Harry wakes up in the morning to Bella bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock. All too soon Harry grunts as he spills his seed into her waiting mouth.

Bella greedily swallows her masters' precious gift. Finally, she pulls back and says, "Master, we have been negligent in our service to you and that is unforgivable. However, we will be much more attentive in the future."

Harry smiles as he gets out of bed, "You are all forgiven. We have all been entirely too busy. We can discuss this later, we have thing to do regrettably. So let's be about it."

The group gets dressed, reluctantly, and walks to the Great Hall.

Meanwhile, in Dumbledore's office, the headmaster is in a meeting with his deputy and DADA instructor.

"I tell you headmaster," the greasy haired man says, "that boy is using spells that even Filius has never heard of."

"What did he say the spell was called?"

"He said it translated to Darwin's Grab-bag."

"I don't believe I have ever heard of it either. I will make it a point to ask about it. I don't believe it is a Dark spell and I am extremely hesitant to test him again so soon lest we insult him."

McGonagall speaks up, "I don't think he would be insulted if you asked him politely and explained your reasons."

Albus nods his head, "I don't believe testing him will be necessary." The old man chuckles, "I'm surprised that he was able to defeat you Severus."

Snape laughs, "So am I. He may be a little ham-handed right now, but that's merely due to his inexperience and he's got enough power he's yet to develop the need for finesse."

McGonagall grins, "I hope you don't continue to underestimate him Severus."

"Don't worry Mini, I won't. Now however, I should be getting to class."

Both of the other two nod and McGonagall stands up. The two exit the office before going their separate ways.

Harry and the 6th years arrive at DADA to find Snape waiting for them.

He nods to them and they take their seats.

Snape sneers as the class fills up, "Good morning everyone. Today we will be continuing the duels. However, this time you will be selecting your opponent."

Draco instantly stands up and walks over to Hermione. "It's you and me today."

Snape winces internally as Hermione stands up serenely, "As it would appear that you have yet to learn your lesson Mr. Malfoy, I accept."

Harry and Neville look at each other and shake hands. Harry says, "No holds-barred?"

Neville nods his head as they watch the sheep walk merrily towards the slaughter.

Draco and Hermione face off the same as they did the class before. Snape starts the match and hopes Draco learns his lesson after this.

Hermione instantly sends the same spell towards Draco's feet that she did last time.

Draco expects the spell however and jumps into the air and straight into the next spell Hermione sends.

Hermione grins as Draco falls into her trap. Her spell suspends him for a moment before her follow-up spells connect and do their word with a bright flash.

Snape almost faints with shock as the rest of the class almost falls out of their chairs laughing so hard.

Draco's sitting on the ground, his ankles bound together, naked except for a diaper and baby bonnet. He has a pacifier in his mouth that he can't seem to spit out and his wand has been transfigured into a baby rattle.

Hermione almost falls over laughing as Draco's entire body flushes with rage. She walks over too him and in a baby voice says, "Oh does baby need a new nappy?"

Snape feels his world start to spin for a moment. "Ms. Granger, you win the match. Now please undo the spells."

With a wave of her wand, Hermione undoes her spell work, only Draco is still wearing a diaper instead of trousers.

"Ms. Granger please!"

"I tried professor, but the counter spell won't work."

Snape shakes his head, "Mr. Malfoy, go get changed please."

Draco walks out of the room to the snickers of his classmates.

Snape says, "Who wishes to go next?"

Harry and Neville stand up and walk to the appropriate marks. The entire class looks on in trepidation, knowing how close the two are.

Snape starts the match and both the teens send out stunners that the other dodges.

Neville spins out of the way of the opening barrage and sends a mix of Stunners, Disarming charms and Bat Bogey hexes at Harry.

The raven haired wizard rolls out of the way of the incoming spells and launches a potent mix of spells learned from the Black library at his friend.

