Title: Lonely No More

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Five months later…

Tim smiled as he watched Mindy Collette – soon to be Riggins – walking down the aisle, arm in arm with her mother.

She was a sight to behold, smiling brightly, fairy wings and all.

Remembering his manners, Tim took off his ridiculously large white hat, glancing over at Billy and nudging him to do the same.

Billy had an indescribable look on his face. A little scared, but a lot in love.

Tim couldn't help but let out a quiet laugh at the situation.

Who would have guessed that the Riggins brothers, the two wildest guys in Dillon, would both be so blissfully happy and in love.

Of course, Tim wasn't getting married. At least not yet.

Billy and Mindy were an odd pair, but somehow they fit. And they were truly in love.

Tim couldn't be happier for his brother. Billy really deserved some good in his life, and Tim knew that today was only the beginning for the happy couple.

He knew they would have a long, happy life with one another. Probably pretty darn unpredictable knowing those two, but happy nonetheless.

And somehow, Tim had managed to luck up and find a good gal for himself.

Tim Riggins was in love.

Not lust, not just looking for a good lay – but really, truly, in love.

It was still kind of shocking when he thought about it, and even after dating her for over half a year, he still couldn't quite believe it sometimes.

After the many rally girls and cheerleaders, the older women and the one-night stands, people would think that Tim would have resisted getting tied down with one girl. But in fact, it was right the opposite.

After years of not feeling loved, of being alone, of trying to find that missing piece, that something that he couldn't name but knew was missing – Tim had found that it was right in front of his eyes all along.

Julie Taylor.

Just the thought of her brought a smile to his lips, as he scanned the church looking for her.

He easily spotted her sitting beside her parents near the front, her gaze fixed on the bride and groom.

She was looking especially hot today with her hair curled softly around her face and a sweet little maroon dress hugging her curves.

He'd have fun getting her out of that later, he was sure.

"Tim!" Billy hissed, grabbing Tim's attention. "The ring?"

"Oh yeah." Tim muttered, quickly pulling Mindy's ring out of his pocket and passing it to Billy.

Tim watched as the two of them swapped rings and said their vows, grinning stupidly at one another.

He couldn't help but grin as Mindy began reciting Finding Nemo, as his eyes looked toward Julie.

She grinned at him, rolling her eyes playfully.

She had gotten a big kick out of Mindy's wedding vows, and of course he had laughed along with her.

It was pretty hard to be with Julie and not laugh about something. He just truly enjoyed being with her.

With graduation just a few weeks away, he was both looking forward to the summer and dreading it at the same time.

He was looking forward to the lazy days at the pool with her, the late nights, and driving down to the lake for a little Tim and Julie time.

But he was also dreading it, because he knew that summer meant that college was just around the corner.

And that meant leaving Julie.

He'd gotten a football scholarship to San Antonio State, a fact that had thrilled both Billy and the Taylor's.

It seemed that everyone else had a lot more faith in him than he had in himself.

Especially Julie.

It was crazy how someone so damn perfect could believe in a screw up like him. Much less love him.

But he was damn glad she did.

He still didn't know if he was really cut out for college, but he was gonna give it a try.

'It can't hurt to try' she kept telling him, and he knew that was true.

Julie had driven out to the school with him a few times, helping him get all the final paperwork settled and all.

San Antonio was only two and a half hours from Dillon, so it wasn't that far.

Julie had assured him that she'd come visit as often as possible, and Coach had already said that the family would try to make it to most of Tim's home games.

They had found a little roadside diner about half way between Dillon and San Antonio on one of their trips to the school, and they had quickly decided that would be their meeting spot.

They could both hop in their vehicles and meet there, able to see each other in just a little over an hour.

Tim had also liked the diner for the simple fact that there was a motel across the street.

You know, for emergencies.

He knew it wasn't gonna be easy, but they'd make it work.

He loved her like crazy, but more than that – she was his best friend.

And he knew sink or swim, pass or fail, that she'd be there for him.

Yeah, they'd be alright, he thought giving her a smile as the preacher introduced Mr. and Mrs. Billy Riggins.

They'd be just fine.


Julie chuckled as she watched Billy and Mindy sharing their first dance as husband and wife. Billy clearly didn't have the same 'experience' dancing that Mindy had.

The wedding had been sweet. Definitely not the way Julie hoped to have her's someday, but it had been sweet nonetheless.

And she had to admit that the Riggins' knew how to throw a party. With the open bar and the live band, the reception was rocking.

Her eyes fell on Tim as he stood behind the large table at the front of the room that was reserved for the wedding party.

He should have looked ridiculous in his white tuxedo and pink silk tie, complete with matching hat.

