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Chapter Ten

Can I Have the Last Dance?

Three days.

It was three days until their wedding, and I had to prepare myself. I needed to apologize to him, maybe even to the both of them. That was the only way that I knew I could move on in my life, and I needed to see them together. Maybe seeing them together would finally shock my brain into believing that I would never have a chance. It didn't matter that he still liked me a little bit; he was getting married in three days, and there was nothing I could possibly do to stop it.

More than anything I needed to learn how to move on. Dance helped me forget about him temporarily, but it didn't help me get over him. It was a reminder now how I left him. Every time I danced I was reminded painfully of the day when I left him—left us—to pursue my dream. A dream that didn't last me my whole life like how I thought it would.

Roshe and Midori had been strangely careful around me ever since the night I came back from Fuji's house. They treated me like I was made of glass, and they were sure not to mention the wedding though I'm sure that Roshe told Midori I wanted to come.

I didn't know how I would act there. All I knew was that if I saw them together, for real, then maybe...maybe I would finally get it through my thick skull that he was taken; that was not for me. I was so stupid to believe even for a second that he would sacrifice a stable and almost married relationship to be with me. Our relationship was so unstable. From the beginning to the end it was an almost love-hate relationship. I hated him at first; I never thought I'd love him. At first I didn't even like him. I was in love with his dancing. He was an amazing partner.

How would I be able to apologize though? How would I also bear seeing him in a tuxedo at a wedding and know that he wasn't getting married to me, but to Ai instead. I wanted to be his friend, I really did, but it seemed impossible with how we were. So I would just apologize to him and we would both get out of each others' lives permanently.

Three days went by quickly. It was as if the god of time hated me and wanted to have the worse day come even faster. I didn't know why that was happened. I expected time to go slow because I was anticipating it, but maybe time went a bit faster too because I was also anxious because of it. I needed more time. There wasn't enough time for anything anymore.

Two days.

There were only two days before the big day for the two of them. I didn't contact Fuji and he didn't contact me, not even to ask me to go to his wedding. He wasn't looking for me either, he was probably just doing things for his fiancee then. I wished that he was looking for me though. I wanted him to try and find me even though it was impossible to think about.

One day.

I grew more distressed as I realized that there was only one day left. I was stupid to think that he would give up everything for me. That's what I kept thinking. Over and over and over again it played in my head like a record, along with the thoughts that there was only one day left.

I moved around the house like a zombie, making sure to avoid Roshe and Midori. I didn't want to give them anything more to worry about since they were going to have a baby. They needed to focus on Midori. She was the important one right now with her pregnancy, not me with my overemotional state. I made sure to leave them alone together as much as possible, but Roshe would seek me out every few hours to make sure that I was okay. Or probably to make sure that I was still alive and that I hadn't done anything rash because as the wedding day grew nearer, I ate less and less.

The day before the wedding I wandered around Tokyo aimlessly. Roshe told me that I needed to go find a dress for the wedding, but I didn't want to look by myself. I stopped at the nearest store and decided to call Tsubaki. She would surely be coming to the wedding. She was Tezuka's fiancee and he was Fuji's best friend. The call went to voicemail so I hung up frustrated. I didn't like being alone in the city in this state. I realized that Ayumi had to still be in Tokyo since the main office for her corporation was in Tokyo. I called her old number, hoping that she still kept it. She picked up on the second ring and screamed into my ear.


"Um, Ayumi?" I asked cautiously.

"Of course it's me! I heard you were back in Tokyo for now, why didn't you call me?" she scolded.

"I'm sorry, I guess I got preoccupied." My voice cracked on the last word and that's when I knew that she knew that I wasn't well.

"Oh Faye," she sighed. "I wish I could be with you right now, but I'm busy with work."

I sighed.

"Don't worry, Faye, I'll help you any way I can."

"It's fine, Ayumi. You don't need to. I was just wondering, are you going to the wedding tomorrow?"

"Um, I sort of have to." Her voice was quavering, and I didn't know if it was from fear or embarrassment.

"Ayumi?" I waited for her to reply without pushing.

"Well, the thing is...I'm sort of Inui's date..."


"He asked me and I said yes since he's not really a bad guy!"


"Please don't be angry!" She hung up hurriedly. So that's what she was embarrassed about.

Once again I was alone. Aine was in Okinawa teaching. I knew that if she was here, she would come no matter what was going on for her. It's not like my other friends weren't there for me, it's just that Aine was so nice she would drop everything to come. I missed her. I missed all of my friends. I had no idea where they were since they graduated.

In fact, I didn't know where I was going to go. I couldn't stay at Roshe's house forever, and I didn't have a place back in New York yet since I had hurt my ankle. I didn't belong anywhere, and staying in Tokyo would guarantee that I see Fuji again. Even with a population of 13,000,000, I knew that I would run into him again like I did two times already.

I decided to give up. I would just borrow something of Midori's because we were about the same size. I walked home slowly, trying to take as long as I could so as not to disturb Roshe and Midori. It was one day. One day until his wedding.


