Vampires Can't Touch Me

The moonlight danced off my surroundings. This place was more beautiful than last time. I was seated on a large stump in the middle of a small meadow. I could see grey rocks and tall grasses. The tree line was thick around me. If I were any other nineteen year old girl I would never know what was about to come, but I had my own special way of knowing. I smiled at the thought.

I stood gently from the stump trying to smell the cool sweet air. No, I don't have the sense of smell that my Father does, but it greatly exceeds that of my friends or of a normal human. I listened and waited. It would not be long now. I inched around the meadow teasing my fingers through my long chestnut hair.

The feeling never changes. The tenseness that someone is following you. The adrenaline that pumps fear into your system. I haven't been afraid of this for years, but the thrill still sends shivers down my spine. Someone just through the tree line, watching, waiting and I know they are there now. Like me they are waiting.

I pulled my hair into my fist at the back of my head exposing my delicate creamy skin at my neck. Ssss went a tiny sound from my left, and I felt warmth press against me. My face turned into a smirk.

It begins.

I let my voice seep with terror, while internally I was laughing. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Ssss went the sound again as whoever it was tried to hit into me, and warmth pressed into my back. I erased all expression on my face as I coated my words with panic, "Who's there?!"

I turned and caught gaze with liquid red eyes. I feigned terror, "Who are you! What do you want?" She was tall and slender. Her dark blonde hair hung carelessly down her shoulders. Her cheekbones were pronounced like those of a model. Her crimson eyes were menacing and the dark circles made her look even more frightening. Her movements were smooth and mischievous. Yet, I wasn't afraid. Not now, not ever as I looked into eyes like that. They actually made me quite smug. This is why I did this. This part of the fight was a game to me. I loved tempting them.

"What are you waiting for?" I looked right into her face, urging her to come closer. Ssss. I hadn't even seen her movement at me that time. "Is there something wrong?" I pouted. Ssss. I grinned towards her. She held a look of pure fury. "There is not an easier target for miles. Aren't you thirsty?" I looked at her under my eyebrows and fanned my hair pushing the smell in her direction.

"AAAHHHH!" She attacked. Ssss. The warmth hit into me with force.

I nodded, "That was a good hit, but not anywhere close." I pulled my hair to the side and tilted my head. "How much easier can I make this for you? Thump-thump thump-thump thump-thump." I beat the air with my imaginary heartbeat.

Ssss. Ssss. Ssss. "Try all you can." I said sympathetically. "I don't think it will help."

She was suddenly in front of me, but more than twenty feet away. I stood up and walked fearlessly towards her. Her voice was deep and resonating, almost a growl. "Who are you?"

I smirked at her. "My name is Sarah. Maybe you've heard of me?" She just scowled. "No, I didn't think so. Usually your kind don't get to know I exist." I laughed, "just like you don't know that my friends exist."

Her eyes turned to pure hate. Ssss. Warmth pressed into my face.

"Sorry." I shrugged at her. I suddenly caught the woodsy smell and stopped. "I don't think my boyfriend likes me to be alone this late at night."

Wolf howls erupted from all around the small meadow. A puzzled look hung on the vampire's face.

Four wolfs strutted out into the meadow snarling, saliva spilling onto the ground, hair standing on the backs of their necks. The animals stalked towards her. She took in my expression, terror now streaking her own. I smiled sweetly at her.

"What are these?" She yelled at me.

I looked at them like I was trying to figure it out. "Hmmm….looks like they are big wolves to me." The sliver wolf snorted a cough, I knew that it was a laugh. I looked to her, "Thanks Leah. I thought that was pretty obvious too."

The vampire hissed at me, "You know these mutts?"

I smiled, "sure. I told you about my boyfriend right?" She eyed me carefully. I slipped between the two larger wolves, black and grey. I stepped to the black and showed her my teeth. "Meet Daven, my boyfriend. He's a werewolf." I introduced him like she was an old friend. I rubbed down his back. He stepped forward and let out an intense howl. I covered my ears for the moment. I added, "Sorry. He's kind of protective. He doesn't want me hanging out with people like you."

I slipped out of the way towards the trees and turned around to watch the action. The wolves stalked towards her, circling their prey. I watched her face wide eyed and crazed with terror. It was perfect.

Brady, the chocolate wolf made the first move. He jumped from behind and caught her by surprise. He tore a chunk from her shoulder with a car crash type shudder. Embry, the grey wolf took off only a second behind, coming at her straight on. The vampire streaked to the side, but he still managed to take off her entire hand. Silver came from the side and ripped off her head. Black then pounced and shreds like white paper twisted through the air. The sound was deafening, like trains colliding, metal twisting and scraping, the screams of the passengers all rolled into one last cry from the female vampire. Her screech became a gurgle, and the metal sounds quieted. She was dead.

The wolf pack then howled congratulatory sounds into the air. They then split and found all the rock white confetti littered around the meadow. They picked the pieces up in their mouths and twisted their faces in discomfort at the overly sweet taste. They placed the various chunks and slices into a tall pile of writhing parts. Daven then scanned the clearing and met my eyes. He gave a sharp bark then his tongue lolled out with a pant. That was my cue.

I walked closer and closer to the pile and the writhing heap torturously shook. It began to smolder and smoke. I placed my hand delicately on top and it erupted into flames fifteen feet tall. A sickening purple smoke swirled into the air. I stepped back slowly. This kind of fire was not hot to me. I smiled to myself, very pleased.

I was the girl that burst vampires into flames.

I was too hot for them to touch.

I was that girl.

This is my story.