CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

"Hope and Salvation"

Summary: This story takes places around season 10 (I know, it hasn't started yet so shoot me) but in my universe, Warrick isn't dead. He is framed for Gedda's murder and the team does get him off but instead of it happening the way it did in For Gedda, when Nick invites him out for drinks he accepts it and that probably would have saved his life in my opinion. Anyway, Grissom hires a new CSI to fill in for Sara. She seems to fit right in with the team but why do she and the youngest CSI 3 appear so friendly with one another? And what hidden memories does this newest colleagues past hold? Will all be revealed in time?

Characters: Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Captain Jim Brass, Coroner Doctor Al Robbins, Assistant Coroner David Phillips, DNA Tech Wendy Simms, Toxicology Tech Henry Andrews, Fingerprint Analysist Mandy Webster and my character, CSI Level Three Leila Tompkins...

Warnings: This story does contain some abuse and mentionings of non-consensual sex. Read this at your own risk. You have been warned.

Author's note: I am re-writing my fics for my character, Leila Tompkins. I have had someone tell me that they couldn't follow the story because they found the character too confusing so I decided to re-write the stories to see if maybe it makes more sense but my others will stay posted so enjoy both. Please review as I post each chapter as I write.

A young woman stood at the receptionist's desk, waiting patiently for the Las Vegas Crime Lab's night shift supervisor. The supervisor, Gil Grissom, had called to offer her a job as a CSI on his team and she happily accepted. She had been a CSI in San Francisco, California for the past six years and had been trying to move to Las Vegas to be near her godfather but there had been no open positions she wanted, at least until now. She now stood in the second best lab in the world, holding her handbooks and department issued cell phone, waiting for her new boss.

"Leila Tompkins I presume." said a male voice behind her.

"You presume correctly Mr. Gil Grissom." said Leila as she turned around to face her new boss with a smile.

"Hello Leila. Nice to see you and good to have you join the team." said Grissom.

"You too, and thank you for letting me." said Leila.

"My pleasure. Now, why don't I show you around." said Grissom, heading down the hall with Leila walking in stride beside him as they walked. He showed her DNA lab where she met the tech Wendy Simms, the Trace lab where she, unfortunately, met David Hodges, the A/V lab where she met Archie Johnson, the Tox lab where she met Henry Andrews, the Ballistics lab where she met Bobby Dawson, and the Fingerprint lab where she met Mandy Webster.

When they got to the break room, there were three other individuals gathered in it. Leila couldn't believe her eyes when she recognized one of the guys.


The youngest team member turned to the voice and saw the woman before them.

"Leila? Is that really you?" asked Greg as he stood up.

"Yeah. Oh my...it's so good to see you." said Leila as she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him.

Greg hugged her back, getting a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"It's good to see you too. I've missed you." he said.

"I've missed you too." said Leila, not wanting to let go.

The others could only watch on in silence and confusion. Nick broke the silence by clearing his throat loudly, making Greg and Leila pull apart quickly but they still remained standing close.

"So G, care to fill us all in?" asked Nick.

"Oh, sorry. Leila, this is Nick, Warrick and Catherine. Guys, this is Leila. The two of us met back in college and been friends ever since. We just haven't seen each other in about ten years though." said Greg.

"Why not?" asked Catherine.

"Long story. A very long story." said Leila.

"Which we don't have time for. Leila is joining our team so you all will have time to get to know her later, for those who don't already." said Grissom, looking at Greg as he said the last part. "Now, assignments." he said, handing out assignment slips.

Leila looked at hers when Grissom handed it to her.

"Decomp? My first night and you're giving me a decomp?" she asked.

"Greg's going with you. Have him do the dirty work." said Grissom before he took off.

"And listen to him whine and gripe the rest of the night? I don't think so. Besides, I don't mind doing the dirty work every now and then." said Leila, heading out of the break room.

Greg started to follow her but stopped when his friends called him back.

"Hey Greggo." said Warrick, the one making Greg stop.

"You know, she seems like more than just a friend." said Nick.

"Yeah. Seems more like an old girlfriend." said Catherine.

"He wishes." said Leila, poking her head back in. "More like old friends with benefits."

"Really?" asked Warrick.

"Yep. You're looking at the girl who he lost his virginity to." said Leila, smiling confidently. "Coming Sanders?" she asked, turning around and heading back down the hall.

"In more ways than one!" she heard Nick yell behind her.

Leila couldn't help but smile, shaking her head. She knew that she would be getting teased later.

"You're gonna be the death of me." said Greg as he caught up with her.

After shift, Leila went out to eat with the others. They sat listening to her tales of Greg back in college and some of the things they used to do together. Then the team took turns telling stories about Greg during his days as a DNA tech and becoming a CSI.

"I'm not surprised to hear that he put on a showgirl headdress and danced in the halls." said Leila.

"Why? Has he done worse?" asked Catherine.

