Chapter Twenty-Seven: Rescue

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The sound of people apparating had Harry startled awake in the middle of the night. Harry quickly crawled over to one of the windows and looked out to see what was going on; he couldn't see anyone.

Panicked, Harry made his way back over to the sleeping Destiny and shook her awake, "Destiny!" Harry said in a hushed tone.

Slowly, Destiny opened her eyes, "What's going on?" She quickly sat up and waited for him to reply to her demanding question.

Harry sighed and quickly put the light ball out with Destiny's wand, "I don't know. I woke up because it sounded as if people were apparating around the house but when I looked out the window I couldn't see anyone."

Destiny sighed and rubbed her tired eyes, "Maybe you just imagined it…"

Harry rolled his eyes at her, "OR it could be Voldemort!"

This got her attention and she quickly jumped to her feet, "What are we going to do?"

Harry mindlessly rubbed his arm as he contemplated what to do next, "Well, they can't get in here can they? They don't have pure hearts; they want to harm us just like the zombies. Am I right?"

Slowly, Destiny nodded her head, "I think so…."

Harry gave her a desperate look, "You THINK so? What do you mean by that?"

Destiny gave him a glare as she snapped, "I don't know everything, Harry!"

Harry sighed, "I know… I'm sorry for yelling at you…"

Destiny grabbed his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze, "We will get out of here, Harry. I am pretty positive they can not enter."

Before Harry could reply to her statement green flashes of light lit up the cottage. Harry quickly pushed her behind him and raised her wand, "Stay here." He told her in an attempt to keep her protected.

She shook her head, "Like hell if I'll stay here! I'm coming with you!"

Harry quickly turned to stare at her, "Please, Destiny."

The look in his emerald eyes made her slowly nod her head. She gave his hand one more squeeze before slowly lowering herself to the floor, "Please be careful..." She whispered to him.

Harry crept over to the window to look out once again. The only thing he could see was the green flashes of light but why would the Death Eaters be using the Avada Kedavra spell on zombies? "Can zombies die from the killing curse?" Harry asked her in a hushed tone.

She shook her head in response, "It knocks them out for a while but zombies can not die, they are already dead."

Harry nodded his head and turned back to look out the window again. Suddenly in one of the flashes of green light he caught a glimpse of Sirius. A huge smile grew on his face at the sight of his Godfather. "They're here!"

The excited tone in his voice had Destiny jump to her feet and run beside him to look out the window as well, "Who is here?"

In his excitement Harry pulled Destiny into a hug and swung her around, "We are going to be saved!"

Destiny laughed as he swung her around again, "Put me down." She said through her laughter.

Slowly, he lowered her back to the wooden floor, "Sorry." He mumbled with a blush slowly forming on his cheeks.

This just made Destiny laugh even more, "Don't apologize, Silly. You were just excited, and besides it was fun. I just didn't want them walking in on you spinning me around, they would probably think we didn't want to be saved because we were having so much fun anyway."

Harry smiled softly and looked out the window again. The green flashes suddenly stopped making Harry turn to Destiny in confusion, "They can't be done yet, can they?"

She shrugged her shoulders in response.

Suddenly, the door to the cottage swung open and a voice called out "Harry, are you in here?" The owner of the voice mumbled a lumos and stepped inside the cottage more.

Harry smiled brightly and ran to Severus to attack him with a hug, "Severus!"

A huge grin formed on Severus' face at the sight of his ward, "Are you alright, child?" Severus quickly formed a light ball and floated it up to the center of the room so he could check his ward out. There was blood in his hair and a cut on his arm but other then that the child looked alright. "Did you hurt your head?" Severus asked him in a worried voice.

Moody interrupted their reunion before Harry could reply, "We need to get going. The Death Eaters were sure to have seen the green flashes and are probably on their way here now."

Severus nodded his head in agreement and stepped away from Harry. He noticed Destiny in the corner of his eye, "Come on Destiny, you will be coming with us."

Destiny timidly made her way over to Severus.

Seeing that she was nervous Harry grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, "It's okay."

Hearing this, Destiny came closer to Severus.

Severus stared at the two with a smirk.

Remus quickly entered the conversation with a small smile placed on his lips, "Severus, let's not pick on Harry at the moment, we must be going."

Severus nodded his head and motioned for Harry and Destiny to come to him. Once they were in front of him he wrapped his arms around them and disappeared with a pop followed by the rest of the Order.

Shortly they arrived outside of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place and they quickly entered before anybody who was still up at this time of night would not see them.

Before Harry even made it through the kitchen doorway he was attacked by a hysterical Molly Weasley, "Oh Harry!" She cried as she gave him a death grip hug. She pushed him back so she could look him up and down to make sure he wasn't hurt, "Why do you have blood in you hair, Harry?" She asked even more hysterically.

Harry looked to Severus for him to save him.

Instead of saving him like Harry wanted he said, "Yeah, why was your head bleeding, Harry?"

"I'll kill them if they touched you!" Molly shrieked angrily and her grip on him tightened making Harry wince.

Ron huffed at the sight, "Mum! You're hurting him, leave him go."

Quickly the grip on him loosened, "Oh I'm sorry Harry dear, I just got all worked up…"

Harry gave her a small smile, "It's alright."

