She's coming in!" BB whispered hissed (Me: Wait, does that make any sense? Please pretend it does if it doesn't.), "Quit blushing!"

Yea, like I can control my blood, Einstein.

Ya, sorry if the chapter was slow. Most first chapters are like that. It will get better. ^_^'