"Not really. Well, my sister was a big fan of Elvis. I tried to get a good Elvis impersonator to come perform for her birthday one year but I couldn't. I was so upset. I really wanted to do something special for her. So Greg over here, after seeing how upset I was, dressed up as the King himself and even performed for my sister. I'm telling you, he could have given most of those Elvis impersonators a run for their money, he was that good." said Leila.

"Aww, I bet that really made your sister's day." said Catherine.

"It did. Made mine too. I didn't even know he was gonna do it 'til he walked out. I think I was the only one who realized that it was him." said Leila.

"Well, it was really sweet of him." said Catherine.

"Yeah." said Leila, taking a drink of her orange juice. She heard the conversation drift elsewhere but she wasn't paying attention. Her mind was elsewhere.


Leila sat in her dorm room, reading a book and listening to music coming from her stereo nearby. She had been sitting in there for hours, alone. Her roommate was off elsewhere, probably with his girlfriend. She had been lucky to find a college that was co-ed and allowed guys to bunk with girls, which most of the guys bunked with other guys. Leila had bunked with this guy because they had met the first day and bonded almost immediately. They had been good friends ever since but she couldn't help but feel jealous. She knew that the girl that her roommate was currently seeing was not good enough for him. She didn't even treat him the way he should be treated. She tried to control him and walk all over him. She knew he deserved better.

Just then, the door to her room opened and in came her roommate, who seemed to be upset.

"Greg, what happened?" asked Leila, placed the bookmark in her book where she had been reading and turned off her stereo as she got up and moved toward her friend.

"She dumped me. Kristy dumped me." said Greg.

"What? Why? What happened?" asked Leila, concern for him.

"Well, we were in her room making out like usual. Only this time she wanted to take things further and I didn't. When I made her stop, she asked me why." said Greg.

"Greg, tell me you didn't. Tell me you didn't tell her that you're still a virgin." said Leila.

Greg bashfully looked down at the floor.

"Oh Greg. That makes the fifth girl this year. You have to stop doing this to yourself. You are never gonna be able to keep a girlfriend if you keep this up." said Leila.

"I'm gonna be the laughing stock of this whole school. Everyone is gonna be laughing at me. I'm gonna be the momma's boy who'll never get laid." said Greg as he paced the room.

"Okay, first you need to sit down." said Leila, grabbing his wrists and making him sit down next to her on the bed. "And you need to calm down. You just need some experience."

"How can I do that when every girl I date dumps me when I tell them?" asked Greg.

"Well, here's a good way to solve that. Don't tell them. Most girls want a guy they know can please them but if they don't know if you can or can't, the mystery makes it that much more enticing. And not every girl is the same. You can't please every girl the exact same way. And some are harder to please the others." said Leila.

"How will I even know if I am?" asked Greg.

"Okay, you're lack of confidence is your main problem. Girls love it when a guy has confidence but when we sense that you don't have any, than you're not gonna stand a chance." said Leila.

"Great." muttered Greg.

Leila felt bad for him. She knew that she needed to help him or he was never going to be able to keep a girlfriend.

"Kiss me." she told him.

Greg looked at her confused.

"What?" he asked.

"You need experience but you're not gonna get any if you keep telling girls you're a virgin. Besides, wouldn't you rather get some experience with your best friend rather that some strange girl? Wouldn't it be better to get it from someone you trust?" asked Leila.

Greg saw the understanding in her words and knew that she was right. He would rather lose his virginity to someone he trusted. He would rather lose it to her than just some random girl. With Leila, he knew it would have meaning. She was his best friend and he trusted her. She treated him right and he knew that even if he was terrible, it wouldn't matter to her and she wouldn't make fun of him.

Slowly, taking his time, Greg leaned forward and took hold of Leila's lips with his own. It felt so right for some reason. He couldn't explain why and he wasn't sure that he wanted to. Their kissing slowly sped up and became passionate as Leila forced Greg onto his back, careful not to break the kiss.

Some time later found the two best friends lying side by side with only the bed sheet covering them. They both stared up at the ceiling, smiles on their faces but Greg was the one who looked as though he was floating on cloud nine.

"So, how'd I do?" asked Greg, turning his head to look at her.

"You did really good. I mean, it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. Trust me, I've had way worse. A lot worse actually." said Leila.

"Way to boost a guy's confidence." said Greg sarcastically.

"Hey, just because it wasn't great doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it." said Leila as she turned on her side and propped herself up on her elbow so she was looking down at him. "Besides, I'm sure you'll be great eventually. Just takes time. You're a really great guy Greg and anyone who doesn't love you for that is a fool."

"Thanks." said Greg as he stared her in the eyes, seeing the sincerity in them.

End Flashback

Leila was brought out of her reverie by fingers snapping in front of her face and someone speaking to her.

"Earth to Leila, you still there?"

Leila looked up at the owner of the fingers and saw that it was Greg.

