Fandom – El Mariachi/Desperado/Once upon a time in Mexico trilogy

Pairing – El/Sands

Ratin - T for use of barely there language and implyed adult situation

El could remember the first woman he loved. She was murdered in front of his eyes. After is happened, he was hell bent on revenge. He was in the very same town as Bucho, had him tracked down, when he fell in love again.

Carolina. She was the most beautiful woman in the whole of Mexico. He had loved her with his whole heart; he had killed his brother to save her. She was so brilliant and fiery. She had even given him the most precious gift in the world; A daughter. But then she was murdered, they both were. Once again, he had seen the women he loved die and he could do nothing to stop it happening.

So he had vowed to never love again, to never cause himself such agony again. He was trying to live peacefully when he was ensnared in another 'game.' Once again he was on a mission, though for once it wasn't self appointed. He had been praying and praying that he wouldn't fall in love again. He didn't think that he could ever stand to be with a woman after everything that had transpired.

When it was finished, when the guns fell silent and the people could walk on the streets once more, he could finally go home. But could he really go back? Pulling a trigger is much easier than playing a guitar after all. El decided to stay in the town for a few days more, just to make sure nothing bad happened.

That was when it happened, and he had though himself safe because the fighting had ceased. He was walking down a street, back to his motel, when he saw a man sitting on the foot path. He had blood running from under his sunglasses. El knew this man, it was Sands. The corrupt agent who had tried to play them all like puppets. And he was injured. El sighed to himself. Why? He thought to the gods as he helped the man to his feet and all the way back to the motel.

'You can stay with me until you can manage on your own.' Sands snorted and so began their not really friendship. El helped Sands to overcome his new found disability and Sands didn't really help the Mariachi. He gave sarcastic comments carefully soaked in vitriol.

Weeks passed and El was finally fed up with the motel. There was only one bed in the room, and he was sick of sleeping on the floor. 'I've bought a house. You can stay here or come with me.' El had said one day and Sands had sighed. 'Of course you have.' But packed up his possessions anyway.

Over the years El found that Sands wasn't so bad. Once you got past the complete bastard aspect of him. They were close enough that El noticed when Sands had started to act weird he noticed, so he studied him. He saw the subtle gestures and body language. The quick looks and almost lingering gazes that were sent his way and he found that he didn't mind.

Eventually El couldn't stand it any longer and took action. He slammed Sands against a wall and made out with him. 'What the fuck are you doing?' Was shouted from a near hysterical Sands. 'I'm not stupid. When you're ready you know where I will be.' And El left Sands standing there.

It took half a day before Sands went to find El.

El was so sure that he would never love again. Two failed attempts at love, each ending in murder and tragedy. After Carolina he was positive he wouldn't ever love again; who is as smart and beautiful as Carolina. Who would give him a life as perfect as he had with her? No one. And he was right. His life with Sands wasn't perfect, hell it didn't come close. But he loved and was loved in return. And since they've been together, there have been no shoot outs (not including the anger-induced ones with Sands), no attempts on either of their lives and definitely no tragedy or murder.

Maybe it was just a woman thing.