Neville manages to put up a shield that stops most of the spells and manages to duck under the two that break through. He then responds with a Full Body Bind and Jelly Legs Jinx.

Harry's shield is barely enough to stop the spells as Harry sends a Confoundus Curse at Nev.

Neville's lack of conditioning shows through at just the wrong moment and the spell connects with him, making him very dizzy and easy prey for the Disarming Charm that Harry follows up with.

Harry and Neville bow to each other and Harry returns the other boy's wand as the class looks awestruck at Neville.

Snape clears his throat, remembering every insult he's ever given to Neville Longbottom. "Very good Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom. Who would like to duel next?"

Ron stands up and walks over to Mike Corner, one of his sister's ex-boyfriends, "Let's duel."

Mike shudders in terror at Ron's grin as he stands up.

Harry and Neville sit down and Hermione leans over and whispers, "Very nice work guys, you were dueling for almost five minutes."

The young men nod their head as the friend gets ready to dispatch justice.

Ron's grinning as Mike's wand hand is shaking. Ron mentally rehearses the spell words in his mind quickly and pictures the results he wants.

Snape starts the match and hope things don't get out of hand, which they do.

Ron casts the spell without the practiced ease of Harry, but most of the competence.

Mike doesn't even have a chance to move before it's all over.

Ron's grinning madly at his handiwork, glad he studied that spell with Harry.

Mike currently has the torso of a spider, the arm of a crab while the other is from a house cat, one of his legs is that of a mouse while the other comes from an elephant, and his head is that of a donkey.

Snape shakes his head wondering how easy that damn spell is. "Alright Mr. Weasley you win, now please change him back."

Ron grins as Mike bays indignantly before being changed back.

The red headed boy is smirking as he takes his seat and Corner returns to his.

The remainder of the duels for the day follows much the same pattern as Ron and Hermione's, students using the opportunity to settle old scores.

The rest of the day passes smoothly, with Harry only having a small migraine at the end of Arithmancy.

Narcissa delivers the message to Cho and hopes her master knows what he's doing.

After dinner, the teens return to their common room where Ginny gives Ron a crushing hug for what he did to Mike. They are doing their homework and Bella is doing some grading when Cissa grabs Hermione for a private talk. She takes the younger witch into the study and seals the room.

"Mistress, we need to talk."

"What about?"

"Cho Chang, mistress."

Hermione's eyes harden. "What about her?"

"Mistress, she has approached me about becoming a Thrall."


"Please calm down mistress. You know that no one thinks well when they're emotions are running rampant."

Hermione wants to lash out, but brings her will to bear to calm her raging emotions. "I take it you have spoken to Harry already?"

"Correct mistress. He has consented to hear what she has to say."

"Why would he do that?"

"Because I explained her reasons to him mistress."

"What are those reasons?"

"In essence mistress, Ms. Chang is looking for someone who can save her from the demons of her past."

Hermione nods her head and sits down, willing her logical mind to tackle the problem. "Please tell me the rest of the reasons."

"Yes mistress," Cissa says, sensing that most of the battle has already been won.

Finally, Cissa fishes explaining the Asian girl's reasoning.

Hermione thinks about what she's heard today; the logic works but her instinctive dislike of the girl clouds her judgment.

Narcissa feel the way her mistress' thoughts are going so she decides to play her trump card. "Mistress, I should point out that if this does happen, you will end up the dominant party."

"What do you mean Narcissa?"

"My niece has already explained about our masters feelings for you correct?"

"Yes she has."

"Well, if Cho becomes a Thrall, that will be all that she is; another slave to our master. You however are his mistress. He loves you and in his heart has given you the right to command us. She will be bound to obey you mistress, especially if you have our master cast the other spell on you."

"What other spell?"

"Oh, I probably should not have said anything, but since I have. There is a spell in the Sex Alicia called the Primeiro Esposa, the First Wife charm. It is a variation on the spell used to bind Thralls. It in essence puts you just below the master. You would be able to draw on the knowledge and power of the Thralls as he would and you would be able to command the Thralls as he does, only his orders would supersede yours."

