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Chapter 1: A Peaceful day

It's been at least four days since the defeat of Malefor. The Dragons Realm has been at peace, because Spyro and Cynder had defeated Malefor, and finished killing the grunts that were still running around.

Spyro and Cynder had enjoyed the attention they were getting as heroes, but it was starting to get old, and both of them were getting tired of it. They couldn't go anywhere without somebody seeing them, and asking them question about the defeat of Malefor, and if they were going to get married. Then one day, while they were alone Spyro had an idea.

"Why don't we go somewhere where people can't find us; just for a little while," Spyro told Cynder

"That would be a great idea Spyro; also we could be alone to; well you know," Cynder said as she laughed a little. She then kissed Spyro.

"We have to wake a couple of months when we will be considered old enough to mate," Spyro said back to Cynder.

"Oh, k," Cynder said sounding a little disappointed.

"Don't worry Cynder you will always be my love, and no one else," Spyro said to Cynder.

"I know," Cynder said. She ran up, hugged Spyro and kissed him.

Cynder released Spyro from her hug.

Spyro then said, "It's getting late, we need to leave before the sun come up, or somebody might spot us."

"Right let's go," Cynder said back to Spyro

Cynder and Spyro took off into the night sky. They didn't know that there was someone following them.

Spyro sensed something; he whipped his head around and breathed fire into the night sky.

Cynder looked over at him with a confused look on her face; then she asked, "What's going on. Why did you just do that?"

Spyro responded, "I thought someone was behind us, but I guess I was wrong."

"Ok," Cynder responded.

They both kept flying through the night, but Spyro still felt uneasy. Spyro still thought that someone was following them to their secret area.

"Don't worry about it; don't forget you still have me, and if anything happens we have each other," Cynder said to Spyro to comfort him.

"I know, and I will always remember that I have you Cynder," Spyro said to her.

They made it to their secret area, and they both landed in the field; the sun was about to come up. Spyro looked back and saw nothing. Then he looked in front of him, and there was Sparx in his face.

Spyro jumped back in surprise; Cynder turned and looked at Spyro.

"What is it Spyro?" Cynder asked

She turned and saw Sparx there in front of Spyro. Cynder then said, "Hey it's Sparx; how has it been?

"It hasn't been too back," Sparx said back to Cynder.

"You know both of yal are hard to catch. I had to fly as fast I could to even catch up to you, and then Spyro breathing fire at my direction was not fun either," Sparx said as he turned to face Spyro with an angry look on his face.

"Right sorry about the fire; I didn't like anyone following me. I am sorry," Spyro said back to Sparx.

Cynder then asked, "Why are you out here? Are you going back to tell the other dragons where we are at?"

"No," Sparx said, "The Elder Dragon already knows that both of yal are out here. It's just not the other dragons that know."

"That's good," Cynder said, and then she fell on the ground.

"Cynder!!" Spyro shouted.

"I'm fine; just a little tired," Cynder said as she fell asleep.

Spyro felt a little sleepy to. He soon laid down, and fell asleep.

Sparx flew off to find him a place to sleep. The sun came up while the two dragons are sleeping

End Chapter 1

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