"Mom! Seriously. Stop Hovering. Daven and I can take care of ourselves."

"I know Sweetie. I just love taking care of you two."

"Listen you sit." I stood from the couch and pointed to the recliner chair. "I'll get you a glass of water and your prenatal vitamins."

She huffed but sat down anyway and I pulled the recliners foot rest up. "I'll be right back." I went into the kitchen and grabbed her vitamins and a glass of water. I walked back out and handed them to her and then sat down next to Daven. He smiled and reached his arm around me. I cuddled in happily.

He left my grip for a moment to reach for the TV remote when the show he was watching ended. He started flipping through the channels and landed on History. "Alright! Monster Quest!" He shouted. The show was about these scientists that go around interviewing people who see strange stuff like Bigfoot or Lochness. Mom and I rolled our eyes, but watched anyway.

Next on Monster Quest, Giant Wolves that were sighted all over North America! "Yeah, I saw them! They were the size of horses, one black and one brownish red. They hit into my truck! Damaged up the bed real good."

We all stared wide eyed at the screen. I let my eyes travel to Daven for only a second. I swallowed, "Daven? Um, is that?" He only nodded.

We all jumped when a thunderous knock came from the door.

"Sarah, can you get that?" Mom asked.

I pinched my lips together nervously and walked towards the door. I opened it to a very furious looking Leah.

She spat, "Is Daven here? I need to have a word with him and Jacob."

"Yeah," I gulped. No point to lie when she could smell him from outside. "Come on in."

Daven stood from the couch terrified when she walked in the front room. The fire in her eyes faded as her head turned slowly to my mom. She rolled her head and yelled, "AWH S***!" She flipped back and looked at Daven. "Don't think you are getting off easy because of this!" She pointed at mom's stomach.

"What's the matter Leah?" Mom asked with brows furrowed.

"You're pregnant."

Mom looked even more confused. "Yes, and you already knew that."

Leah took a step towards her. "If you think I'm looking that kid in the eye, then you are gravely mistaken!"

"What are you talking about Leah?"

"Congratulations," she scowled. "It's a boy."

just think of it as Leah feels a certain gravitational force coming from Bella. [wink]