Hermione nods her head as she feels her jealousy melt away as she realizes the possibilities. "Thank you Cissa. I'm still unsure of how I feel about this, but at least I'm thinking clearly about it now."

Narcissa smiles, "It was my pleasure mistress."

Hermione thinks for a moment before she gathers up her courage and goes looking for Tonks. She finds the Auror looking out the window of the bedroom. Hermione quietly seals the door. "Hiya Tonks."

"Wotcher Hermione, what's up?"

"I have an odd request Tonks, so do you mind if I ramble a bit?"

Tonks sits down on the bed, "Take as much time as you need."

"Thanks. I have a bit of a problem. When I was at #12, Bellatrix disobeyed Harry and he decided to punish her. He gave me the option of leaving or watching, I choose to watch. I saw her get very worked up as he spanked her. This also got me highly aroused. I was curious as to what it would feel like if I were in her place."

Tonks nods, guessing what Hermione wants.

"So I was wondering if you would give me a spanking please." Hermione's face is beet red as she makes her request.

Tonks stands up and hugs Hermione, "Don't worry girl. It's a very common kink. I'm guessing you want to try it out with me to see if you like it before you approach Harry."

Hermione looks down as she nods.

Tonks grins as she pulls the witch towards the bed, "I'll help you out mistress."

Hermione looks at Tonks hesitantly.

"The first question is do you want this directly on your bum or through your clothes?"

"I… I don't know."

Tonks says, "Take off your dress, but keep your knickers on."

Hermione's hands are shaking as she reaches behind her and undoes her dress, letting it drop to the floor.

Tonks nods internally and sits down. "Lay across my lap please."

Hermione is shaking as the crawls across the other woman's lap, leaving her bum high in the air.

Tonks shakes her head not sure if she should be happy about being right. She looks at Hermione's panty covered bum for a moment, rather liking the way the pink material is stretched, before she draws her arm back and delivers the first swat to her mistress' arse.

Hermione moans at the light smack to her bum, which has a nice glow to it. When Tonks hand descends again, Hermione gaps a bit and can feel her pussy start to moisten.

Tonks can feel the arousal of her mistress as she spanks her a fourth time.

Hermione is light headed from arousal when the fifth blow connects with her bum.

The pink haired Auror can't believe how wet the bushy haired witch is as her hand descends for the sixth time.

Hermione's bum has a pleasant glow to it as the seventh swat lands.

Tonks delivers the eighth light swat wondering if her mistress can handle more.

The ninth blow to land on Hermione's arse is somewhat harder, but she still groans with pleasure.

Tonks places the tenth and final blow in the middle of Hermione's bum.

Hermione's head is still spinning as Tonks stands her up.

The Auror says, "How do you feel? Be honest."

She responds, "I'm so horny I can't think straight."

Tonks smiles, "Lie down and I'll take care of the mistress."

Hermione sits down on the bed and closes her eyes at the small pain from her arse.

Tonks pulls Hermione's knickers down and licks her lips at the heady scent. She's barely run her tongue along her mistress' slit before the other woman is screaming in orgasm.

When Hermione finally comes down she looks down at Tonks and says, "Thank you."

Tonks stands up and wipes her face off, "It was my pleasure to serve mistress."

Hermione stands up and to her surprise; Tonks drops to her knees and kisses Hermione's feet.

Tonks stands up again and says, "How much homework do you have left?"

"Not a great deal."

"Good, because we still have to get the DA plans put together."

Hermione quickly gets dressed and the pair head to the study for a serious skull session.

Harry is sitting in the common room staring at nothing but the others can sense his desire for solitude. His mind is on the scene he played out with Tonks as Petunia. He thinks to himself, "I really do owe her for that. She's interested in sodomy if that damn tattoo on her back is any indicator. If she is, then I really should see about it soon."