I lay in bed even though I knew that I didn't have the luxury of just lying there if I wanted to make it to the wedding. It was eight in the morning, and the wedding was a morning one that started at ten and would last until eight at night. It was an outdoor wedding in the garden, but the reception would be indoors at the fanciest hotel in Tokyo.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows for a second and then flopped back down. I would wait until Midori or Roshe would come and get me. As I expected though, it took about another twenty minutes before Midori came.

"Faye? Are you awake?" she asked.

"Yeah, Midori. I'll get up now if you need me to."

"Well, I just thought I would do your make-up and hair for the reception if that's alright with you. I need to start early since I have to get ready too."

I slipped out of bed and followed Midori to her room. She had everything set out already, and Roshe was nowhere to be seen.

Midori sat me down and started on my hair, curling every strand and making them in to nice, fat ringlets. She had a magic touch with hair and make-up that I never had. She took her time, not pushing me or rushing to make me nervous. When she was done she clipped back my bangs and started on my face. It was sort of comforting to have someone do all of that for me. It made me feel like a kid again and it was fun. I felt safe, and I thought that everything would be okay. I would go to the wedding and apologize and be done with it. After that...I didn't know, but I would figure things out for myself.

In the middle of all of Midori's work, Roshe came back with a paper bag full of donuts and bagels.

"Breakfast for the ladies!" he shouted,cupping his mouth with his hand to make a temporary megaphone. "It's hot and it's delicious so I suggest you eat before getting into your dresses or a mess will ensue." He smiled at me and gave Midori a peck before leaving the room to "get ready".

I ate in silence as Midori finished with me, giving me a smile at the end.

"You're beautiful," she said.

I looked into the mirror and saw that what she said was true. She was somehow able to mask all of the pain that accumulated with make-up. I looked normal, like myself. My face wasn't hollow anymore and there was no longer a helplessness to it. I got up and hugged her, silently thanking her for all that she was doing. She smiled back and told me to change into the dress she let me borrow. It was a dark purple, one-shoulder dress that went a little above my knees. It was simple and elegant and just beautiful.

About half an house before we were to leave, Roshe finally came to change into his Tux, and as soon as he was done we left.

I grew more and more panicked the nearer we got to the place. The panic didn't show on my face though; Midori had done a great job of hiding everything. Buildings passed by in a gray blur. I felt sick, nauseous. I wanted to jump from the car and run home, but I had asked for this. I had asked to go, so I had to fulfill my commitment.

We still had time before the wedding started when we arrived. I walked around the punch fountain and bar, making sure to avoid eye contact. The place was amazing, and it was every girls' dream to get married in a place like that. I knew that Fuji would be greeting the guests and that Ai would be in the back getting ready. I quickly sneaked into the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I hyperventilated and coughed until my lungs almost came out. I puked in the toilet five minutes before everyone was called to sit down. I ran out to sit next to Roshe and Midori.

Fuji stood under and arch of flowers. His brown hair combed and styled back with his eyes closed. He didn't open them, and I thought the black of his tuxedo really would have brought out the blue in his eyes, making them colder and icier.

Music started and bridesmaids in pale yellows walked out with men from the Seigaku team: Tezuka—who was obviously the best man, Ryoma, Oishi, and Inui. All with women on their arms who were Midori's friends. They separated once they reached the arch. The men on the side next to Fuji and the women on the side where the bride would be.

Finally the wedding march played, and that was when Fuji finally opened his eyes. I was right, the blue did bring out his eyes. He didn't look for me in the crowd, and I was glad and disappointed at the same time.

Ai came walking out with her dad, and she was in the most gorgeous wedding dress. It was strapless with a yellow sash that tied at the waist. The bodice was beaded and the full, floor-length skirt was tulle and lace. A crown sat atop her head with a veil attached to it, covering her small, pretty face and huge green eyes. She was beautiful, and I was envious.

I let out a small sob as I saw her. No one heard, they were too focused on the bride. I bit my lip and dug my nails into my knees to prevent myself from crying. I bent my head a bit to let my hair fall into my face. I did anything I could to control my feelings, to reel them in. I didn't want to cry, even though I knew that if I did people would just brush it off as a "crying at weddings because it's so beautiful" moment. I knew that I wouldn't just be able to cry though, I would end up sobbing and screaming and begging for Fuji to end it. So I reeled my emotions in and sat stiffly. If I moved, I would've lost it. I tried not to watch, but I couldn't help myself when the priest said "You may kiss the bride." Their kiss was full of love and passion, and I felt my heart digging into my body like a knife. It had betrayed me.

Everyone clapped, everyone except me. I was trying too hard not to cry. People got up and started moving indoors to get to the food. I followed slowly. I needed to talk to Fuji, but I knew he wouldn't be without his new wife for even a second. I would wait.

