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Chapter 14: The Nightmare

Spyro wasn't getting much sleep that night, because of the nightmare he was having. He was tossing and turning, and saying stuff in his sleep.


Spyro sitting beside Cynder, and they were talking about the names of their children that they were going to have, at this time Cynder was about to lay her eggs. Hey belly was big, because of her pregnancy. Then she laid her eggs the next day, and they had five eggs. One was deep blue. One was green and yellow, one was orange, one was red, and one was black. They loved seeing their eggs, and they were thinking about what they were going to name them.

Then one day; Spyro was out doing some training; he then felt something was wrong, so he raced back home, and saw Cynder dead in front of the house. She had been ripped open by something. Spyro ran inside the house to see if the eggs were still there, but when he saw them they were broken open. It meant that the hatchling were dead. Spyro was overwhelmed by sadness, and angry.

He went back to the living room, and saw Inu standing there laughing at Spyro. Spyro charged at Inu, but Inu dodged quickly out of the way, and then he punched Spyro through the wall.

Spyro stood up, and tired to use his power, but he couldn't. Inu then ran up to him, and kick him into the sky. Spyro went flying upwards, and before Spyro could do anything; Inu was above him, and he kicked him into the ground. Spyro made a huge hole when he landed. Spyro then tried to get up, but Inu came down right on top of him.

Spyro manged to get Inu off of him, and stand up. Spyro then went to full dark mode, and charged at Inu. He then started attacking Inu, but Inu blocked every attack that Spyro through at him. Inu then punched Spyro again, and sent him flying backwards. Inu then shot a giant rock at Spyro. Spyro woke up screaming. He looked over and saw Cynder starring at him; Spyro looked at her, and saw she was still safe. He then rubbed her belly. Cynder looked confused, but she let Spyro do it.

Cynder then asked, "What happen?"

Spyro told her the whole nightmare.

"That's really bad," Cynder said.

"Yeah; I know" Spyro said.

"Well it was only a dream. Let's go back to sleep," Cynder said.

"Ok," Spyro said.

They both went back to sleep, and Spyro had a peaceful night sleep.

End Chapter 14

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