Narcissa is in the study considering the three books her master's parents had left him. She can feel that one of the books holds the key to victory for her master, but she isn't sure which one. When her niece and mistress walk in her focus is broken, "Hello."

"Wotcher Aunt Cissa, how do?"

"I'm fine, and yourselves?"

Tonks grins, "We're excellent. We just came in to do some planning on the DA, but we can leave if you like."

Cissa smiles gently at the pair, "No, I'll lend a hand if you like."

Hermione says, "It would be welcomed."

"Very well then, what lessons would you like to begin with?"

"The Patronus Charm, with the Dementors around that is never a bad spell to have available."

Both of the women nod and the planning progresses in earnest.

Later on, Neville and Ginny have retired to their own rooms and Luna has dragged Ron, rather willingly, into his, leaving Harry still sitting alone considering many a thing, including how to deal with Dumbledore.

Hermione and the other ladies go to the common room where Harry is getting ready to make a rather hard decision. They great him happily, but he merely nods his head. "Please sit down Dora."

Tonks sits down opposite her master with no small amount of trepidation. "What's wrong master?"

"Yesterday, I had a talk with the headmaster and accidentally got a peek into the old bastard's mind."

Hermione sits down quickly, terrified at both Harry's words and the venom in his voice.

"Might I ask what you found master?"

"I found the senile old fucker told you the Prophecy."

Tonks swallows hard, hoping her master won't come down too hard on her, "Yes master, he told me the Prophecy about you and Riddle."

"He told you it Nymphadora knowing full well that you would do exactly as you did."

"What are you going to do master?"

"I don't know as yet; however, I do need to exact some form of revenge, if only to dissuade such behaviors in the future."

"What do you have in mind master?"

"I am not sure yet. I just want something to humble him a bit. Perhaps the twins could be of help. Still, this is a discussion for another day. There is something else I need to discuss with you my little Nymph."

Tonks blushes and says, "What is that master?"

Harry smiles warmly, "I have a small debt I owe you. I hurt and punished you when I had you take my aunt's form without a valid reason. As such, I want to make it up to you."

Hermione feels her heart melt again as the thralls smile warmly at their master.

"Harry, you don't have to do this you know. It helped to heal a wound in your psyche, which is more than enough compensation for me."

Harry nods his head, "Perhaps, but I would still feel better if I could do something for you."

Tonks can sense the sincerity of her master and decides to go for it, "Actually master, there is one thing you could do for me."


Tonks smile is unsure as she says, "I have wanted to be sodomized, as myself, sense that scene."

Harry nods his head, "When would you like to do it?"

"Would you object to tonight master?"

Harry stands up, "Not at all."

Tonks and the others lead the way to Harry's room.

In under a minute all the people are naked and Cissa is making for her box.

Tonks says, "How shall we do this master?"

"That is up to you Dora. This is your scene, beginning to end."

Tonks giggle a bit at the double entendre and says, "Please sit down on the bed master."

Harry sits down as Cissa gets her strap-on out of the box. She then goes over to her mistress, "Would you like to try this out mistress?"

"How does it work?"

"In essence it forms a seal around your vagina and allows you to feel everything as normal."

"Will this break my hymen?"

"No it will not mistress."

Hermione hesitantly takes the object and places it against her cunny where the base seems to melt and merge with her skin.

Narcissa says, "What is your will my mistress?"

Tonks meanwhile has her back turned to her master and is getting ready to sit on his lap. She lowers herself until she's just above her master's cock. Tonks takes a moment to relax her backdoor before she pushes down and takes the first inch of cock into her arse.

Hermione clamps down on her nerves and says, "Eat me please."

Narcissa smiles and drops to her knees, "Gladly mistress." She leans down and takes the entire length into her mouth and down her throat, earning a gasp of surprise, mixed with pleasure, from her mistress.