There was a three course meal to be eaten. I sat next to Midori and Roshe. I blanked out when

Tezuka and the bridesmaid of honor gave speeches about the two. I saw Tsubaki sitting at a table with Ayumi, and I knew they were sitting alone because their guys had to sit at the top table with the bride and groom.

I shoveled food into my mouth without tasting it. That was the first time that week I had eaten more than a few bites at a meal.

I waited patiently for Fuji to be free of Ai so I could apologize. I found my chance after they had cut the cake together. I only had about another hour before it would be time to catch the bouquet and the garter.

Ai had left Fuji for a little bit to go the bathroom and he was standing alone next to the punch fountain. It was the first time that night that I had seen him alone. People were always congratulating him. I made my way to him quickly and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Faye," I breathed as he turned and saw me.

"Fuji," I acknowledged. "Congratulations on getting married." I forced a smile onto my face.

"Faye," he said again, except softer. "You came."

"Of course I did, I'm not rude." I couldn't bear to look at him like that anymore and I stared at the ground instead.

"Please look at me," he begged. He lifted my chin with his fingers, and I saw on his face sadness and desperation.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'm sorry about what I did to you five years ago, and I'm sorry about what happened last week. I didn't mean for any of it to happen. I hope you have a nice life." I pulled away from him and tried to leave, but he grabbed my arm, in the same place he always did.

"Don't leave." There was that desperation again. "Don't leave, Faye."

"You're married now!" My voice broke on married and I thought I was going to cry again. "You have a wife now and you need to let go of me this instant sir." Fat tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried not to look at him.

He didn't let me go. Instead, he pulled my into his chest for a moment, and whispered softly, "I love you, Faye." He released my arm a millisecond later and looked away.

I glanced at him for a moment before whispering, "I love you too, Fuji."

I rushed away from him as soon as I said that. The tears were coming more frequently now and I had to keep my head bowed so people wouldn't see. I ran to the doors to get away. I would take a taxi home, but I was stopped by come men. One of them was holding a camera.

"Hey wait, before you leave would you like to say something to the bride and the groom? It's going on this video that they'll watch on their honeymoon."

"No thanks," I whispered.

"Come on! They're your friends."

The guy smiled at me and I forced myself to look at the camera. I wiped away my tears and put on my biggest smile. Congratulation guys. Have a wonderful honeymoon."

And before the man could say anything else, I dashed away. Fuji had told me he loved me, and that was the thing that hurt the most of all.

Eight Years Later

Tokyo was still a bustling place. It seemed to have grown even bigger. I was back in Tokyo, and this time, I was going to stay for good.

I went back to New York shortly after the ordeal and landed another dancing part except with a different troupe. One that wasn't so strict and heartless. One where the dancers didn't hate each other. It was exhilarating being back in New York, but in my heart I always missed Tokyo. So I came back, and I was going to be the new owner of Soft Steps Dance studio. The original owner had grown too old and had sold it to me. I would own my own studio and teach people more dancing. I had never been so glad to be back in Tokyo.

I wasn't scared of running into Fuji or Ai anymore. I was stronger and I had accepted what happened. I still yearned for him and loved him, but it was no longer the most important thing in my life. And neither was dance. I was different.

It had been a month since I came back, and I had already fixed the studio. It didn't need to be fixed though, it just needed some touch-ups. I repainted the studio and replaced the hardwood floors with oak floors, which would be better for the feet. It was September and a cold breeze blew. I was locking up to go out to lunch when I saw him again for the first time in eight years since his wedding. He still looked almost exactly the same. I didn't turn my head away, I wasn't afraid of him seeing me. I didn't want him to, but I wasn't going to hide anymore.

I started walking in his direction, but only because that was where my apartment was. In just a few seconds he caught sight of me.

"Faye," he mouthed.

I looked up at him and gave him a smile. "Hello Fuji."

He was speechless for once.

"I haven't seen you in eight years," I said. "How's your life?" I wanted to be polite more than anything.

He gave me a why smile before showing me his left hand. There was no wedding band on it.

"What happened? You two were so in love." I looked up at him, searching his face for an answer. I hoped to got that I wasn't the reason for the divorce. There was no way Ai could've found out anything.

"We fell out of love." He gave me such a simple answer I didn't know how to reply. "We were always fighting," he continued. "And in the end she threw the wedding ring and the engagement ring at me and told me to go screw myself and that she didn't need me. It was two years ago." There was that wry smile again.

"I'm so so sorry."

"Don't be."

We stood there silently for a moment. My heart was expanding and filling my chest with all of my hopes. They grew bigger until they were the size of a hot air balloon. I thought it might pop, but nothing happened. Fuji didn't say anything else, and my heart still ballooned just at the sight of him. I was hoping against all hope that he would be with me. I still loved him yes, but it no longer hurt to be in his proximity. Instead I was being filled with liquid happiness. I waited for him to say the last words that he had said to me at his wedding.

He grabbed my hand and smiled. "I love you, Faye."

I gave him a smile too. "I love you too, Fuji. So let's start over from the beginning."


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