Recap: "Bella look we're in our meadow...isn't beautiful." he whispered into her ear.

He started to rock them back and forth as he hummed Bella's lullaby.

He remained that way for hours; never stopping the rocking or her lullaby.


He stopped humming and his body stilled as his ears perked up at the sound of his name being called.


He began humming again this time at a lower octave.


Again he stopped, ears straining to hear the sound again.

He let out a warning growl as he stood into his crouching stance with Bella tucked in his arms.


This time Edward roared into the meadow "Show yourself." all the while still whispering "Mine, mine, mine." like a mantra.

Appearing from thin air she stepped towards him in all her glory, with shimmering skin and garments.

Edward fell to him knees; still mindful of Bella's body in his arm; at the sight before him.


Chapter 32


I looked at the being in front of me not believing the sight before me. The woman that stood before me was stunning.

The almost translucent dress she wore hugged every curves of her body and yet it managed to bellowed in the wind along with her dark locks.

Slowly my sight inched upwards towards her face. I was met with the most brilliant smile. It was almost painful to look at.

"Who…who are you?" I stuttered in awe, but still I clutched my Bella closer to me.

Whoever this woman was she wasn't going to take my Bella away from me.

When she moved closer she seemed to glide instead of walk towards us. I was even more confused as to why I still felt calm instead of being on alert and ready to protect my love.

She came closer. She was close enough now where she could reach out and take my hand if she chose to.

"Edward…it's time." her brilliant smile went wider.

"Time for what?"

"To let go…"

"To…let…go?" what was she talking about. None of this was making any sense. "Why…who are you?"

The woman chuckled but continued to smile "Has it been so long that you do not remember you mother's face?"

"What…you…but you died so long ago…" My voice trailed off as I tried to make sense out of all this.

"Open your eyes Edward…open your eyes." she said.

Upon those words my world began to dim and darkness consumed me.

"Edward, Edward can you heard me?" the man's voice was soft and sounded almost like a song. "Edward, I'm going to help you get better. I promised your mother I would. Edward I'm sorry she's passed on. What I'm about to do is going to save you but it's going to hurt…a lot. I'm sorry Edward truly I am."

I felt a stinging sensation at my neck. A slow burning sensation seemed to seep thru my body and it was increasingly getting stronger. I felt like I was burning.

It hurt like hell…was I in hell…was I dead? Suddenly I felt cool air graze my face, I tried to will my eyes to open but the felt heavy and burdened by the burning.

I begged for death to claim me…I pleaded with the voice of the man to end my life, but he wouldn't listen. Instead he would tell me that it will soon be over. His voice was calming in a way. He shared with me his past and what he'd become…what I was becoming.

A long time has gone by and still I burned, but it was decreasing some. Soon I began to feel my hands and feet, then my arms and legs until all that remained was the ache in my chest.

I felt my last heat beat. The last image that flashed thru my mind was that of my beautiful Bella.

I could hear, feel, and taste everything at once, it was over whelming. The noise seemed to increase all at once…it was deafening.

My eyes flashed open "Bella?" my voice came out in a whisper.

Ah good he's awake.

I heard the same voice that had lulled my suffering caught my attention. "What going on, who are you and why is it so loud in here?"

The man gave me a puzzled look. Loud, there's no one for miles…

"What do you mean there's no around, I can hear them. Can't they be quieter."

"Edward, my name is Carlisle, Dr. Cullen…I cared for you and your mother at the hospital. I'm going to explain to you what has happened to you, but you have to calm down." he said calmly.

He wanted me to calm down…it was loud I couldn't even think. Where was my Bella? I tried to picture her in my mind but the picture was hazy.

Carlisle explained what I'd become. As soon as he mentioned the word blood-lust a burning desire took over my thoughts. My throat felt like a burning piece of coal was being lit afire. Blood I've never wanted anything more in my life.

Carlisle took me hunting and explained some more about our kind. I tried to listen to him the best I could but I kept getting distracted by all the noise.

I interrupted him "Carlisle, can't you hear it…the noise. It sounds like I'm in the middle of a room filled with people and they're all talking at the same time."

He gave me that puzzled look again. This time I heard what he said before he said it. What the hell!

I answered him. "Edward I didn't say anything. I wonder…?"

Edward can you hear me?

"Of course I can hear you you're right next to me."

"Edward…I didn't say anything I was only thinking it."

"You were what?…"

Curiosity danced in his eyes as he tested his theory. He was delighted that he was correct in assuming that my talent was mind reading.

After some discussion about my talent and what would happen in the next couple of years due to my blood-lust I asked Carlisle about my Bella.

He seemed confused by my question. "Edward, there was no one else brought in, only you and your mother. There was no record of a Bella admitted into the hospital."

"No I suppose she wouldn't be registered as Bella…what about an Isabella Swan?"

"I'm sorry Edward but no one by that name was brought in." he said solemnly.

Then it hit me, why didn't I think of it before. "Carlisle, what year is it?" he thought his answer.


"No, no, no…90 years…" she wouldn't be alive yet. "What 90 years?"

I hadn't realized that I'd spoken out loud. "Nothing."

It would be 90 years before I could see her, touch her, hold her in my arms again. This time I'm not going to leave her. I'll stay and we'll face what life throws at us together. I just have to be patient and wait.

Wait to hold her, kiss her, give her all my love…and so I'll wait.

The End….or is it.

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