Bella looks between the two groups before going over to her master. As her niece takes more of their master's staff up her behind, Bella sucks on his nuts for a moment before she starts to lick Tonks cunt.

Tonks head is spinning as the feeling of being filled pounds through her. When she feels somebody start to lap at her pussy she screams, "OH YES! MORE PLEASE MORE!"

Narcissa reaches behind her mistress and starts to play with the base of the butt-plug as she starts to hum a lively tune in rhythm with the bobbing of her head on her mistress' staff.

Harry can feel the pleasure from him thralls as he finally bottoms out in Tonks bottom. His mind goes to his Occulmency training to keep his control as he feels Tonks start to spasm.

Tonks feels the tidal wave wash over her as she comes with a scream.

Bella laps up the juices the juices like a woman dying of thirst as her master starts to pick up the pace.

Hermione can't control herself as she grabs two handfuls of hair and comes violently.

Cissa swallows her mistress' load eagerly and is pleasantly surprised with the magical penis doesn't deflate once Hermione is done coming.

Hermione lets go of Cissa's hair and says, "I am sorry."

Cissa grins and says, "Don't be mistress," before she leans down and kisses Hermione's feet. "Do you wish for me to pleasure you again?"

The bushy haired witch looks down at her still raging erection, "Yes please."

"What would you have me do mistress?"

Hermione blushes scarlet, "Turn around please."

Cissa turns around and brings her hands down to steady herself while she raises her bum up as high as she can.

Hermione lowers her hips so that the fake dick is aligned with the blondes bum. She presses the head against Cissa's arsehole and slowly presses in.

Tonks head is bouncing around violently as her master drives his staff into her. She hopes that she can walk in the morning as Harry reaches an almost frantic pace.

A small spasm of pleasure shoot through Narcissa's body as her mistress claims what is hers by right. "Hmm… Yes mistress, more, please."

Hermione's limited control is shattered when she hears the quiet plea and she shoves her entire length into the woman, causing her head to spin with pleasure.

Tonks can feel her body closing in on the peak again as Bellatrix clamps her lips down on her clit.

Narcissa can feel her own orgasm approaching from the buggering she's getting and from the feedback of her master and fellow thralls.

Harry can feel the pressure building up in his cock as he fucks Tonks bum faster and faster.

With a loud roar, an earth shattering orgasm rips through the entire group, even Bella. When it's done, everyone except Bella has passed out, with Hermione on top of Cissa.

Bella smiles and levitates everyone onto the main bed before she lies down herself and is claimed by sleep.

In Ron's room, shortly after he and Luna leave Harry, he's naked from the waist down, sitting on his bed.

Luna is kneeling in front of him, jacking him off. "Thank you for what you did to Corner Ronald. He has been one of the worst of my tormentors since I started Hogwarts."

"It wasn't a problem Luna. I did it mostly because he hurt Ginny."

"I know that Ronald, but still, I want to thank you." Luna then starts to lower her head towards Ron's crotch.

"Wait Luna!"

The surprised blonde looks up in confusion, "Is there a problem Ronald?"

"We've been over this before Luna. I know you want to go further, but until you turn sixteen, we can't. We're already on thin ice concerning statutory rape."

"I've told you before Ronald, my father won't object at all; even should I show up pregnant and not have a clue as to the father."

"So you've said, however, I am not so sure. He could do something in the heat of the moment that could end up with me going to prison."

"You are truly adamant about this Ronald?"

"If you're asking if I'm serious, then the answer is yes. Merlin knows I want you Luna, but there are just too many things that could go wrong."

Luna looks at Ron with no small amount of admiration, "Ronald, you continue to astound me. Most of your classmates would have accepted what I have repeatedly offered without a moment's thought or hesitation; yet you continue to refuse because of the possible disasters that await the unwary. If this is your choice, then we can finish as normal."

Ron nods his head as his girlfriend continues to pump his shaft with her hand.