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Chapter One



Hollyleaf's POV

Oh, no… Where am I? I don't know! All I remembered was lots and lots of soil, and I was screaming. Oh, yes. I remember now. The tunnel collapsed on me! StarClan's willing, of course. StarClan let those tunnels fall on me. Wait… am I dead? How can that be? I… But I'm one of the three! There was a prophecy about the three of us! Jayfeather was so certain it was us three. But…I'm dead? It's impossible!

A flash of starlight streamed across my green eyes. Oh, no… This couldn't be happening. I can't simply be… dead, can I? Am I going to StarClan? Wait… they probably won't accept me. I tried to kill Leafpool, and I already killed Ashfur. Suddenly, I saw a blurry blue-gray shape. A blue-gray she-cat with silver hairs tinged on her muzzle stepped forward from the starlight. Maybe she's going to punish me for killing. But I don't regret! Ashfur was a traitor! Hmm… I wonder where Ashfur went: the Dark Forest, or here! Still, right now I should care about myself. The blue-gray she-cat meowed, "I am Bluestar. Hollyleaf, StarClan grieves for your losses, but—"

Okay, I couldn't help it, but I interrupted her. "You don't understand what I've been through!" I scowled at her. Another clueless StarClan cat. StarClan cats are mouse-brained. Bluestar quickly snapped, "I've been through things you didn't, too! Now listen!" I hung my head, and the former ThunderClan leader continued: "We are bringing you to StarClan, Hollyleaf." My whiskers twitched, and my right ear prickled. I asked, "Seriously?" Nodding, Bluestar mewed, "It was StarClan's willing that Ashfur had to die. He would destroy ThunderClan. Although you revealed the secret yourself, we must say, you were devoted to the code. Even if you killed, you thought you had to. You were loyal, but you just got… insane."

I admit, I wasn't very fond of Bluestar saying I got insane, but it was the truth. And it was good enough of StarClan to let me into their ranks. But I still can't forgive them for ruining my life. I growled, "Thank you, but it was StarClan who made me go insane!" Quickly, Bluestar shot back, "It was your own fault! No matter how important the warrior code is, it's not worth lives. Understand that, Hollyleaf. Now follow me," she flicked her gray tail and I followed her silently. There was a hole out of the shadowy darkness I was in all along. It was a very… glittery hole, with stars soaring around it, and starlight shimmering on its rim. It reminds me of the sun disappearing that time. Sol somehow foretold it. I was actually glad I died. And slightly upset, of course. I was delighted because when I'm dead, I get to know more secrets. You know, StarClan knows everything! And upset, because, of course, I wasn't the Power of Three.

"Meet the cats of StarClan," Bluestar meowed kindly, leading me to several cats. First, I saw a huge golden tom. His name was Lionheart. He vaguely reminded me of Lionblaze. Oh, another bad part about dying. No brothers, no sisters. Later I met many legendary cats of ThunderClan: Spottedleaf, Owlstar, Sunstar, Redtail, Featherwhisker, and… well, you get it. I learned lots of history about myself, too. I met the first WindClan leader, Windstar. I'm descended from her, because my father, (unfortunately) Crowfeather was descended from Windstar. Yes, that's about it! I was a half-Clan medicine cat kit. Now can you see why I'd go spitting it all out at the Gathering? It's frustrating, you know! Dirty-blooded me.

It was also pretty sad to have to see some cats I've seen die. Like Molepaw, and Honeyfern especially. She was really sweet. Of course I know all of StarClan probably knew that I killed and tried to do that a second time after that. But they were all nice. I was nervous when Bluestar brought me to meet them. What would Honeyfern say? I mean, I knew her. My best friend, Cinderheart was her sister. Poor Cinderheart. She lost so many cats. Although she lost me, too, I don't think she is my friend anymore, especially after the Gathering. If only she'd miss me. Okay, back to topic. Would Honeyfern scream like a maniac when she sees me? Would she think I was… hazardous? I hope not!

"Hi, Hollyleaf!" Two voices rang loudly at the same time. I shot around, and saw a familiar light brown tabby, and a gray tom. "Honeyfern! Molepaw!" I exclaimed with so much joy. It's good to know someone up here. Ah, but I guess you won't ever understand, until the end of your lives, that is. Sorry. Bad pun. Anyways, apparently the siblings knew what I did, but they still loved me. Good to know. But I was glad they still accepted me. They were true friends… I guess.

The two both had painful deaths. I thought mine was quite okay. I had no regrets about dying, except three, of course. 1) Lionblaze 2) Jayfeather 3) Not being Power of Three. See? Yes, I wish someone would nip my ears and play with me. That's what Lionblaze and I used to do. When we were apprentices and kits, that is. I miss those days, when we were all innocent and happy. Oh, back to the siblings' deaths. Molepaw died of greencough when it swept through the camp. I still remember Sorreltail totally tearing up. I hope she recovered after the death of Honeyfern. Honeyfern's death was shocking. Briarkit was playing with Blossomkit and Bumblekit and little Briarkit tumbled over to a crack. A snake slipped out from there, and Honeyfern quickly leaped to protect the kit, letting herself be bitten. Berrynose was heartbroken. That's how Honeyfern died. Which means, I'm quite lucky. Good to know.

I was fine with StarClan at the moment. I'm reunited with my friends, but I still have a tinge of regret, that is.

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