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Amanda Grayson was gifted. She was one of the most intelligent students in her school. She was a bright child and everyone in her town knew this. Much of Amanda's neighbors knew that she was destined for a great future.

It was thought, for a long time, that she would enroll in Starfleet, graduate top of her class, become lieutenant or even captain before her twenty-third birthday.

There was, of course, a problem with the future they all thought Amanda Grayson would have.

Amanda's father, William, was a trade merchant for many planets, including Earth. He made his riches and contacts this way, making sure that his family was taken care of when he was off-planet. He transported many things but he was most known for transporting antiques from planet to planet.

On Amanda's fourteenth birthday, the family decided to celebrate her birthday on one of the moon colonies, visiting one of William's friends. They couldn't wait to go and her father was very happy to see his daughters off on their first spaceflight. It was then that they all found that Amanda had both astraphobia and aerophobia. No sooner did the shuttle take off the ground did Amanda start getting nauseous, turned green and almost threw up all over her vintage shoes.

The plans were cancelled immediately and as soon as the shuttle landed, Amanda ran out and fell on her knees and finished what she started on the shuttle.

Doris, twelve at the time, laughed at Amanda as she effectively threw up her special birthday breakfast. "Amanda, are you sure you're not Orion? You're so green!"

"Oh," Amanda groaned. "Shut up."

She never got off the ground again, preferring to go by train anywhere rather than go on a shuttle or on a plane. Doris and the rest of her family on the other hand, loved traveling, wanting to go anywhere William's job took them to. Amanda always stayed home and found a good hobby. She would go to the daycare in town and read her favorite stories to the children.

It was no surprise, or at least to her, that when she graduated high school, she chose to stay close to home and went to the local university to study Education. She graduated early, top of her class and was hired by the town's elementary school, loving to teach to the younger children.

Seeing her happiness, her parents knew that a future in the stars was not for Amanda Grayson.

Doris, on the other hand, followed her father on his trips and in no time, everyone knew she would take over the family business.

Amanda was proud of her baby sister and father, especially when Starfleet had a special assignment for him. She knew that their hard work finally paid off. William had to take some of Earth's antiquities to a different planet to be displayed in a museum. Not only Earth's but Vulcan also. This was the first of its kind and Starfleet wanted nothing to go wrong. Doris would be his assistant and their mother would be their guest. Their mother could never resist going off-planet.

Starfleet had requested that the family go to Starfleet Headquarters in California to attend a party held in honor of the historical event.

Amanda couldn't wait. She had never been far away from home for a long period of time, and she was looking forward to spending time in the Academy, even if it was for a party. She knew, sadly, that it would be as far as she would go from her home. She only wished that she could take her spacious three story ranch home with her.

Amanda was the first to be dropped off. Doris helped Amanda take her suitcase from the trunk of the vehicle so she could leave on the train to California. Doris and their mother would go on to the port where the shuttle would take them to Starfleet Headquarters.

"Come on, girls," Amanda's mother stuck her head out the large window. She held onto the large hat on her head, the one she always wore when she traveled, against the intense wind. Her smile was beaming, no doubt, ready to go and meet their father in California. "Mandy get going or you will miss your train!"

Amanda and Doris struggled with the luggage in the trunk. They moved large suitcases out of the way and pulled Amanda's out. They staggered under the weight and finally managed to take it out of the trunk, and practically throw it on the asphalt. The sun beat down harshly on their backs and Amanda felt the sweat drop from her forehead. Doris closed the trunk with a deafening sound and leaned against the vehicle as Amanda checked the bag over, making sure there was nothing missing.

"Well then, I'll see you in a few days."

Amanda rolled her eyes. "Doris, I'll only be a few hours at the most."

Doris's blond hair shone in the sunlight. What little light shone in through the large windows in the train station, anyway. The large train station was beautiful, placed in the middle of Seattle. The metal bars holding the glass roof above them shone in the sunlight.

In the middle of the station there was a large clock and under it there were bulletins stating whether the trains were on time or not. So far, Amanda's was on time and if she didn't hurry up she would miss it.

Doris glanced over her shoulder and looked into the trunk. "You know, I have some sleeping pills somewhere, I can give them to you and they will make you sleep like that." She snapped her fingers. "You won't even know you're on a shuttle."

A flashback from her fourteenth birthday, six years ago made her hold her stomach. She never wanted to go through that again. "No, thanks."

Doris sighed and helped Amanda take her bag up the walk of the train station. "You should go with us on the shuttle, it'll only take half an hour to get there." She sighed again. "You're the first to leave and you will still get there five hours after us. Trains are obsolete, you know."

Amanda huffed as she made it inside. "I don't mind, Doris, I'll be fine."

She continued, dismissively, though she knew she was sad that Amanda wouldn't go on the shuttle with her. "I'll get the dress for tomorrow's ball and you still won't be there."

Amanda stopped in her tracks, placing the large suitcase on the ground next to her. "Don't you dare, we're going together to get it, all right?"

Doris gave a slight smile, nudging her sister with her shoulder. "I know, but you can't blame me for being a little sad my sister can't be there the whole time."

Amanda hugged her, holding her tight to her chest. "I'll be there before you know it."

She could feel Doris smile as she patted her back. "I will make a list of all the cute guys at Starfleet Academy and when you get there, we'll go and check them all out."

Amanda knew she was kidding, it was her sister's sense of humor. "Just make sure everything is ready for the transport. Do your job." Amanda pulled away and picked her bag up.

As she walked away, Doris grabbed her wrist. "Amanda, seriously, I have some things that I can slip into your drink and you'll be so knocked out you won't even notice taking off the ground."

Amanda laughed at her sister, ever the helpful nurse. "See you later Doris."

Doris watched her sister stalk off to the platform underground where her train was about to leave. She ran to the car waiting for her, anxious to go to Starfleet Academy.

So basically this is the story of how Amanda and Sarek meet and fall in love and have one fine-ass baby. (I have the biggest crush on Zachary Quinto, so please bear with me)
I have been reading a lot into Star Trek for the sake of being as true to the original story as possible. Though the alternate timeline doesn't actually star until Spock's birth, I put it on this one because well, this movie was the reason I started this fic, so yeah.
For those saying that it is impossible for the Grayson family to be rich, it's not. Federation credits were (are?) used. Picard says in the movie First Contact that the economy is different but he is in the 24th century and as we all know this takes place in the 23rd century, in the 2220's around there.

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