But he looked far from ridiculous.

He looked good. Real good.

She watched as he said something to Tyra, laughing as Tyra quickly rolled her eyes before punching him in the arm.

God she was going to miss them next year. Tyra would be going off to UT and Tim was heading off to San Antonio State.

She guessed she and Landry would be left behind to moan and groan to each other about being lonesome.

Though in all honesty, she was extremely proud of Tim and wanted him to go to San Antonio State.

She was going to miss him like crazy, but she wanted him to at least give college a shot. She wanted him to see for himself that he could do it if he truly wanted to.

And it wasn't like they were never going to see each other. Her parents had surprised her with a new car for all her hard work at school and help with Gracie – a car that was much nicer than the one she'd been saving up to buy from Mrs. Oddmarc.

So she now had a car of her own that she could drive to San Antonio whenever her heart took a notion. She had a feeling that was going to be very often.

And of course he'd come home whenever possible, or they'd meet up half way. Julie knew that they would both do whatever they needed to make the long distance thing work.

"Well, hello gorgeous." Tim drawled, appearing at her side with a long-stemmed pink rose.

She smirked as she took the offered flower, smelling the sweet scent as he took the chair beside her, scooting as close as he could get.


"No worries." He smirked.

"Have I mentioned how good you look today?" Julie asked slyly, running her finger over his pink tie. "You look dashing in pink." She said playfully.

Tim grinned, running his hands up the outsides of her thighs, making her shiver. "Nah Jules, you're the one lookin' good. I like this dress. It's sweet." He drawled softly.

"Well, I bought it with you in mind." She replied, leaning forward and resting her forehead against his.

"Sweet of you." He muttered, closing the few inches between them and stealing a quick kiss.

"What was that for?" She asked, licking her lips.

"Just wanted to kiss my gal." He shrugged. "All this talk of sweet fish and forever after's got me feelin' just a tad romantic."

Julie chuckled, cupping his cheek with her hand.

He really was a charmer. She didn't know how she got lucky enough to end up with him, but she was damn glad.

"Alright folks, lets have all the happy couples out on the dance floor." The lead singer of the band said loudly, his voice booming out over the speakers. "We're gonna slow it down a little."

"Come on." Julie said, taking his hand as she stood up quickly.

Tim sighed. "You wanna dance?"

"Yes…" Julie said with a whine. "I love to dance, and we never do. Come on, he said all happy couples and that's us." She grinned, pulling him up and dragging him out onto the dance floor as the singer belted out lyrics to a slow, love song.

Julie wrapped her arms around the back of Tim's neck, smiling up at him as he slid his muscled arms around her waist, pulling her against his chest.

"See, isn't this nice?" Julie asked, looking up at him as the two slowly moved side to side.

Tim smirked, not saying a word as she gave the hair at the back of his neck a small tug. "Alright, alright." He chuckled. "It's nice. Better than nice actually." He murmured softly.

Lord, he knew just what to say and just how to look at her to make her just melt. She was sure if he wasn't holding her so tight, that she'd already be a puddle on the dance floor.

"Son, has anyone told you that pink is definitely your color?" Eric asked, giving Tim an aggravating grin as he and Tami walked up beside them.

"You know Coach, I've actually heard that a few times today." Tim drawled, giving Julie a look as everyone laughed.

"Well, don't listen to 'em." Tami said quickly, giving Tim a pat on the cheek. "You look great. And you did a great job during the ceremony."

"Thanks, Mrs. T." Tim drawled, giving her a smile.

"Well, if y'all will excuse me, I need to dance with my wife before some other man who's better lookin' than me tries to steal her away." Eric stated, giving Tim and Julie a wink before gathering Tami in his arms and dancing away.

Julie smiled as she watched her parents. She really was lucky that she had such a good family, even if they did drive her crazy at times and there were those moments when she swore that she had to have been adopted.

They had pretty much accepted Tim as another member of the family. He spent way more time at her house than he did at his own.

Tim was the son her dad never had, with them watching sports and having ping-pong tournaments in the garage. He was constantly talking about how Tim helped to even the male-female ratio around the Taylor household.

And her mom went out of her way to dote on him, and had gotten into the habit of cooking his favorite foods whenever she knew he was coming over.

All in all, he had just wormed his way into her life and into her heart, taking up permanent residence there and making her wonder what she ever did without him.

She sighed softly as she laid her head on his solid chest, smiling as she felt him brush his lips against her forehead tenderly.

She definitely wasn't lonely anymore. Far from it.

And for the moment she was happy and perfectly content.

She smiled, because she knew that this was just the beginning for her and Tim, and that they had many more happy moments left to come.

- The End -


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