"Who are you?" Ginny asked Destiny with a glare.

Harry sighed and walked over to Destiny, "She's a friend, Ginny. Please be nice to her…"

Severus smirked at Harry, 'Just a friend…. That's a laugh!'

Ron smirked at his sister, "Jealous much?"

Hermione smacked him in the arm and gave him a glare, "Ronald!"

Ginny gave Ron a glare that would kill, "I'm not jealous! I was simply asking who she was!"

Ron laughed lightly, "Right…"

Molly gave the two a warning glare, "Ronald, apologize to your sister immediately."

Ron sighed but apologized anyway.

Molly nodded her head then went back to cooing over Harry's cuts, "Why was your head bleeding, Harry?"

Harry sighed; she obviously was not going to let this drop. "I don't know. I'm guessing it was cut when I fell to the cement in the dungeon because when I woke up I was surrounded in blood." He quickly regretted saying that when Molly pulled him closer to get a better inspection on his cut.

Molly grabbed his arm and started pulling him out of the kitchen, "Come, we need to get this cleaned out."

Harry groaned but allowed her to take him to the bathroom (it wasn't like he had a choice in the matter though).

Once Harry was out of the room Hermione turned to Destiny and put out her hand, "Hello, my name is Hermione."

Destiny slowly shook Hermione's hand, "Destiny."

Hermione nodded her head, "It is nice to meet you, Destiny."

"Nice to meet you too, Hermione." Destiny replied with a small smile. At least Hermione was nice unlike that Ginny girl…

Suddenly a scream sounded from the bathroom followed by a, "WELL IF YOU'D SIT STILL!"

Ron paled, "Mum's killing him…"

Arthur rolled his eyes at his son, "Don't be absurd Ronald!"

Fred flinched as well, "Sure does bloody sound like it…"

Arthur sighed, "She is cleaning out the cut boys."

Severus sighed as another impatient shout from Molly came, "I'll go help her."

Albus broke the awkward silence, "As soon as Molly and Severus are finished with Harry I am calling a meeting with the Order, which means the children must be upstairs."

Remus nodded his head in agreement, "We have much to discuss."

A minute later the three came back into the kitchen.

"I don't want you horse-playing until that cut is healed, young man." Molly told him matter-of-factly.

Harry huffed, "But-"

Severus quickly interrupted before he could continue, "Do not argue young man. She is right, if you horse-play you very well could make it start to bleed again." Severus gave him a look that dared him to argue further.

Harry sighed and mumbled, "Whatever." as he made his way over to the table to sit beside Destiny.

Severus gave Harry a warning glare but did not say anything else.

Albus nodded his head, "Alright, I do believe it is time to call to order a meeting. Children, please go upstairs. Someone will be up later to tell you when you may come back down."

Slowly, the children did as they were told even though they thought it was stupid.

Once the door closed behind them Moody quickly placed a silencing spell on the room so even if they did come back down (which was highly likely) they would not overhear their discussions.

"Thank you Mad-Eye." Albus nodded his thanks then began the meeting, "I have called this meeting to discuss the young girl, Destiny. Does anyone know anything about her? Is she trustable?"

Sirius smirked, "Well, it's pretty obvious her and Harry have a thing going on…"

Albus sighed, "They could very well just be friends, Sirius."

Both Sirius and Remus got a chuckle out of that.

Minerva rolled her eyes at them both, "Girls and boys can be friends you know."

Severus smirked, 'Right.'

Minerva noticed the smirk and glared at him, "Oh shut up, Severus!"

This brought Sirius and Remus into full out laughter.

Albus stood from his seat making everyone become silent. Once they were all silent again he sat back down and continued, "Back to my question; does anyone know anything about this girl?"

Severus nodded his head, "I do."

Albus nodded his head at him and said, "Continue."

"Her father is Damion Lite, one of Voldemort's close followers. Damion killed his wife because she had a girl instead of a boy but after she was dead he realized he could give Destiny to Voldemort as a "gift" when she turned sixteen, she is fourteen now. Damion use to brag about it to everyone." Severus informed the Order.

Minerva and Molly gasped at the wicked story.

"That poor girl…" Molly whispered sadly. Arthur pulled her closer to him in case she lost it.

Minerva looked more mad then sad, "Some people shouldn't be able to have children."

Albus nodded his head in agreement, "Then it is settled. I will tell the Minister about her father and his custody rights of her will be destroyed."

Tonks gave him a confused look, "Would she be put into the system then?"

Albus gave her a regretful look before saying, "Do you have another idea?"

Tonks slowly looked up at Remus.

Suddenly Remus realized what she was getting at and he quickly said, "No."

Tonks sighed, "But Remie she can't go into the system!" Tonks said using her nickname she gave him when they were younger.

Remus sighed, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Remus asked her softly.

Quickly Tonks nodded her head.

Remus slowly turned to look at Albus, "Alright, Albus. We'll take the custody of her."

Minerva smiled at them, "You might want to go speak to her about it."

Remus and Tonks made their way up to inform her of the custody changes.

As expected Destiny didn't have any problem with the change of her guardians; she loathed her biological father.

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