Taaaadaaaaaa the finally! If you dont' know what I'm disclaiming by now, you are forbiden from reading the finally. I'm so evil.

-No one in particular's PoV-

Jericho set his guitar down on the roof as he finish playing. All of a sudden he heard applause and actually surprised him enough to fall off the Tower. Jericho tried to grab the edge of the Tower but failed. He closed his eyes and waited for the incoming impact on the ground.

Suddenly Jericho felt something grab onto his wrist. He looked up and saw Kole grabbing on to his wrist. Kole smiled and pulled him up.

"Nice one Jericho." Kole giggled. "Must you really almost fall off the Tower every time I come up here?"

Maybe. Thanks Kole.

"No prob." Kole looked down for a minute. "Um, Jericho, can I talk to you for a moment?"

Oh, ya totally.

"Um, thank you. For everything."

You're welcome. Is that all?

"No. Kid Flash told me some things. About you."

Oh, really?

'Crap! We swore him to secrecy!'

"Don't worry. I left him babbling like an idiot."

Oh! That was you? I swear if you went evil on your own, you would be an evil mastermind.

Kole giggled. "I'll take that as a compliment. I'm pretty sure he was making stuff up anyway. I'll just get some food now. Thanks for listening."

Jericho sat down and Kole started to walk away. Kole stopped and turned around. "Jericho,IwantedtotellyouthatIreallylikeyoubutIstillamnotsureyoulikemesoIdidn'ttellyoubutIthoughtmaybeIsouldtellyounow. I'msorryifyoudon'tlikemebutIdon'tcare."

Kole started to run towards the door. Jericho sat and tried to translate what Kole had said. When he did he thought 'Oh man, she likes me!'

Jericho stood up and ran over to Kole. When he reached her, he spun her around and did the first thing he could think of.

He kissed her.

When they broke apart, Kole said "Okay, Kid Flash wasn't lying."

Um, what? Never mind. Kole I like you to.

"Oh, really, I thought you hated my guts." Kole said, sarcastically. "That's why you kissed me."

'Dude, you got burned.'

Okay you are so lucky I have no clue how to hurt you.

"I love you Jericho." Koel said." Honestly, don't complicate the matter."


"Um, Jinx?" Argent said, "Is your boyfriend okay?"

"Her…… and what? Not a chance." Kid Flash babbled.

Jinx looked from Kid Flash to argent. "You have no clue how many times I ask myself that every day."

Taaaa daaaaa! Sorry it's so short, and sorry if it sucked. I have no clue how long I left Kid Flash to babble and please don't ask.

I seriously can't end on a serious note ever.