Hello again!

I recently realized that this fic was written in 2009, which means that it's going to be TEN YEARS OLD next year! Every time I look at the old fic, I'm overwhelmed by all the wonderful, encouraging comments I got. This was my first big, serious fic; it's my first one that received lots of feedback and support, and really encouraged 16-year-old-me to keep writing, and I'm so grateful for everyone that read, commented, and loved it!

To thank everyone that read the original fic, I'm re-writing it for the 10-year-anniversary, so it can be re-read as a whole new experience and hopefully enjoyed anew. I really just wanted to give you guys the best version of this fic that I could, to thank you for beginning all the fic writing I ever did.

You can read the new fic as it's posted at archive of our own!

archiveofourown works/16090916

Thank you all again for being so amazing, it's meant so much to me every single time I read your comments!