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Tia Harribel let out a grunt of annoyance as the artificial sun hovering over Hueco Mundo poured its blazing beams of light into her bedroom. Sitting up in bed, it could be seen that she was wearing an XXL Don Kanonji T-shirt that covered a large portion of her slender, tanned body. She had initially purchased it at such a large size so that it would not rip apart from trying to contain her massive breasts, but it seems it was a little TOO big. Looming over her bed was a life-sized poster of Don Kanonji, and it was smothered in lipstick markings, especially around the crotch area. Yawning emphatically, the blonde lazily climbed out of bed and slipped her bare feet into a pair of super-rare Don Kanonji slippers.

Harribel shuffled into the kitchen (each Arrancar had a small apartment-like room of their own), and dug around in the cabinets until she finally pulled out her beloved special-edition Don Kanonji coffee mug. It was the only coffee mug she bothered owning. It was her own personal opinion that everything tasted ten times better when drank from this cup.

'I wonder if I should watch through season 3 of Ghost Bust tonight for old time's sake...some of those episodes were really thrilling...especially that one at the beach...yeah, that one was awesome...' The blonde pondered as she poured her own special blend of coffee into her mug, the steam of the bland-tasting brew filling her nostrils. Instead of reading the daily Hueco Mundo newspaper like most Arrancar, Harribel started off her day by glancing through the Don Kanonji fanbook that she had specifically ordered from the official Ghost Bust fansite.

Harribel's favorite pictures were always the ones of Don Kanonji without a shirt. 'Mmm...Kanonji-baby...you so FINE...'

When she finally finished off the very last drop of her coffee, Harribel placed the mug in the sink and headed back into her bedroom to change. She carefully stripped off her shirt and folded it neatly. She placed the shirt carefully atop a box lying in the middle of the closet, and then she threw on her usual daily attire without much thought. Once everything was set in place, Harribel knew there was just one last thing to be done before she could go out and seize the day as the Tres Espada.

She crossed both her arms over her bulging chest, threw her head back, and let out a deep, unnaturally boisterous laugh in a similar manner to Don Kanonji's trademark pose. Now the very power of Don Kanonji himself would fill her spirit, giving her the strength she needed to succeed in life's many trails. Sighing happily, Harribel snatched up her zanpakuto from off the night-table, and made her way out the door.

'Don Kanonji...I will make you proud!!!'

The moment she stepped out of her room, though, she immediately reverted to her usual cold, untalktive self. There was still no way she could risk letting anyone learn of her secret, somewhat perverted obsession with Don Kanonji.

Ulquiorra was a little bothered wondering just who could be laughing their head off so early in the morning, though...