Tony pulled a box of Reese's Puffs off the shelf and dropped it in his cart. "Friday night, and I'm grocery shopping," he muttered. He went down the next aisle and grabbed three cans of Pringles. "I need to get a girlfriend."

His phone rang. "Yeah, DiNozzo."

"We have a case, get your butt down here." Static.

"Alrighty, Gibbs." He shut his phone and headed off for the checkout lane.

In the parking lot, he loaded his bags into the trunk. He was about to get in his car when he heard shuffling feet behind him. He turned around and saw a person. He saw something swing, and then he saw black.

"McGee, where is DiNozzo?" Gibbs strode into the bullpen, and McGee looked up from his computer.

"Uh, I don't know, boss."

"Call him and find out."

"Right." Gibbs sat in his chair as McGee quickly phoned Tony. "He's not answering boss." That earned him a look. "Right, GPS. On it."

Gibbs looked over at Tony's desk. He had called him half an hour ago. It wasn't like him to just not show up.

"GPS puts his phone and car at the Meijer downtown."

"Go get him. Ziva, you're with me. We still have a case to run." They all spread out.

Tony woke to an iron-ish taste in his mouth. He tried to move his hand to it, but found them trapped behind his back. He felt thick rope digging into his wrists, but he couldn't feel his hands at all.

His shoulders were shifted uncomfortably backward over the back of the chair he was tied to. His ankles were wrapped and roped around the chair legs as well. He licked his lips, which were split and bleeding. He could feel something warm running down the side of his neck accompanied by a pounding pain above his ear.

He opened his eyes slightly to see a room bathed in an eerie light. The lightbulb hung above the center of the room. He looked to the other three corners. One had a door; the other two held people tied to chairs as well.

To his left was a teenage boy in a white shirt and what looked like woven brown pants and suspenders. The boy had sandy hair falling in his eyes, and he was as slumped over as he could get under the circumstances.

Across from Tony was a girl, couldn't be older than 13, with pixie-cut black hair streaked green. Her cargo pants were black, as was her shirt, though it was splattered in neon paint.

He looked around for cameras, or anything like that. Finding none, he tried getting out of the chair. All that earned him was more pain in his wrists and ankles. He leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling.

"Friday night, and I'm tied to a chair." He took a deep breath. "Well, I guess it beats grocery shopping."

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