Chapter One: Welcome Back.

George Weasley woke up one summer morning to his mother's incessant hammering on the door and shouts that they needed to wash dress and eat so they could get the house ready for Harry. George didn't see the need for all of the work. Harry would only be embarrassed and feel bad after. So why put him through that? Simple, Molly Weasley wanted the house perfect for Harry Potter. Perfect and boasting to him on how Ginny seemed to do much of the common housewife work. How, when she should marry, would make the perfect housewife. Right. As if she couldn't make her dire wish for Harry to marry her only daughter even more obvious. As if Ginny was as perfect as their mother made her out to be. Well, if perfect now meant infidelity, laziness, and bossy, then she was dead on. Don't get him wrong, he loved his mother and sister dearly; it was their views on things that weren't all that clear.

Grunting, George sat up in his bed. "Yeah, yeah mum. I'm up. Go wake up Ron, Merlin knows it'll take you all mornin'." He hissed.

"Don't you take that tone with me Fred Weasley!" He sighed. That was another thing about his mother-no family- that got to him. They weren't one entity called 'FredandGeorge', no they were two different people that no one could seem to tell apart. Speaking of Fred…the lummox was sprawled on his bunk snoring and drooling lightly. Great. "Mum. I'm not Fred. I'm George. Fred's still sleeping."

There was a pause and then his mum, Mrs. Molly Weasley, gave an apology and orders to wake up the other twin and get downstairs.

'The other twin? What the hell. We have names woman! –sigh- not that it matters to anyone anyways.' He sighed again turning to his brother 'Better wake up Gred.' Smirking, George threw a pillow, rather roughly mind you, at Fred; who shot up at the contact.

"Wha--? Who--?" He turned to his twin expectantly.

"Gred, mum came with a wakeup call." Was the only reply he got.

"Oh." Fred new full well what wake up calls entailed. The infamous mix-up.

The two twins got up and changed. Neither said anything to each other. That is, until they heard Ron fall from his bed one floor up. They each gave identical grins then raced to the kitchen. Identical. Was everything about them identical? Did everyone really think that they were the same in every aspect? It seemed that the only one who could tell them apart was their Best friend Lee Jordan. And even he had a really hard time doing it. Somewhere in his musings, George slowed his running to a walk, and didn't realize where he was going until he nearly ran into Ginny as she came out of her room.

"Damn George, watch yourself, you might fall down the stairs!" His baby sister laughed.

Though George was far from laughing. In fact he was leaning more to the 'I'm so disgusted right now I want to heave.' Kind of feeling. Ginny simply looked horribly slutty and desperate. Her red hair was down and completely straight. Her face was covered in blush, honestly it made her look like she was sick or drank one pepper up potion too many. Her lips were covered in a thick red coloring, and her eyelids in a similar state (only the color was blue.). She was wearing a rather small black mini-skirt, with a deep red tube top. Ginny at least had the decency to wear a black jacket over the 'shirt', so their parents-not father wouldn't have a heart attack. Their mum probably had a hand in her attire, seeing as Ginny was wearing a pair of high-heels that Fred and George had found in their parents' closet when they were younger.

Finally finding his voice, he spoke up. "Gin, what the hell are you wearing?"

She smiled. "Oh, this? Do you like it?" Apparently she didn't sense his discomfort and actually had the audacity to strike pose after pose.

Honestly, he was disgusted. But since he liked her making a fool of herself… "Yeah Gin, you look great." He replied with a grin.

She grinned back, showing two rows of perfectly shaped white teeth. Not even waiting for her to give him any more of a reply, George set off for the kitchen again where he sat at the table between a very grumpy Ron, and a smirking Fred.

"What's up Gred?" He whispered to his twin.

"Oh, nothing besides the fact that ol' Dumbledore decided that it was better to get Harry here earlier, so we don't have to do any work Forge." Both redheads grinned widely at the thought of their mother going insane over the super last minute cleaning that she'd have to do.

