A/N: I made an alternate ending that I thought would also be funny but thought the original ending was much better. I copied some of the original then changed it. This one contains less Peter-bashing too, so.. that can be either good or bad. You decide.

Chapter Two – Alternate Ending

James sighed. He was walking beside a doll-playing Sirius, a stuffed-full Peter, and a fuming Remus, all of which were lost in their own reverie and preoccupied with their own thoughts. Remus was angry over the voodoo doll incident, particularly the ones involving him. Peter was secretly thinking about more food, planning out what he would eat in dinner. Sirius was having a conversation in his mind with his doll, possibly because he was just odd, as was already mentioned. And James was thinking about Lily.

Ah, Lily, sweet Lily, beautiful, fiery, adorable Lily. The very same Lily Evans that Sirius had so horribly made the voodoo doll of kiss his own. The very same Lily that he wished would just run up to him one day and proclaim her undying love – or, at least that she finally wanted to date him.

Abruptly, he stopped. Right in the middle of the completely empty corridor, other than his friends. The Marauders, noticing something seemed odd, turned around to stare at him, breaking out of their planning, fumes, or imaginary conversations. They all looked inquiringly at his sloppy grin, and almost immediately recognized it as his Lily-grin.

"Prongs, you look like an idiot," Sirius so kindly stated, breaking the silence.

"You don't understand!" James said eagerly. "The voodoo dolls! The rest of them all came true...."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention," Peter spoke, out of the blue once again. "Remus had that outburst towards me that his voodoo doll made at mine."

"You made my voodoo doll do that, too?!" Remus exclaimed angrily, staring at Sirius, who shrugged nonchalantly. James was still staring ahead in a daze.

All the other things had come true, so maybe....


Yes. Oh, yes.

"Why Lily! How lovely to see you!" James said, turning to see his lovely little flower – although 'lovely' didn't quite fit this situation.

Her lips were pursed, her hands on her hips with a stern look about her. In any other situation, the boys may have recoiled slightly, but in this, where they all fully expected Lily to do exactly what Sirius had made her do...

"Oh, James..." she started, oblivious to the jaw drop of the Marauders before her. "I just wanted to –"

But... she was cut off. James, in all his lovestruck happiness, had idiotically decided to interrupt her with what he knew she was going to do. Er... what he thought he knew.

He kissed her.

It lasted for a few seconds, rather than the twenty minutes the lovestruck fool would have liked, as Lily quickly broke it off.

...With a slap.

"I was just going to tell you that we were going to have a prefects meeting tomorrow night," she said coldly, turning to go. He wasn't sure, but he also thought he heard her mutter, "Perve."

A different kind of silence broke through, rather than the kind that had vibrated through the corridor during the kiss itself. A silence where Sirius was nervous, Remus was slightly bemused, Peter was confused, and James was... furious. At Sirius.

"You idiot!" he fumed, turning towards the suddenly quite afraid dog. "You just ruined all my chances! All of them! All because of your bloody voodoo dolls!"

"No, Prongs, no!" Sirius shouted. "It wasn't my fault! IT WAS ALL REMUS'!"



"No!" the werewolf said, stepping out of James' way towards Sirius. "You ruined my day as well! You deserve all the punches and Quaffles that are going to be thrown at you!"

Sirius abruptly ran down the hallway. James followed.



Remus sighed. "See you in the hospital wing, Padfoot...."

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