I don't own Star Wars. I grew up watching it though.

Warning this story is going to be real sad. Character death.

This plot bunny bit me after reading the first chapter of a fic where on his death Obi-Wan is given the chance to travel back in time and change things.

So thanks to the author of that fic.

If anyone wants to kill me too bad! You'll just have to cry and berate me.

Obi-Wan Kenobi walked down the corridors of the Jedi Temple. It was peaceful; but at the same time something was bothering him. It might just be the fact that I changed the past. If I hadn't these halls would be filled with dead Jedi with a few clones thrown in.

It hadn't been hard to make the decision. Shortly after he had arrived on Tatooine a being had approached him and offered him the opportunity to change what had happened. He had considered it before excepting the offer.

Qui-Gon had advised against it. He hadn't be in the mood to listen.

He had worked hard on severing Anakin's emotional ties. It had been almost easy to convince Padme to the fact that having an emotional tie to Anakin would be bad.

Ahsoka had been another matter. Anakin and she had become fond of each other. However upon the war's end Obi-Wan had suggested that she be reassigned. Two weeks later she assigned to a master going on a long mission under comm silence.

The only thing that marred the whole affair was the fact that Anakin had become more and more withdrawn. He rarely spoke to anyone and the light was gone from his eyes and what had remained disappeared after hearing that Padme had gotten married during the war.

His presence had diminished as well. What had once been a bright warm presence now was a dim and melancholy one. Children that had once flocked to his side now just stood as he walked by.

It had to be done! Obi-Wan told himself as he headed to his and Anakin's quarters. He had tried to get separate quarters but some healer had said that it would be better if they stayed together. Obi-Wan guessed that it no longer mattered seeing that the Sith were vanquished.

Finally he reached the door and taped the entry code. The door slid open.

The quarters were dark.

"Anakin,' Obi-Wan called. No response.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Obi-Wan flipped the light control panel and and surveyed the sitting room/dining area/kitchenette. There was no sign of Anakin.

Is he even here? Obi-Wan wondered as he headed for Anakin's sleeping chamber. The door slid aside the moment he arrived at it. The shaft of light illuminated a horrible sight: Anakin lying on his bed with a wire wrapped around his throat.