Ginny came down and sat at the table. Those who hadn't seen her yet (mainly everyone but George and their mum) shared the same look of disgust that George had when he saw her. Mrs. Weasley bustled into the kitchen shortly after shouting at Ginny to set the table. Another show of how absolutely perfect Ginny was. It must have been a planned operation, because when she was in the middle of putting her fourth place setting down, their father, Mr. Arthur Weasley, walked in the kitchen door with a certain Harry Potter following in tow.

Out of all the ways George had mentally seen Harry change, he was not expecting what he saw. Sure, he thought that Harry would grow a more than an inch. Sure he thought that he'd get more bulk or at least fat on him. Sure, he at one point thought that Harry would get at least a small portion of the confidence that Malfoy had, but that was downright impossible. He didn't however plan to see a still tiny as all hell, skin and bones, trembling Harry. Did he mention that Harry walked with his head mostly down? Or that he was freakishly pale? Or that his lips were a delicious shade of red? Oh sweet Merlin! He certainly didn't just think that about his younger brother's best friend! When harry looked up, Blue met Green, and George could see a whirlpool of emotion. Pain, anger, humiliation, fear, discomfort, weariness. Nothing good. He could see how broken the boy was. How being in this room made him want to cry, or scream, or even both. How he looked utterly shaken about something , and the only thing that was any inclination to his feelings was his eyes. That made George angry.

Unfortunately, he seemed to be the only one in the room to notice his condition, and that seemed to make him angrier. George was in fact, so angry that he was quivering in his seat. At least Fred, and maybe Harry seeing as he tore his eyes away, noticed.

"George! What?! What's wrong?!" Fred whispered frantically.

Harry met George's eye again, giving him a silent plea to calm down and a promise to talk later. George found he couldn't deny the little beauty his request and began taking in deep, calming breaths. "Nothing" he murmured "I'm fine, its fine."


"HARRY!!!!" George's head snapped up when Ginny shrieked. She had run up to Harry (dropping and nearly breaking the rest of the plate settings) and wrapped the raven-haired teen in what looked like a tight hug. George didn't forgo The wince Harry made, or his quick attempts to push her off. Nor did he miss the near-tears state he was in. Whether it was seeing Harry react to his sister, seeing his sister latch on to him, or just to see the boy so close to tears he did not know. But one of those reasons set off George and before he knew it, he was up and over to the teen's side.

"Harry, can I have a word?" The redhead asked caressing the other's shoulder.

Harry stiffened "Sure George" well that was a surprise to say the least. Everyone was looking at Harry as if he'd grown an extra head, which seemed to make him tense more.

"Harry, how do you know he's Fred when none of us can tell the twins apart?" That was Ron, the bloody idiot.

"Simple, how can you not tell?" Harry cocked his head to the side (stiffly) making everyone in the room flinch or stare more.

"Well seeing as they're bloody identical twins I don't know Harry, you tell us?!" again, the idiot yelled.

"Ron, please don't yell. And it's impossible to be identical to someone. To me, they don't look at all the same. Fred's hair is darker, he has brown rings around his pupils, his voice is deeper and huskier. He's taller, his nose is more pointed and he's a lot more mischievous and sneaky ("Thanks Har!"). George meanwhile, has brighter and longer hair, his eyes are a lot bluer, he has a more melodical voice, a little quirk on his lips, he's broader at the shoulders, and he's the gentler more well clever twin. So sorry Fred looks like you're the evil twin." He finished with a strained smile.

Fred smirked, not giving away the surprise he was feeling. "Well-well-well, I always knew I was the better looking twin."

"No way! I am totally better looking."

"Looks like-"

"-We need your opinion Harry. Who-"

"-Is the better looking one?"

Harry shifted looking at the two in discomfort while…blushing? He looked rather adorable blushing like that. No. No! This is HARRY POTTER best friend to my little brother! "C-can we not do this? George you said you wanted to talk to me, so let's go."