"Sorry, I was thinking." she told him.

"About what?" asked Nick.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you." said Leila.

"Well, as much as I'd love to see that, I think I'm gonna head home." said Catherine, getting up.

"Right behind you." said Warrick, standing as well and following Catherine out.

"When are those two gonna admit their feelings for each other and get it over with?" asked Leila.

Greg, Nick and Grissom looked at her, a mixture of amazement and bafflement on their faces. They didn't think that she would notice that on her first day.

"What? It's obvious they've danced around it for years. You can tell by the tension between them and the way that they look at each others." said Leila.

"What? You mean like you and Greg?" asked Nick.

"Difference is that Greg and I have admitted ours years ago." said Leila as she slipped her arm around Greg's shoulders. "Isn't that right Hojem?"

"Yes ma'am." said Greg.

"Okay, I've heard you call him Greg and I've heard you call him Sanders. But Hojem?" asked Nick.

"Yeah, I used to call him that all the time." said Leila.

"When, if I didn't give the right answer or the one that she wanted, she'd make me regret it." said Greg.

For this, Leila dug her nails into his side and squeezed, making him jump and whimper in pain.

"Ow! See? She's vicious." said Greg as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from his side.

"Anyway, I'm outta here." said Grissom as he got up.

"Yeah, me too. Later you two. Play nice now." said Nick as he followed Grissom, leaving Greg to try and fend off Leila's attacks.

"Would you stop!" said Greg, trying to sound serious but he couldn't hide the smile on his face as he stopped her from grabbing his sides again.

"No. I've having fun." said Leila as one hand went for his side again, which he deflected but the other hand dove in and grabbed his crotch firmly but gently, making him gasp and jump in surprise. She started to palm him through his jeans, making him moan.

Greg was a bit shocked when Leila grabbed him. He couldn't say that he didn't want it but as he took hold of her wrist and moved her hand away, he could see the disappointment in her eyes but he felt that things were moving too fast right now.

"Lei, I'm sorry but we can't. It's just too fast. We haven't seen each other in ten years. And it's not that I don't want you, 'cause I do. I just don't want us to move too fast and regret it later." said Greg. He went to say more but Leila placed a finger to his lips, effectively silencing him.

"It's okay, I understand." said Leila as Greg continued to hold onto the hand that she used to grab his crotch. With her other hand, she reached up and touched the side of his face as she rested her forehead against his, watching as he closed his eyes and she closed hers as well.

The two of them stayed like this for what felt like forever. Over the past ten years that they had been separated, they had felt every minute of their time apart. Back when they had met in college and everyday after, they had been inseparable. At least, they had been up until the day that they had gone their separate ways. Greg still wasn't even sure why that was but that didn't even matter to him anymore. All that mattered to him was that he and Leila were together again and he vowed that he was never going to let her out of his sight again. He was going to make sure that they were inseparable again.

"You got a place to stay?" asked Greg.

"Yeah, in my car. I just got here this morning, haven't had a chance to secure a residence." said Leila.

"Stay with me tonight. I'll help you find a place our next day off." said Greg.

"Okay." said Leila.

Greg took Leila by the hand and led her out of the diner, over to his car, helping her in and than driving to his apartment.

"You'll have to excuse the mess. I wasn't exactly expecting company." said Greg.

"It's fine. Better than your dorm room was." said Leila.

"Uh, don't remind me. There's some things from then that I would rather forget." said Greg.

"Like your taste in women?" asked Leila.

"For starters, yes but not all of them. Just the ones that weren't you." said Greg, staring over at her.

Leila couldn't help but smile and even blush a little.

Greg started to move away but Leila stopped him by grabbing his arm. He turned back to her to see her staring at him with lust-filled eyes.

"Come here." she whispered, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him to her than pulling him down until his lips found hers.

Greg found that he couldn't stop himself from kissing her now even if he wanted to and he most certainly didn't want to. He pinned her back against the wall, kissing her feverishly.

"Is this too fast?" asked Leila between kisses.

"No." was all Greg said before he picked her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist and carried her to his bedroom, gently laying her on the bed than crawling up between her legs to lay on top of her, staring down into her eyes.

Leila stared up into Greg's eyes. She had always been able to lose herself in his eyes but never had the desire to find her way back. She wanted to stay lost in his beautiful brown eyes forever. She always said that he had the type of eyes that could hypnotize you without trying. And she knew it all too well from experience.

Gripping the back of his shoulders, Leila pulled herself up to reclaim Greg's mouth with hers. Greg didn't even protest. In fact, doing the opposite as he slipped his tongue between her lips, causing her to moan into his mouth as he felt her nails digging into his back through his shirt as she pulled herself impossibly closer and deepening the kiss, craving more but she was willing to respect that Greg didn't want things too fast.

The two of them must have spent at least some time making out before they finally stopped, out of breath, and went to sleep.